Reviews for Of Slings and Arrows
dreamjanus chapter 31 . 10/10
Hopefully since you wrote this story you learned to increase the size of your chapters and decrease the size of your authors notes. Which seem to be the same length as the story chapters themselves.
Magda chapter 41 . 8/17
Well, at least the story had a somewhat happy ending, despite their being no real redemption for how the wizarding world treated him.
TearsOfSorrow chapter 36 . 7/28
I have read this Fanfiction twice it is a great idea and it in my best list. I chose to review in this chapter because of the slight german misswriting. I do not know how kurt says it and it may not be relevant anymore. I repeat im as clueless as a fluffy chick but if it intrests anybody out there in everyday terms germans dont say verdammen they say verdammt. I must know i am german. So something new everyday. Keep the writers will strong on or offline
-Tears of sorrow
Samael chapter 41 . 7/13
Loved the story, read it in a was...very addicting.
AndyPCJW42 chapter 41 . 6/11
Now almost a decade since its completion your story is still found and well liked.
Kanen Uchiha chapter 41 . 6/5
This was such a awesome story its in my top 5 harry potter fan fiction favorites !
Guest chapter 35 . 6/2
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Avidzombiereader chapter 41 . 4/28

I know it's been a long time, but can we expect a follow up?
Deathmvp chapter 41 . 4/17
Nice work on this story. It was an enjoyment to read. I have to say though that it probly should have been 20 chapter and not 41. While I did not suffure from it since it was done already as soon as you start to get into a chapter it was already over and if you had to wait for chapter it would have suck.
Hobbyfarmer chapter 33 . 1/31
I am bailing on this piece of CRAP. for Hermione to kidnap someone and give her truth serun is STUPID. You could have done so much with this story but you made it TERRIBLE.
Hobbyfarmer chapter 31 . 1/31
I love this story, but HATE what you did to Hermione. Her position towards Harry has no Context. The worse she would believe would be self defense. I like what you did with Neville Luna and Ginny, But what you did to Hermione is totally absolutely wrong. You cannot use cannon for 4 years and change her without explanation. So a good story is just average.
Hobbyfarmer chapter 27 . 1/31
It is now hard to follow this story for the completely unbelievable Hermione. I hope it gets better
Hobbyfarmer chapter 24 . 1/31
I love this story even the OOC Hermione. I hope either she stays a minor character or that is resolved. I have not been an X-men fan in decades but you have done such a great job it is very enjoyable.
Cloudfire Of SunClan chapter 37 . 1/12
I finally looked up this song, and it's absolutely perfect! This is a great story. (Probably one of the only ones on my favs menu that I've read on a regular basis) Great job, and do yourself a favor. NEVER STOP WRITING!
Yobikir chapter 36 . 12/17/2014
'Arschloch' is wrong it means a single asshole, the multi-form is 'Arschlöcher'
'Wenig'(not much) is wrong as well, take 'kurze'(short) or 'kleine'(little)
'Verdammen'(to damn something) isn't right, take 'Verdammt'(somethign is damned)
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