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Pauline chapter 36 . 10/13
I'm sooooooooooooooooooo happy that you made the proposal happen! Been waiting for that since he wasn't able to it before. Hehe! It's worth the wait! Now, where are their beautiful rings! Can't wait to read them wearing their wedding rings while holding hands! Weeeeeeee! You're truly incredible! You're making everyone happy and satisfied! Yes u are a great storyteller! Can't wait for more fluffy moments of my only OTP SyaoSaku!
MisunderstO-od-child chapter 36 . 10/14
OMG THEY'RE FINALLY IN EACH OTHERS ARMS! T-T I'm so happy right now. I've waited years for this moment.
hannah chapter 36 . 10/10
I'm not exactly sure how you'll fully realize the extent of the effort I went through just to witness this epic last chapter.

I withdrew from ffn. And yet, kept this lone piece all through those times. And here it is. and here it is...

So yes, I thank you so so much. -bow-
hannah chapter 36 . 10/10
ohhh s*&! SERIOUSLY!? the long awaited anticipation! even till the end, u stayed true to their characters. i couldn't have asked a better ending -since it is made originally by you (although and unlike, with my imagination, that wasn't the only one. hahah)

will the next chapter be truly the last? bittersweeetttt. T.T im having mixed emotions right now, and I'm holding your pretty head responsible for it.

this is a gift indeed. cherish it. thank for it. because, it's a gift.
Guest chapter 36 . 10/9
We need a grandest SyaoSaku marriage! They need to have the grandest marriage! Their money combined! I wanna see how rich they are now or what happened to their combined richness in interVEST and RL. Lol
gianna.farah chapter 36 . 10/10
I'm very very happy you're going to finish this masterpiece! This is the one and only unique CCS fanfic I have ever read. I love this so much! You prove that YOU'RE ONE OF A KIND WRITER of this fandom! I hope you'll stay and continue writing! Huhu! It made me feel happy to know that you'll finish this but it also made me feel sad because you will just finish this one and leave us again. Huhuhuhu :'(

I love all your CCS stories. They are all one of a kind. I actually love the "The Covens Underneath" more than this. I keep on rereading that one. I just can't get enough of Syaoran there acting like a lovesick puppy, so cute! But I still love this a lot!

I love how SyaoSaku reunited here! That was so sweet! Love the adrenalin rush! I love the proposal! I hope we could see Syaoran putting the ring on her. Can't wait to see Sakura's beautiful engagement ring and their wedding rings!

I love to see their alone time together! Their honeymoon! :*

Syaoran's tears were priceless. Before, I was only always dreaming of Syaoran's character to shed tears for Sakura, but now this story made my dream come true! You made Syaoran shed tears in the most beautiful way! I really catch lots of feelings while reading this! Everything about Syaoran and Sakura was epic! Thanks to you being a magnificent storyteller! Heck, you could even be a great director for making these magnificent scenes! Every feelings here felt so real!

I love the revelation of Syaoran about everything was just a BIG EXCUSE. Lol. I'm so happy to know that and so happy that the words came from our boy Syaoran! Knowing that makes me wanna read this all over again and smile like crazy witnessing all their "excuses" once again! :D I will definitely read this again and again!
DineyBlue chapter 36 . 10/10
So glad you came back to give us closure. This is one of my most beloved stories.
vallim825 chapter 1 . 10/10
I felt bittersweet when I found out that Incorporated is ending. I used to print out each chapter so that i can read it offline back then. Can't wait for the final chapter!
CrownPandora chapter 36 . 10/9
love it! thanks for the update, I love that she ran into his arms 3
Guest chapter 36 . 10/9
Dear Majah,

I look forward to every update of this fic. I am sure several readers are. I've been an avid reader and a fan since I discovered "Incorporated". I've followed your facebook account and messaged and commented to most of your posts begging for updates. Now, we are down to the finale. I am very happy you found the inspiration, energy, determination and will to finish this masterpiece. You are a storyteller. A damn good one.

Re: chapter 36

Syaoran's reaction after watching Sakura's confession through Eriol's mobile was something I did not see coming. I expected him to be happy and excited to see Sakura after he is able to confirm Sakura's feelings for him. But after reflecting, I realized their struggles - feud, bottled-up emotions, confusion, guilt... all those feelings all once and finally being free from those worries.. A person would really weep. And Eriol's dialogue - from planning on teasing Syaoran but upon seeing Syaoran weep, he decided on comforting his friend. Its just unexpectedly beautiful.

I have a few questions though on the entire story:
1. Who was the guy that posed as "Agatha" when Syaoran initially introduced him to Yelan?
2. When Eriol brought Tomoyo at his pad, there was a dialogue that said something like "she looks just like her", how is she related to Eriol?
3. Eriol's past
4. Will Clow Reed meet the Kinomoto's and Li's?
5. Will Yamazaki regain his career and reputation after his expose?

Thank you, Majah for this amazing story. Continue writing!
lolita chapter 36 . 10/8
I'm waiting for SyaoSaku honeymoon! Haha! Go to Maldives! It's a paradise perfect for honeymoon!
Claire chapter 36 . 10/7
Omg! I'm so in love with Sakura's attitude here! The way she talks to Syaoran is so cool! Aww our Syaoran cried! Love this guy! Can't wait to see a whipped husband! :D This is so amazing!
Guest chapter 36 . 10/7
Can't wait for marriage! I just hope they won't become an old couple in the end. Lol.
carmennj chapter 36 . 10/8
I loved it! Can’t wait for the second part. BTW, I love how you have “incorporated” Sakura’s Hoee in this. Thanks!
slayQueen8 chapter 36 . 10/7
I'm super satisfied! Syaoran's tears was the best! Sakura's sassy attitude is super duper cute! I can't get enough of it! :D Yelan was also cute in this chapter! Haha! I love how Sakura acts towards Syaoran! :D Can't wait to see a "scared of wife" Syaoran. Haha! You're such an awesome author! You never missed anything. Everything was perfect! I wish they will have a cute married couple moments, act like a married couple, or do stuff that married couple do like shopping together, buy stuff, grocery shopping etc, you know, the married couple thing, hehe, and also holding hands while walking like a Hollywood couple celebrities. We need SyaoSaku candids! Hehe! And their wedding photo shoot! I seriously never read any CCS fanfic before who have a wedding photo shoot of SyaoSaku! A wedding photo shoot while they're hugging, kissing and more sweet stuff! Huhu! And please show us their mansion! Please I wanna see them to move in together! It's my dream! I love this soooooooooooooo much! I hope the ending has 3 parts! :D I'm dying for more SyaoSaku moments! This is such a perfect SyaoSaku love story! I don't want it to end! I'm crying! :'(
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