Reviews for A Port Charles Christmas
Aimee chapter 13 . 3/2/2005
Hey Melody! Thanks for mentioning me in the Chapter, I feel so loved! lol

I love the new chapter! Katrina and Danny are so cute together! I really hope that Rafe can stake that Landon guy right through the heart!

Don't stop, wite more!
Gracie A chapter 13 . 2/28/2005
Happy Birthday dear MELODY! Hope you had a wonderful day. I have something to tell Katrina - be careful of that Danny Thornhart - one day you'll go to visit him at college and he'll have another girl in his room. Oh wait - that's in my story! ;)

Poor Rafe's in for a hard time. I hope Katrina gets everything she wants for Christmas! :) More soon!
buffygirl52789 chapter 13 . 2/27/2005
Aw...cuteness. Katrina and Danny are so cute! Love how everyone is happy and together with kids. I hope Alison's pregnant! And for Rafe's sake, I hope it's a boy lol.


Update soon!
Aimee chapter 12 . 2/19/2005
Jamal is so cute with Katrina! I love how he calls her "Lil' Spunky"!
PCGirl chapter 12 . 2/9/2005
Your story is just so sweet and loving. LOL at the triple grande hazelnut latte. Sounds good to me.

Glad you are over the flu and away from that old yucky job. More soon, please. :)
Gracie A chapter 12 . 2/9/2005
Still the cutest story around! I loved every scene - the bike shop - and Starbucks - LOL! I didn't know Alison liked lattes too! ;) and gr to that pharmaceutical guy. If he was a vampire I'd stake him for sure. ;) MORE MORE MORE! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE? LOL!
buffygirl52789 chapter 12 . 2/9/2005
Aww...I hope they get the center back! Stupid Landon jerk guy. LOVE the latte mention, lol, I love how Erin and Brian P had that in their vows. I can just picture little reindeer Katrina...too cute! The motorcycle part was cute too. Update soon!
Bethany2 chapter 11 . 1/17/2005
an added bonus to my day (got a raise at work!). katrina was so cute when she was yelling at that man. i really hope they can save the center. lovin it as always :)
buffygirl52789 chapter 11 . 1/17/2005
Yay! Two long chapters in one day! Melody, I just love this story so much. Katrina is so gosh darn adorable. She was cute with Serena and I loved how she wanted to ask Santa for help. I am glad to see them taking action, with Marissa, and with Amanda having an idea...can't wait to see what happens!
buffygirl52789 chapter 10 . 1/17/2005
OMG, I think that might be my favorite chapter yet. Rafe and Katrina are so cute, loved the monster bit and ESPECIALLY the hair! It reminded me of an experience from m childhood a lot. I liked when Katrina told Lucy that "he doesn't do hair very good." And when she stood up to Landon and called him the Grinch? That was great. But I wanted to smack him for being mean to her! Rafe better find a way to keep that center! Great work as always!
PCGirl chapter 11 . 1/17/2005
Aw, what a sweet and adorable chapter. Serena sounds like she's grown up into your normal teenager-hehehe. I love Katrina-she's just so adorable, with her urgent need to see Santa. :)
Gracie A chapter 11 . 1/16/2005
AW! I'm sorry. Katrina gets more adorable by the minute. That's so sweet! Is Nana going to save the day? Hm. I wonder. Great job! Can't wait to see what's next!
Gracie A chapter 10 . 1/15/2005
Loved Katrina and Rafe and the lopsided ponytail. :) Hated creepy Grinchman Landon. :'(

As I said - Rafe should have socked him one. heeheehee. More? Soon? Please?
buffygirl52789 chapter 9 . 12/31/2004
AW...that was such a good chapter. The beginning part was so sad...they had better find something to do about the center. That would be so nice, if they could save it. But the end part was so cute, ESPECIALLY the snow angels. That scene was just on today in a flashback. That was very sweet. Update again soon, and happy new year!
Gracie A chapter 9 . 12/31/2004
Melody - I think your story wins for being the cutest ever! Thought the first part was sad the second was adorable. I'm glad you had the snow angels. I remember you mentioned that to me once but my Katrina got too old too quick for it to make any sense. heehee. More please? Thanks! :)
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