Reviews for Rampion
Avelera chapter 1 . 9/14/2011
BRB, crying forever and ever...

I've been dying to read this story since I first saw "War without End". I would let my eyes graze over the words, but I had learned how to avoid spoilers for later seasons and so I realized I couldn't truly enjoy it. Until now.

I'm currently reading the Centauri Prime trilogy, and I wish there could be a scene this powerful in it. The palpable pain and shame radiating off Londo is so heartrending, and G'kar's anger at him and the situation almost liberating. Not for the first time it makes me wish that G'kar could have stayed with Londo, without inevitably being killed by the Keeper. Londo's situation is so unremittingly horrifying that any bright spot is like water in the desert for those who follow his story after the show.

It goes without saying that I've favorited this story, and I'll probably re-read it along with a re-watch of "The Fall of Centauri Prime" whenever I need a good cry :)
X-parrot chapter 1 . 2/26/2009
Wonderfully sharp, and fitting for the chars; there's no comfort, but there's respite, at least, and no more could be asked.
Andraste chapter 1 . 11/25/2004
I have been far too slow in sending feedback for the Londothon stories, but this is neat. Londo POV during this era is very difficult - not to mention painful - to write, but you pulled it off.

I think my favourite part was Londo finally arriving at a revelation faster than G'Kar. Or possibly G'Kar leaving the next chaper for him. Or the killer last line. Alright, so I have more than one favourite part ...

Oh, and I should probably tell you ahead of time that my giant Londo/G'Kar WIP bears a certain resemblance - perhaps inevitably, given the similar subject matter - to this story. I shall try to make it have *less* of a resemblance by the time it's finally posted, but if I don't do a good enough job of that, my betas will vouch for the draft being finished months ago. Just a case of great minds thinking alike *g*.
Selena chapter 1 . 11/8/2004
As I said before: Superb. Brittle and intense and profound, all at the same time.