Reviews for Broken Glasses
FairyTears chapter 3 . 3/27/2005
omg I love this story! you must continue with it it is really really god!
Lessien Helyanwe chapter 3 . 3/12/2005
Please continue! I know that this isn't a lot of help by just saying continue but to me there is nothing to corresct and all I can say is PLEASE CONTINUE!
Teardrop Twilight chapter 3 . 3/9/2005
Nice chappie
LOCISVU chapter 3 . 3/2/2005
Are you kidding?Stay!
LOCISVU chapter 2 . 3/2/2005
Poor Legolas missing his father and all.I hope that Elrond would have been more understanding that Legolas misses his father.
LOCISVU chapter 1 . 3/2/2005
I love elfling fics.
Carawen chapter 3 . 3/1/2005
Oh Sivan, this chapter is so heartbreaking.

Poor little Legolas wanting so much to be loved but yet at teh same time making it impossible by his actions. I wish Elrond would just climb up that tree and take the little guy in his arms and force him to feel something besides anger and hate for a change.

~ Carol ~
warrior-wolf chapter 3 . 3/1/2005
Why would anyone want you to leave?this is a REALLY REALLY good story!add more 4 my sake at least please..)
LEgolas4me chapter 3 . 3/1/2005
YAY! I am so glad to see more of this story. I think this one is my favorite!

THose elfling are so very cute! I really hope to see more very soon!
Deana chapter 3 . 3/1/2005
Aw! Poor little Legolas! Post 4 soon please! :)
Ithil-valon chapter 1 . 11/8/2004
I, for one, love little Estel and Legalos stories, so please keep updating! :)
dracademented chapter 2 . 11/6/2004
Cool! More, please!
dracademented chapter 2 . 11/6/2004
Cool! More, please!
Legolas4me chapter 2 . 11/6/2004
No, I am not takling about Valley of Death (I like that one too!) I am thinking about one that had Legolas and Glorfindel. I thought that you had wrote it but maybe that wasn't you...I get confused easily enough! Anyway on to this great story!

This is such a great idea. A child really would become jealous. You are portraying these children with such accuracy! Because things are so realisitc the story is even better!

This chapter made me want to cry. I did not know who to feel more sorry for: Legolas or Estel.

Great update...I hope to see another one very, very soon!
Ivoryi chapter 1 . 11/4/2004
Oh...that's very sweet. I usually don't go for the little Legolas and Estel stories; just don't seem angsty enough for my taste. But I really like this one! Please update soon 'cause I really want to know what happens to Legolas, poor doll.
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