Reviews for Picket Fences
TK chapter 1 . 11/19/2004
I love this story. Unlike ixchup, I don't think John was lying to himself about the laka use. While he may have been dead wrong, I truly think keeping Scorpy away was his *real* motivation. But then I guess everybody perceives the characters differently.
mayanscaper chapter 1 . 11/19/2004
Layton, great as always.

I've been pondering something that your story addressed, yet didn't. John's love affair with Aeryn has ben going on for four years at that point. Scorpius has been watching for that long-and chipped John for a year or more and wore the removed chip at some point. In Promises I believe he reactivated Harvey to spy. Wouldn't he be aware of John's feelings towards Aeryn? I think John is deluding himself and using Scorpius as an excuse. The drugs are reprehensible and a crutch to him. I believe this filler touched on the real reason for John's retreat-fear of what he himself was capable of doing to their relationship and to Aeryn. Fear of his frelled up life and its affect on those he loves. I'd love a story of him struggling to get off the Lakka (somewhere after Twice Shy) and really struggling with this fear-and then coming to the realization (as shown in Mental As Anything's prologue) that he could break the lakkah habit and find himself again. It wouldn't be physically or emotionally easy. You have addressed the addiction in other stories but not this fear and using Scorpy as a crutch. Yes, I believe that Harvey listens and knows and reports to Scorpy that John and Aeryn are in love. But Scorpy discounts love and can't understand it.

So, I love your words, but this story leads to another where John realizes that he is lying to himself.
eScapefreak chapter 1 . 11/18/2004
I'm blown away again!

So complicated, intense, love, hurt, pain, love, struggle, internal torment.

We see the other coin ( here I go with my bad analogy again :-) still heads down, alone. But, the sky is falling...