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FemmeDraconis chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
Even though Harry might not appreciate his friends finding out what happened to him, I hope that they do. Uncle Vernon should have learned his lesson the first time. Maybe something will be done that Vernon will actually remember this time...

On a brighter side, I'm glad you had fun on your trip. You managed to have fun there and crank out another good chapter afterward. Thanks!
Windcall chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
Wonderful. I liked Harry's makeover, wish I had the money to do that! I also like the way you potray the panic attack. Good job, as usual! Keep it up!
BurningIce22 chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
ooh good chap..the whole thing with harry's attitude about telling anyone bout his dreams and stuff seemed very true to the book..or really well the fifth one..good job:D update soon
IritIlan chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
I loved the part with Dobby and Vernon! We needed a little relief after all the sad parts..

I hope Bill and the others will find out about what Vernon did! Quiet sad so far, but as good as always!
mysticruby chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
someone was watching him that day i'm so happy DOBBY is around :d and ginny has a owl how sweet of harry...

Katy-ster687 chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
very good. i wish i could write like it.
samhaincat chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
Wonderful, full of angst and humour and lots of entertainment. Loved Tonks in this...whoa with the sales clerk, a bit of sexual harrasment there for poor embarrased Harry. Oh and those nightmares...Poor Harry...
lluvatar chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
I hope Harry gets the money back...
SafirePhoenix chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
Another brilliant chapter! But I hate when I get to the end and there's no more...

cocacolalord chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
Bella... Isn't she the mom of the Goth family on the sims? lol, she is but I am SO sure they aren't the same. Thanks for the H/G flirt/Snogging fest last chapter. I've been to Disney world like three times and I never want to go home. I love the SNow White Ride. (looks around at sniggering classmates) WHAT? I was personally scared when the witch was gonna throw taht rock on us! Oh well, anyway I loved this chapter. It almost sounds like Harry has PDSS. My dad had that after he accidentally hit a guy with a car... I hope Ron and MIone stay together... They are such a CUTE couple... Not nearly as good as Harry/Ginny though...

I know this is long but I still want to know who Chris Isaccs is!

PS: like my new name? lol
MrsSakuraPotter chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
The first part of Harry's dream was real, wasn't it?

Which means we can expect Death Eaters in Privet Drive soon?

I really hope Harry opens up to Ginny more and tells her what he's going through. Talking really does help...

Excellent chapter, as usual!

(I hope Vernon gets injured in the fight. A memory charm wouldn't really matter since Harry will soon be of age and leaving that horrible house.)
Lupin123 chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
I loved this chapter! (Hm, maybe because my beloved Remus appeared in it, lol) I am so glad that Remus will be the one to help Harry through what happened at Malfoy Manor. I just think that after the past year and how close they became, he would be the one that Harry would most likely be able to share what happened, eventually.

The shopping trip was a well-deserved break for Harry (with the noteable exception of his flashback). And the flashbacks are very well-written and believable. As much as he tries to shove them down, they just aren't going to go away. But I loved Tonks and her pulling at his pants to check for boxers or briefs! Totally embarrassing for the poor guy! (This is to get back at him for that snogging session he made you write, isn't it?)

As for his dream/vision...yikes! I'm a bit concerned as to what Voldy is planning here-does NOT sound like anything good. (Well, duh, right? Like Voldy would ever plan anything *good*, but you know what I mean) And then for Harry's dream to go to another flashback at the mention of Lucius...nice transition! Then for Vernon to be strangling him to try and stop his screaming-I take it Harry forgot to ask about the silencing charm (after nearly being caught in bed with Ginny) and it wore off? Thank goodness for Dobby! Why do I have the feeling that Dobby wasn't just going back to wherever it is that he sleeps? Is he heading off to report to someone about what just happened? Oh I hope so! 'Cause you know Harry would never mention it. I just hope that Remus finds out and rushes over to give that hunk of lard a piece of his mind!

Glad you had a great time! You're 3-yr-old sounds adorable! (And that sounded a lot like what one of my boys would say) Some day I want to take my kids down there, but I want to wait until they're a little bit older. At this point my daughter wouldn't remember a thing from the trip and there wouldn't be a whole lot that she could do. (She turns 2 on the 25th)
cflat chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
Interesting chapter. The money that Vernon grabbed... was it wizard money, or muggle noney? Can't wait for next chapter.
nana-hedwig chapter 4 . 12/10/2004
Thanks for updating today, I was hoping you would do so all day long! I like this chapter very much, I hope for Harry that he can leave the Dursleys soon. this whole blood protection thing of JKR seems a strange thing to me. I mean, ok, so he can't get hurt by Voldemort while he is there. But when he isn't there, it doesn't help. so what sense does it make to keep him there? I hope she'll answer this in the next book, which really should be posted soon...

But, at least there is some good fanfic to read, thank you!
timeflies chapter 2 . 12/9/2004
Hello there!

Firstly, id like to say that Im quite a frantic reader, and usually stay a lot more time here in fanfiction that I should. I guess with time, you end up learning your way through all the stories and start getting a little bit more critic. Íts a good and bad thing altogether, cause now, all my reading addiction can only be satisfied with so fewer fics! Ive become quite desperate, clinging each and every good chapter that you, gifted writers post, to dear life until Im finally graced with an update. I know, pitying….

Anyway, babbling aside, I just wanted to say that after reading the beautiful masterpiece that was PoE (2 times), and this sequel, that Im still working to close my hanging open mouth, I HAD to review (much against my usual habit of standing in the shadows). Really, your work is just amazing. Writing and grammar very good, with nice digressions, dialogs and plot goes smoothly, there isnt any urgency in rushing the scenes, in that annoying manner that many writers have, that seems that everything just stumbles in itself. Your characters are very well done, and you pictured them all very nicely ( Im a big fan of Ginny now, and cant seem to find any better girlfriend for Harry!). I really liked the way you portrayed Ron, after the Malfoy Manor, and the subtle change in his relationship with Hermione after the rescue (I take it it is a bit strained?). And Harry, oh my, hes my favorite character, you know, and this is the first time I encountered a fic that balances Harry in his complex , angst manner and in his “just a teenage” being in a very true way.

I just love all the angst and drama , and hope you take the time and write about Harry and his traumas and fears(opening up to ginny, will he?), specially after the episode in the Malfoy Manor, that must have left scars. I liked that you touched on the Dursleys behavior over Harry (that Christmas chapter on PoE was really good), and wonder if Vernon Dursley is going to cross the bounds again in the summer, after all Bills tricks and wizards lurking around, and maybe we get to see Harry opening up about his childhood (yes, I do seem to have a "opening up thing"…).No pressure there, I know Ill simply LOVE your turn with the story…

Well, as I have just about written a book (sorry), and the bed looks really tempting right now, in this hour of the night, Ill end up here, though I really have many things to say, questions and comments completely flowing in my head ( blame it on caffeine ). So...Ill be eagerly waiting for your next post (tomorrow, maybe!)

Many thanks,

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