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Drew April chapter 30 . 11/9/2009
ok that was totally not what I expected, now I'm really disgusted. I found your story very interesting but this lex and lois "union" made me nauseous, and I'm not exaggerating. it was truly and absolutely disgusting.

your story was really great til this chapter, I'm disappointed
IceQueen825 chapter 31 . 11/9/2009
I felt the need to say more once I thought about what happened these last few chapters...

Thank goodness you are having Lois recognize that what she did was wrong. PLEASE do not have her sleep with him again, I don't think Lois would make that mistake again.

As I said in the last review, Clark needs to be 'drowning in a shame spiral over his behavior!' I think you have the perfect vehicle for this in the dreams he has been having that are waking him up in the middle of the night. We need to see some really heavy guilt and turmoil. Something needs to knock some sense into him and bring him back to reality. Pain and heartache needs to be happening.

A big knock down, drag out seems to be in order for Clark and Lois, but not at work, something private where they can both really say what needs to be said.

Lex telling him what happened with Lois seems right around the corner, and I just can't see anything other than Clark hitting the roof over it. Of course, it is none of Clark's business, but that won't stop him from letting Lois know he is very disappointed in her. He has this whole self-righteous thing going right now just because she had any kind of association with Lex at all, it is just screaming for a nasty fight.

I want Lois to find out now who Superman really is. She can't really fight back at Clark when he hits the roof over Lex without knowing that he has all but abandoned his Superman persona. His behavior is so much worse than hers at this point, but she doesn't know it. Right now Clark is not putting his all into his work, which doesn't compare to the Lex thing. Or perhaps Lois is a little more aware of what Clark was trying to pull with that celebration of their partnership? And calls him on his relationship with Rebecca?

No more from me until the next chapters. :-)
ClarkCanDoBetterandLoisSUCKS chapter 32 . 11/9/2009
Lois was such a tramp and whore for sleeping with the EVIL Lex Luthor.

Then she was such a b*tch to Clark for getting made with her, after knowing his history with Lex from Smallville.

I hope Clark tells her that she has no class, and that he never wants to see her again, after he finds out!

In this story Clark just annoys me, But as of now I can't stand Lois. I don't want Clark to even get together with her after what she did!

The Clois in this story has been officially ruined for me, and I no longer could care less if they end up together or not because I won't be reading this anymore!

It's just to upsetting to this Clois fan. :(
mandrake-o chapter 32 . 11/8/2009
This story fascinates me.

) Mandraco.
cloisharley chapter 32 . 11/8/2009
Ok i'll be hoenst chapter 30 left me a little nauseous and worried for lois's sanity! lol but i'm sticking with this story and holding out for the clois.

i really liked the way you told clark's part in the lois saving, it worked really well. i'm glad to get to read it cos that's something i've been wanting to know.

pleased to see that he also called her back and was trying to ask how she was when they got to the office.

oh my goodness did you see how mad clark was at lois dealing with lex (well, Ok you wrote he is going to explode when he finds out she slept with him.

Lois is already feeling the badness of that decision so when she actually realises her feelings for clark it's gonna be a whole lot worse.

this story really has a fire burning under it, but i'm holding on to this bare knuckle clois story
bigvillir001 chapter 32 . 11/8/2009
ok this is just wrong there is no trust no friendship and Lois and and clark are stupid and blind i cant really say this is a clois story it started that way but its just gotten to be a pain i reall hope you read the feedback on these last chater because changes need to be made to fix this Clois trouble
Pem21 chapter 32 . 11/8/2009
This chapter proves how much I have no empathy or warmth towards Clark. His concern for Lois's wellbeing is a little too late in my opinion and then he asks Lois to help cover for him with Rebecca? My main issue with Clark's sudden worry and protectiveness over Lois is how false it seems; how there seems to be no sense of guilt or sense of being ashamed for his actions in the previous chapter; how he took the cowardly way out and didn't seem to care about sticking around after Lois got out of the building, to let her know that she had a friend who was worried about her. In the end, Clark's motivations and concerns while they seemingly appear to be about Lois are all about Rebecca and maintaining his relationship with her.

I hope you will redeem Clark; have start feeling some guilt about his behavior and understanding why he took on the role of Superman. Because right now? Clark is anything but super.
IceQueen825 chapter 32 . 11/8/2009
Thank you for not having Lois thinking what she did with Lex was okay!

Clark is an A**

I think he needs to be feeling some more guilt; he needs to be drowning in a shame spiral over his behavior! Use these dreams he is having to cause him some real guilt and inner turmoil. HE NEEDS TO SUFFER.

The fact that he let Sidney die just to stay in the shadows! CLARK put that wire in the room, it is his fault that Sidney died! Sidney wasn't leaving without Lois, if he had left he would have lived, he stayed to get her out...he died trying to save her. Evil or not, Superman doesn't make those calls, he lets the law handle the punishment.

It is horrible how far from Superman Clark really is.

Too little too late with that phone call, and getting upset with Lois for talking to Lex, he really has no right. Clark needs a serious wake-up call where his behavior is concerned, both as Clark and as Superman.

I really think that this Lex thing is the perfect reason for him to finally show that passion that is in him and has been missing, GO HAVE IT OUT WITH LOIS! Instead of sitting there and saying two things and then walking away with your tail between your legs when Lois fights that you care, make her understand why you're so scared for her. Show her the kind of man he can be, the kind of guy she would want to be with!

I think a blow out is order, but Clark needs to man up and stand his ground, not walk away when Lois is being Lois.
mstl chapter 1 . 11/8/2009
Good start !
anon chapter 32 . 11/8/2009
keep at it
JustBNMe chapter 32 . 11/8/2009
You know after reading this last chapter I think it is obvious that Lex is up to something. He deliberately brought those papers to Lois so that Clark would know that Lois has been associating with him.

He has something planned and Lois, like a big idiot has fallen right into his trap! I have always found it so ironic that a woman who is supposed to be so independent, in the end only really takes risk because she expects someone (Superman) to save her, and when Superman isn't available she turns to Lex Luthor?

I'm sorry but that is just a bull crap excuse for her behavior! Superman wasn't available, and that's why I did it! *rolls eyes* This was won of Lois' major airhead moments, one that I hope she never forgets, especially when she is writing a story in the future about how Lex Luthor has killed another person! The Lois in this story has one major flaw, she plays at being independent, but in reality is just looking for a hero just like everyone else. Only in Lois' case it makes her a little stupid (ie, sleeping with Lex).

Now for Clark, is he so lonely that he would just use the first woman that is nice to him and shows him a little attention, and then call it love? Are you kidding me! He's stupid too!

Clark is acting like such a pansy wuss in this story! I cannot believe his irresponsible behavior in saving Lois. His stubborness led to a death! Does he show any remorse? No he rationalizes it away as it being the victims fault because he should have just left with everyone else! Are you kidding me! This is not Superman! This is the behavior of one of the criminals he used to stop. Their rationalization was that it wasn't their fault that someone DIED as of a result of their actions, as a matter of fact they barely give it much thought, Just like Clark did AFTER HE MADE HIMSELF FEEL BETTER ABOUT IT BY SAYING IT WAS THE VICTIMS FAULT BECAUSE HE DIDN'T LEAVE! Again the Clark in this story IS NOT SUPERMAN!

He wants Lois to notice him, and like him for being Clark, not Superman, but he still doesn't show her his real self (which is a combination or both personalities!), he just wusses out and expects Lois to have the ability to read minds. If Lois had that ability she would know what Lex Luthor was up to already, and not been so stupid to screw him!

Speaking of Lois screwing Lex, I personally can't wait for it to come out, which it will because Lex Luthor is not going to be able to resist telling Clark or Superman about it and gloating. I wonder if finding that out will be the final straw for Clark, and change his perspective of Lois to the point where he takes the blinders off that he has about her (and for the moment ONLY) kills (or at least tries to) any feelings that he has for her. To the point where he breaks his Clark kent identity and not care what Lois thinks or sees, this coupled with Clark viewing Lois with a touch of disgust would I imagine lead to one heck of a blowout, ending with Lois realizing that Clark is really Superman, and that the way he saved her that night, led to a man's death, and to her sleeping with Lex. I think that this is what Lois will try to use as a excuse to justify her actions.

Bottomline at the moment to me, both Lois and Clark are big selfish, stupid IDIOTS! (With Lois being nasty as well, I'm sorry but her sleeping with Lex Luthor was just so...EW! **shudders in revulsion**)
IceQueen825 chapter 24 . 11/7/2009
I'm sad about the direction this story has taken, but I've been through some sad wild rides in some of these stories, so I will stick it out with you! I have faith that the end payoff will be worth the discomfort of this part of the story.

I will say about the Lois and Clark in this story...I'm terrible disappointed in Clark, a little in Lois.

Clark has all but abandoned half of who he is with ignoring Superman. He basically tried to trick Lois into going on a date and got upset when she acted just like LOIS instead of catching on to what he was up to and swooning. She doesn't see a guy who is passionate and worth getting into a romantic relationship with because he doesn't SHOW her that side. He pushes away the part that she is most attracted to and doesn't let the Superman part out around her. She sees someone who is slacking at work, someone who doesn't give any girl a real chance, why would she want to be with him in any way other than a friend?

Now Clark is with Rebecca, who is totally a Lana clone and couldn't be further from Lois in attitude and temperament.

Lois, the girl he wants, the girl he couldn't stop talking about while on his date with Rebecca, is in trouble and he does what? He saves her in the shadows, and then leaves her there without letting her know that she is NOT ALONE; all to run back to Rebecca and make things up with her. Is Clark letting Lois go more and more because she reminds him of who he really is? Who he is suppose to be?

Now for Lois. I don't really see her being anything other than Lois. I do have a big problem with her sleeping with Lex, but I understand why she did it.

She is attracted to Superman because she sees him as someone who is confident and does something truly amazing, takes great pride and care in what he does, is selfless. etc. Clark is there are a friend, her partner, but she doesn't really see him as someone to depend on because of how flighty he seems to her. Now both of these men have all but abandoned her, Superman is nowhere to be found and Clark is playing games with her and now he is with Rebecca.

So Lois goes through this very traumatic experience and doesn't realize who saved her. She was feeling very alone and scared. Now, if Clark had just stuck around and either shown himself as Superman, or found some reason to go over to her place as Clark and comfort her when he saw something was wrong, things would have turned out differently.

Instead she was by herself and trying to understand what happened, so she went to the one person who would be of help with figuring out what happened...LEX.

In Lex she sees the traits she is attracted to, even if he is evil, she is not looking at that now. She is seeing someone who is trying to help her, who is passionate about finding the truth, and who is willing to be honest with her. She is, of course, blind to what is really going on, but she is living in the moment right now.

Of course, if she doesn't kind of flip out the next day after realizing what is actually did I will be disappointed. I don't find it all that hard to believe that she would give into her baser instincts and sleep with him once, I find it very hard to believe that she would continue on with that behavior.

Looking forward to seeing where you take us next with this one...
bigvillir001 chapter 30 . 11/7/2009
this is a great story but clark and lois sex with other people just feels wrong edpeaclly one of those people being lex lois must burn clothes and shower about a billion times after you said this was clois and it is but them just being with different people maske me sick and sad hope the come to realize its just wrong :(
IceQueen825 chapter 30 . 11/7/2009
lilbit chapter 30 . 11/6/2009
speaking of Hate not sure what I dislike more this last chapter or you, so I guess I wait until the very last chapter pay off. see you at the end
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