Reviews for My Center
Sarai chapter 1 . 10/3/2007
I like it!
forestwife chapter 1 . 4/19/2007
wonderful! I'm amazed that you managed to write this in 15 minutes!
Fortune Zyne chapter 1 . 5/27/2006
That's so sweet!

Cool ending!
Chiquinta chapter 1 . 1/10/2005
Wow. This is far too deep and meaningful for this time of night.
Banner chapter 1 . 12/9/2004
Soft and sweet. It's easy to forget how young and innocent Sha're was - but we all remember how much she loved her husband. I'm glad she had that year of happiness before Ammonet possessed her.
Lotus-01 chapter 1 . 11/23/2004
That was wonderful, there are so few fics from Sha're's point of view (although i'm working on one myself). A short, sweet little fic, I enjoyed it.
LE McMurray chapter 1 . 11/23/2004
This was absolutely wonderful.

I loved it.
Quinndolynn chapter 1 . 11/20/2004
I wish there were more Sha're fics like this. Twas wonderful.