Reviews for Junction
something.l1k3.laughter chapter 1 . 11/9/2004
this, like all Janika stories is TOTALLY AWESOME! you are a wonderful author :-D

Toby Hemington's Girl chapter 1 . 11/9/2004
wow i cant wait till next chappie
Level1 CSI Stoaks chapter 1 . 11/8/2004
Tanzi:Wha! You did not just call me a cry baby! I was mad at my lesser being Kittie, she made me break up with Odd!

Kittie: If I'm a lesser being why do you do as I say?

Tanzi: Because you are like Naraku you could kill me off at any given point of time!

Kittie: So

Tanzi: So so I could be dead in the blink of an eye and you say so!

Kittie: Yes

Director man person guy thing: Um the review... This is what this section is for... you two morons can argue on you're own hard drive space but no Nika's

The review o-matic machine: This was a great job Nika... Update soon...WHAT COULD BE HAPPENING TO OUR DEAR NIKA?

*Sounds of moronic Argueing in the background*

Kittie: Mishure director you called me a moron!

DMPGT: You're arguing with your alter ego!

Kittie: She is evil!

beep beep no more hard drive space out of drive no more space...BOOM

Person who Kittie blackmailed into lettinf her use the computer: F#ck you! You just killed my computadora Tanzi I'm gunna kill you

Kittie signing off

*sounds of violence*
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