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Marqueef chapter 27 . 9/15
The whole thing is set to last for 2 days, the whole thing too 11 years to finish.
Traveler chapter 26 . 9/2
"Any questions?" Raven asked the shell-shocked pair with a hard look.

"Tons." Robin said, his eyes still opened wide in shock.

"They'll have to wait until after the meeting."

"…Meeting's cancelled."

"Great, we're leaving then."

Favorite exchange this whole chapter.
Eerie Enigma chapter 26 . 8/14
Not sure if you still check reviews, but I thought I'd ambush you with an essay and kick up some of that dust you thought was cleared.

I've been a fan of this story for about as long as it's been around, and admittedly when you took your monster hiatus, I took an even BIGGER one from the story and just now completed your last few chapters years after you finished writing them.

So why pick Lucky Number 26 to write this on? Because this one is my absolute favorite. And it's not even because of Beast Boy and Raven finally sealing the deal.

'Nevermore' was my favorite episode in the original Teen Titans show and will always be. I loved the idea of each of Raven's emotions having their own sentience, and it always amused me to think that while they're technically the same person, Beast Boy gets his own Power Ranger color-coordinated harem. Your execution of their interactions was impeccable, and it just about felt like I was watching a second episode with more of the mirror - something that I truly believe they could've expanded on with little complaint from the fan base.

Anyway, after years of drifting, my interest in creating more "what-if" worlds through fanfiction has been renewed, and as a completionist fan, I wanted to reread this story from front to back and put it to bed for good. I'm glad I did.

Still, I feel nostalgic reading about the updates in your real life, especially through the movie theater screen. Because even though I'm a few years younger, I'm now as old as you were when you wrote it, and your accomplishments already beat the shit out of mine. No fulfilling job, home, or relationship of any kind. I guess I can't hate you for finding happiness, but Jesus Wept, save some for the rest of us!

I digress though, it was a blast to grow up with this story, even though the series has been dead for some time, and neither TT Go nor the edgy dark preview of the new movie seem to be doing anything other than make me miss the olden days. Back then I despised shipping Raven with Beast Boy, because I thought MY feelings for Raven burned hotter than the changeling's, but the thought you poured into this story and its characters makes me quite happy to be proven wrong. Now I have no CHOICE but to grow up, THANKS.

Anyway, hope all is well with you and yours, and even if you never see this, it's no sweat. Rather than commenting on each individual chapter I read, it's just tradition for me to leave a long, thoughtful review at the end of the few stories on this site I actually care about (my short fave's list will testify).

Thanks for all the laughs, flutters, teases, and homicide-evoking cliffhangers.

And don't stay Hidden for too long! :P

Marqueef chapter 27 . 8/9
If you didn't know of the prophecy and Garfield's real name, maybe you should've...
[Ear rape voice] ...Read the comics...
[Normal voice] ...Rather than just watch the show. Still, I'll admit, I liked this story. It had it's ups and downs, but it seemed to pull through. I look forward to you making more cool stories and fanfics.
Marqueef chapter 20 . 8/6
1.) That seems like a really weird moment to kiss someone.
2.) Why would they still make the claim that they're still only friends if they just kissed?
3.) I think Garfield should've used the Heimlich maneuver on Raven if she was CHOKING, not CPR.
4.) I'm beginning to dislike this story now, but because I'm nice, seeing some things that I actually seem to like in this story (such as the relationship between Garfield Logan and Rachel Roth not being so sudden and cliché), and since I'm changing the way I imagine a few of these events (ex. Dick Grayson being Nightwing instead of Robin, the characters being able to wear civilian clothes, having the characters be able to say each other's real names, etc.), I'm continuing to read.
Marqueef chapter 21 . 8/6
Although Raven's real name is literally just Raven, her civilian alias is Rachel Roth, not Racheal Bird. And Beast Boy is Garfield "Gar" Logan, not Gar Funkel; what kind of name is FUNKEL?! I'm sorry to say, but I'm disappointed at the names you chose for their civilian aliases and would've rather had you use their normal aliases. And I know they're trying to be unrecognizable, but the names you gave them are lame.
Marqueef chapter 16 . 8/4
I get that this is suppose to be more about the show than the actual comics, but I still can't help but feel bothered by Starfire having 9 stomachs, as it has never been said in the comics that she has 9 of them, and as much as I loved the show, I hate that the directors of the show made the decision to give her that many.
Marqueef chapter 12 . 8/4
Actually, Cyborg CAN fly.
Marqueef chapter 15 . 8/4
Beast Boy is SO not smaller than Raven. They're the same size. And in the COMICS, Beast Boy is actually bigger than Raven, with him being 5'8" and 150 lbs while she is 5'5" and 110 lbs.
Marqueef chapter 15 . 8/4
When Beast Boy said that there wasn't an animal he couldn't turn into, that is absolutely true. It's obvious that he can turn into mythical creatures (ex. pegasus) and extinct animals (ex. dinosaurs), but if you read comics, he has shown that he can also turn into cryptic animals (ex. Sasquatch), animals from other planets, can change the shape and size of his animal forms (ex. an anaconda the size of a building), turn into a group of animals (ex. a swarm of bees), and has even transformed into an amoeba at one point.
Matt1294 chapter 1 . 8/4
How about a watching the show fanfic 4 teen titans
Marqueef chapter 12 . 7/31
Actually, Cyborg CAN fly.
Marqueef chapter 10 . 7/27
That shower scene seemed a little...weird.
Marqueef chapter 10 . 7/27
Since when is a food fight "breaking news?!" Those news reporters need to find a job they're better at.
Marqueef chapter 1 . 7/25
I hope this also has some mention of events from the comics in it, because then that would be even cooler.
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