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EverleighBain chapter 2 . 7/26/2014
Hello! I know this is one of your older fics, but I can't even begin to tell you how unbelievably lovely I found it, and how it just made me ache-your style is wholly lyrical and ethereal and all other manner of adjectives that don't quite do it justice. The detail you put into your descriptions of the whole night's festivities, the dancing and the dress and the mannerisms of these characters-I could see it all so clearly.

And of course your grasp of canon is mind-boggling, and the way you present it in this piece is perfectly light-handed. I love the personality differences between the boys; I love the life and wonder in Celebrian; I love the resolution at the end, of Heklo acknowledging the sons of Elrond as "our own", and the parallels between Celebrian's wreath and the "blending of the lines".

If I went on about every moment that made me catch my breath, this review would be longer than the piece itself! So I will content myself instead with starting over from the beginning and reading it again.

Thank you so much for sharing, and I can't wait to read the rest of your stories.

Freyalyn chapter 2 . 8/23/2013
Never enough Celeborn stories, telling the tales of the lesser known non-Noldor. But you're doing an excellent job.
Karakehribar chapter 1 . 5/16/2013
Wonderful story - I don't know how I missed reading your work for as long as I did, but I've found it now, & I'm delighted to read your interpretation of Celeborn & various events in elven history.
AlickyNicholas chapter 2 . 10/15/2012
Your work is just...breathtaking. I have no words. I was directed to your stories by another author/reader whose work I've been following, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories. This one is one of my favorites - not only do I feel as though I've truly learned somethign about the Eldar by reading it, but you've also shown some lovely insights into the relationships between Celeborn, his daughter, and grandsons. Many authors portray the twins (at various ages) as being delightful and fun, but I've never seen them more charming than they are in this piece as they turn into little fish in the moonlight. Brava.
Lindale chapter 1 . 6/7/2008
Ah! I understand who Denweg is! Lenwe! Now I understand :)

A very interesting story and good reasoning behind Celeborn's Nandorion heritage.

I saw a couple of typos (I assume) where the letter 'e' was missing, Orome and Lenwe.

Perhaps, Celeborn thought, sorrowfully, it had been the beginning of an unfortunate family tradition. As Nimwen to Denweg, so Luthien to Elu, and Elwing to Dior. He was glad to see that - like her wreath - it was a tradition Celebrian seemed to have abandoned.

Aiai, spooky, indeed, one tradition that was to continue with Arwen and Elrond and later, but not forever, Celebrian and Celeborn.

You characterized Celeborn very well, which is a lot like what Tolkien did, the little about him we know; dangerous when he is passionate about something but a calm person overall. He wants his grandchildren to know their heritage and give them a complete understanding of all the different divisions of the Elves.

French Pony chapter 2 . 12/4/2004
I only have about ten minutes to write, so I'll have to make this a short reviewlet.

I really enjoyed this story. I loved the body paint and the tattoos, and the firelight. I loved the servants who suddenly transformed themselves into powerful people in their own culture. I loved the transformative powers of the dance. The firelight and the darkness and fire made the storytelling much more real and alive and squelching.

But best of all, I loved the acceptance of the blending and crossing of borders that Elrond's family represents. Brass is certainly of no less worth than copper, and the hybrid will often surpass its pureblood parents in strength. One of the minor issues that I take an interest in is the idea of edges, places where boundaries are not clearly defined, and interesting things happen in the mixing and blending.
Thundera Tiger chapter 2 . 12/3/2004
Sorry, I haven't been able to get a review off until now, and I missed the first chapter entirely. I'm evil. I know. I'm not even going to go into my past state of lurkerdom. But I had to chime in and tell you just how much I loved this story. You do something that very few authors can do: you portray children in a way I actually enjoy. I loved Elladan and Elrohir, and I loved the tension felt when Celeborn first took them over to the dancers. You weave that subtle dissonance between the kindreds into everything, and you always manage to pull it off convincingly. I'm intensely jealous.

I loved your characterization of Celebrian, and I loved how you took something so simple (like her wreath) and carried it as an analogy throughout the story that concludes in a moment of realization for Celeborn. Brilliant writing, which is very much the norm for you.

Oh, and can I say that I wish Celeborn would tell _me_ stories? He makes an incredible bard, even if he was trained as a prince. I was as caught up in his tale as the twins, and I was sorry to see it end. Great writing and great insight (as usual) from Celeborn on one of the most interesting families in all of Tolkien.

Now, about that Oropher story... ;)
Jaded Scorpio chapter 2 . 11/29/2004
Nobody does Celeborn like you. He's great in this. And I want to dance with the silvan elves.

Great to see Denethor in a fic-he was one brave elf, and Mablung too. And good to see Celeborn is making sure his grandchildren's educations are well-rounded. I liked this story very much. Are you going to make a series of these?
CeilingFan chapter 2 . 11/29/2004
Not fluff? Not technically, but "lighthearted substance" would suit - it put a huge smile on my face by the end.

"Glorfindel could be heard promising to demonstrate some of the dances of his mother's Vanyar people"

Made me laugh aloud, although I'm not entirely sure why. I suppose it reminds me of the fanon interpretation of Glorfindel in humor fics. He's always so...eager.

But why does Celeborn view his tattoo as a mistake, if he liked it? I suppose he failed his original purpose to demonstrate the beauty of both sides, but I sat back and thought ( ), "That is SO cool!" Poor Celeborn must have caught a lot of flack to be so sensitive about it that many years later.

I can't really comment on the Silm parts because I (*hides*) never finished it. That's totally a summer plan...
Larian Elensar chapter 2 . 11/29/2004
Another hit Marnie,

I love the interaction between Celeborn and the twins, and his insights at the end of the chapter. I didn't know my own grandfathers very well, but I imagine they'd be a bit like Celeborn, trying to tell all of us children that the sum of our parts was really greater than the whole...
Inglor chapter 2 . 11/29/2004
Wow, Marnie...

Sometimes I think you are channeling the Professor. Now when I read Celeborn in LoTR, etc, I use your characterization of him. Perhaps we'll never know how the Prof actually characterized him but I think this is close.

Everytime I read one of your stories, I feel like I'm reading something Christopher just found.

Gush complete.

Thanks for the Aranruth mention...

Thanks for writing this.

A. Meril chapter 2 . 11/29/2004
A fantastic conclusion, Marnie. Those cultural differences again... Gorgeous!

"And I am reminded that the blending of two lines may produce a result just as worthy as any one in isolation." Was not Celebrian herself proof of that? He had thought she was breaking something sacred with this application of Noldor art to Silvan ornament, but in truth she was upholding a family tradition which began when Thingol married a Maia, and Luthien a Man.

I don't think that writing can get any more beautiful than that.

Well done, and keep writing!

~A. Meril
JastaElf chapter 2 . 11/29/2004
my God, that was marvelous...I felt just as enthralled as the Twins, listening to the tale, seeing the ancient hurt in Celeborn come forth like it was happening NOW. A very fine piece of storytelling, both for him AND you!

And I happen to really, really like his tattoo! I wish I could get one just like it. (grin)

I thought you did a fine job of bringing out all the details of the battle-and I was both amused and touched at Celeborn's use of stuff to create a little map of the field to show the boys. Especially the imagery when Elrohir picks up the acorn as if he is handling the dead king... *SOB!*

The part about the crystal-hilted knives made me think of another young Prince, under-armoured and fighting against all odds; fortunately Legolas did not fall, and came back with both his movie!verse knives. Still, it was a delight to see such a level of detail and visceral memory. Celeborn as a giver of knives as a gift mixes in with the extended version of the movies, as well, with his gift to Aragorn...

All in all, a superb tale-thank you SO much! I adore your Celeborn, and would love to see much, much more of him!
Ellfine chapter 1 . 11/28/2004
I loved this! The way you present the power of music and song and dance and remind the twins of it and the memories of the "Old Ways" are beautiful. I also like the way Celeborn presents himself.

Very well done!
James chapter 1 . 11/24/2004
I love your Celeborn! (Claps hands and does happy dance) Well don't just sit there hurry up and post the second part!

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