Reviews for Whisper, Forbidden Tears
IcyFox chapter 1 . 11/8/2006
evanecsences roxs.
l337k175un3 chapter 1 . 10/9/2006
Kitsune will keep ... *SAIN-CHAN!* Sigh. she keeps calling him 'Sain-chan'. Don't know why... ... ...

Are you still mad at me? Cause you know, you were very disrespectful for the other review you made in one of my ex-stories. I still cant believe you havent answered in a long time. Dont disrespect me again!

thanks . .


Macross-Green chapter 1 . 11/8/2004
Um... Wow? That was great. I can't even think of a single thing to say that would criticize this fic. That was awesome. Keep writing fics!
R Amythest chapter 1 . 11/6/2004
Oh, Hitomi! O.O You have NOT gotten rusty! If anything, you've gotten MUCH better! I'm impressed.

Despite the fact that I'm still against tactician fics, you've most definitely improved.

Though here's a short list of technicalities:

1) Karel would NOT teach a 5-year-old with no experience. According to his supports with Guy, he only wants to IMPROVE the top of the crop, meaning that Hitomi would've had to have some training with someone else before Karel, which I find almost impossible, since 5-year-olds can barely have enough muscle to LIFT a sword at their age. But of course, we can take into account the fact that Hitomi isn't human, yet it seems quite exaggerated and superpower-ish.

2) "Restore" heals status effects. The thing I think you mean is "Recover," and that only requires one use to fully heal someone.

3) In all technicality, the Rienfleche is the dubbed name of the Murde. The Regal Blade, however, isn't legendary, just like you said. In FE6, which explains the legendary weapons more thoroughly, Durandel was the S-sword and the Sword of Seals was the Roy-only sword.

4) Just for your information, and I don't mean to offend you, it's been long considered a Mary-Sue quality for a tactician to have great fighting skill.

And I really do love this. Wonderful tale of forgiveness and revenge.

Which reminds me. Did you say that you were going to write a shoujo-ai or shounen-ai fic?

(Raven/Lucius! _)
Dekra Dentao chapter 1 . 11/6/2004
Holy BEEP, you almost took my idea! Good song for it though. Good emotional conflict. Good fic overall.