Reviews for True
NCC-1701.1899 chapter 6 . 12/20/2008
don't stop writing now. Race HAS to find out.
Here Though You've Forgotten chapter 6 . 12/1/2005
hey u havent updated in forever and i really like your story is it abandoned?
Allie chapter 6 . 4/3/2005
This is a really good story. Please write more soon.
Stubby the Newsgirl chapter 6 . 3/22/2005
I know you've heard it before, but historical accuracy is a bit off. It's kind of a Mary Sue, but I'm not really one to talk. Keep writing, the more you practice, the better you get!
kaitins chapter 6 . 3/21/2005
aww stopped right at the good part.

please update soon, im really enjoying this story.
Alex chapter 5 . 3/19/2005
i didnt finish my feview for ch. 6 i hit the button by anyway all i was going to say was that i am really excited that Race wil know who his mom is

ok i am done

sry about that.


Alex chapter 6 . 3/19/2005
yay! u updated! yay!
Nosilla chapter 6 . 3/19/2005
You took waay too long to update.

**hypocrite alarm goes off**

Hehehe... Pay no attention to the hourly alarm...

uumm... bye
dmhg chapter 6 . 3/18/2005
yay. you updated. yay. loved it
Alex chapter 5 . 1/5/2005
it wasnt confusing.. well at least u understood it, but idk if that says much lol.. anyway its still really good she should just runway i think she could pull it off :) keep up the updating and i'll keep this under my favorites. :)
Nosilla chapter 5 . 1/3/2005
Aw... They're in love...

Yours has a plot. Mine just doesn't lol.
Kid Blink's Dreamer chapter 5 . 1/3/2005
*blinks* Wow. *pauses* ... *winces* This is ~still~ a slight M'Sue, but since it's about my Blinki-poo, it's alright! *grabs Blink and starts snogging*

blink!muse: Mphm! *kisses back*

Kid Blink's Dreamer chapter 4 . 1/2/2005
*looks sheepish* I'm sorry, but I'm sensing a few M'Sue vibes. *throws evil peas and corn* ... *stares at the corner of the room* You two are still going at it?

specs! and dutchy!muse: *look up from snogging*

d!muse: Yep! *pulls Specs back and keeps snogging*

*falls over*
Nosilla chapter 4 . 1/2/2005
Ohh... cool. I love this so far!
Nosilla chapter 4 . 1/1/2005
I will patiently wait for a plot to appear... like I do with my story... my story is 4 times longer than yours... and it sucks... ah well...
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