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WillLeung chapter 4 . 2/19/2005
the idea for Ranma: take 2 sounds pretty good, but how will that fix nabiki and ranma's relationship :(?
WillLeung chapter 3 . 2/19/2005
Ideas 3, 4 and5 sound really interesting, hope u choose to write them!

excellent story right now, keep it up! :p
Gangsta Spanksta chapter 5 . 2/19/2005
Great story as always. I think though that Nodoka would start insiting on Nabiki calling her "Mother" in private instead of "Auntie" :) considering the circumstances and even if she didn't end up with Ranma. Heheh :) also like that Nabiki is proud of playing Nodoka, it would even more fun if Nodoka has some plans of own and is playing Nabiki at the same time. Now that the engagement is switched over to Nabiki, it will be interesting to see if Akane will get jealous and do something. Shampoo might feel betrayed, because Nabiki appeared to be trying to help out of her situation earlier and now seems to want Ranma herself. Is Nodoka going to just help one Kuno child or is she going to help the son of her friend too? Funny thing is of the two I always thought Kodachi was the one that was more far gone. Is Kodachi going to move in with Nodoka now or check herself into a mental ward? If Kodachi is going to move in with Nodoka, how will it effect Nabiki's plans? What if Kodachi finds out that Nabiki is pregnate with Ranma's child? What if she finds out on her own that Ranma and Ranko are one in the same?

Anyway :) Alot of questions I look foward to being answered in the upcoming episodes of your tale. I also can't wait for the next installment of Shared Lives to come out. Thanks for writing.
Tai Khan chapter 5 . 2/19/2005
Still looking good, and far better than most.

And, I'm still hoping for a Ranma/Nabiki/Shampoo setup. I know, I know, it's been done, but... I like 'em!

A word of caution concerning Nodoka's pending meeting with the Amazons... _do not_ have Nodoka make any kind of threat towards the Amazon village, as she implied to Nabiki during their talk (that in itself tended to imply that Nodoka could care less what happened to Shampoo and that she wasn't interested in helping Shampoo in any way if it interferred in the slightest with her own wants and desires). Working into their discussion the amount of political pull that she could call upon to aide her in resolving Ranma's engagement problems (from the Emperor, no less) would serve as ample warning to Cologne to tread carefully and be open to compromise. Any kind of clear threat would set them immediately at odds and render further discussion and compromise pointless (and the full extent and reach of the Amazon tribe has never really been revealed).

And finally, as pointed out by another reviewer, Cologne is far more skilled and experienced than Ranma. Still, Ranma is skilled and powerful enough that the Amazons would almost certainly be having second thoughts of bringing him back to reside in the village, after his defeat of an admittedly weakened Saffron... forced or otherwise. They would, however, still want to bring his genetics into the tribe and have his abilities at their disposal.
goku90504 chapter 5 . 2/19/2005
funny though i forget exactly how did nabiki get preg? was it a night of drunken mistake between the two of them? or did she seduce ranma openly for some reason? was there any time travel involved at the start of the story?
uten chapter 5 . 2/19/2005
Well, this is my first time reading this story as I found one of your other ones first, but I have to say that this, along with "Shared Life" are my favorite fics of yours, and are very high up on my fave fic list (although I'm yet to read "Ranma: Take 2".

I quite like how you are doing this fic. You are showing Nabiki as a person, which a great many fics don't, and you showed the before and after. She was looking forward to blackmailing him, then confused by his actions, and is now in love with him, although she doesn't realise it. I particularly like the way she dealt with Nodoka, and then how Nodoka dealt with Kodachi in this chapter. And all that was used was truth. Amazing in a way. To get Kodachi out of Ranma's hair, and become his sister, you used Nodoka telling the truth about her mother, and to get Akane to give Nabiki the engagement, all Nabiki did was speak the truth of things.

You seem to be using truth as a very good medium in this story to keep it flowing quite well, and it's certainly keeping me interesting.

The truth's from Ranma, Nodoka and Nabiki. Yet there are secrets... Nabiki remembers what happened, but the open question is - does Ranma? I would say yes, as his metabolism would burn it faster than Nabiki, yet he is probably thinking much the same thing she is. You showed him as intelligent in the first couple of chapters - when he gets a chance to be himself, and he learnt that school is important in the one visit, when his father has always lied to him and said it isn't. Then there's Nabiki's secret.. 'Nuff said - her reasons are valid are the epitome of love.

I love this story, and I look forward to seeing the next chapter of it.
Majin83 chapter 5 . 2/19/2005
Yahoo, another chapter!

hmm...interesting. So, is this going to be a 2 month romance that ends with 1) Ranma & Nabiki hooking up, 2) Ranma rejecting Nabiki (very interesting as Nab's will stay with Nodoka & have to hide for a while)...3) Other...the unforseen could happen (darkest being Nabiki suffering a Misscarriage due to a Kidnapping attempt...)
DarkShinji8003 chapter 4 . 2/17/2005
This is very very good read, I can't wait to read more of it! ! ! !
griffenvamp chapter 4 . 2/16/2005
I'm realy enjoing the story and woundering when the next chapteris going to be up?
vernadet salvador chapter 4 . 2/3/2005
griffenvamp chapter 4 . 2/1/2005
whenthe next chapter coming out.

date writtened 2/01/05
griffenvamp chapter 4 . 1/9/2005
The story is shaping up very nicely. How is nabiki going to fight akane for the title of (Anthying goes Martail arts) of the tendo branch when she has no real fighting skill of that level? Or you going to have ranma train her or step in as her chapion. and why hasn't ranma detected the change in nabiki aura?He live's at the same house as she does hes got to notice something?
Malichite chapter 4 . 1/1/2005
I'm liking this story very much. Am hoping you will continue it as I do so love Ranma/Nabiki matchups.


Good luck and keep writing
aondehafka chapter 3 . 12/31/2004
Dude... I believe you are seriously overpowering Ranma. I have not read enough of the manga to say authoritatively there, but for the anime this is just unsupportable. And that goes for what I have read of the manga as well.

Ranma obliterating the Amazon nation in a few seconds? Ranma is less powerful and skilled than Happosai or Cologne. When he wins against a powerful foe, it is usually if not always the result of a trick, or of him capitalizing on a momentary advantage, or he had major help (and the fight with Saffron most definitely falls into that final category).

I am aware of nothing in the original series that makes me think Cologne couldn't have done as well or better against Saffron if it were her in place of Ranma (especially if she were armed with the Gekkaja)... except for the fact that an Amazon Elder defeating the King of the Phoenix People would certainly have triggered all-out war.
Tai Khan chapter 4 . 12/31/2004
So far, so good...

One suggestion, however...

LOSE the concept that Nabiki is FIRMLY convinced that Akane and Ranma love each other. One, Nabiki has never been that self-delusional. And two, while there is evidence of an attraction between the two, there is absolutely NO evidence of love.

Only Soun and Genma, and possibly Kasumi, BELIEVE that Ranma and Akane love each other, despite all evidence to the contrary, because they WANT the two to love each other.

And before anyone brings it up... Name one thing that Ranma has done for Akane (rescues, sacrifices, etc., etc., ad nauseaum...) that he WOULD NOT do for any of the others if they'd been placed into similar circumstances.
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