Reviews for Toki Days
White Shadow chapter 18 . 4/14/2006
Awesome stuff my friend. The best TokiMemo read since...gah. A long while.

Pity about the amount of comment you got. Hope you get the next chap up soon. I wanna read this to the very end.
Ilvinaeda chapter 16 . 1/29/2005
I must admit...the most strange thing I found about this story was that no one reviewed it yet. It's a very good story, by my opinion...hear me out.

1) I felt that this story was written much like your favorite show, "Happy Days," and I guess at first, it felt weird trying to imagine the main character acting like "the Fonz," but as I read more, it actually turned out to be much more than I expected.

2) The basic grammar and the overall design of the story (i.e., plot, characters, roles, even the text arrangement) is a wonderfully done work. It was most enjoyable, and easy to read.

3) Your story feels, like a sitcom, and "watching" multiple episodes back-to-back was fun; however, if I had to read only one chapter each time, I'd find it rather tough. :\ I wouldn't say it's a bad thing sure knew how to hook me on this story for hours...

4) I think the thing you can most improve on is moving the plot along with Shiori and Akito. It just feels strange because she is rather CLUELESS as to who "Fonz" is referring to when he tries to help her "remember." I guess that's just something I'll have to wait for, though. _

5) Of course! The fact that you wrote 16 chapters without a review is astonishing to me, and I hope you get more reviews! This is an excellent story...hope to see you finish it!