Reviews for A Date for a Debt
IllegalDayNightSnappingIguana chapter 2 . 2/18/2005
i didnt get to finish reading this story yet (well, obviously not, as i am only reviewing from the second chapter) though i will try to later this evening. oh wowee she's all covered in guys. poor robin. will this story include any GarRaven goodness? if not then its okay but i'm just asking... so i'll review it after i finish it but i like it so far!
tigereye99 chapter 20 . 2/17/2005
just a comment- sushi and teriyaki are japanese foods
Talleyrandishktu chapter 24 . 2/17/2005
Er. I'm an idiot, and I can't read esoteric notation like "Epilogue, Part 1."

Okay. Epilogue, Part 2. Let's see.

Red X I like even more. One thing I'll complain about is "I already gave you a chance" from Starfire. That date a chance. Still the underlying reasons are OK so the rest of it isn't destroyed.

Sorry, I like to root for the villains.

If I ever write an R/S I'll ask you to read it, I think. I might, one of these days.

Oh, questions.

1) Red X didn't get what he deserved I think. If you create sympathy for your villains ya gotta use it! )

2) Restaurant scene humor. Starfire's constant obliviousness.

3) Raven, but you know that. She has emotions, but I don't think she would display them over dating matters. And probably she wouldn't go for Aqualad either.

4) Me, I like my stories light and with a touch of spice. And as long as the plot is tight I'll take it.

5) Not common, just occasional. Adverbs are not your friends, too.

6) Oh. I would. If and only if it treads new ground and doesn't suffer from sequelitis and is not a rehash. Throw in something new. Change up the genre. A serious villain, mayhap, and bounce them off. Time travel. That's always fun.

Only do it if you have an idea!

7) Yes. I love X.

8) ...dunno? Far too boorish and male, sorry.

Okay, well, that's it. Lovely story, again.
Talleyrandishktu chapter 23 . 2/17/2005
Charming as ever. Loved Aqualad's last line. Red X is a lovely character that I should use sometime, though I don't think he'd take any lip from a waiter. He's badass through and through, that man.

You'd think Robin would learn, but no, he's still his old lovely hateful, jealous self. Somehow, it's so very appropriate.

Beast Boy and Cyborg. Check-plus.

Hm... all things considered it's a great little piece. ...okay, so "little" isn't the word I want. Lengthy and amusing. I could nitpick but why bother? I definitely got lots of fun out of it.

...and I haven't seen Cyborg the Barbarian either, actually.
SocialButterfli chapter 24 . 2/17/2005
1) What was the worst part about the story? (And there has to be SOMETHING you didn’t like about it, so think!) Hmm...sometimes it was a bit unrealistic, which isn't your fault, not many can accomplish a completely realistic, never OOC fic. Otherwise, it was excellent.

2) What did you like the best about the story?

ROBERT! And the RobStar moments
jerseygrl90 chapter 24 . 2/16/2005
OMFG! I LOVED THIS STORY MORE THAN U WILL EVEER KNOW! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! o yea and my email is ( babygurl1090 ) O AND IT WOULD MEAN ALOT 2 ME IF YOU WOULD MAYBE POSSIBLY HOPEFULLY READ MY FIC! It's "Brotherly Luv". So like if u would ake some extra time and read my fic i would b eternally grateful(sp?)
Annie Sparklecakes chapter 24 . 2/16/2005
omigosh tht was so sweet! im so depressed its over tho! *sniff* n wowz, thanx 4 tellin evry1 bout my story at the end, tht was so sweeteriffic! im gona go cry now...o! but first!

1) NOTHING! it was totally awesome!

2) EVERYTHING! i guess...tht Star got so much attention!

3) Raven, but it was good OOC, so i aint complainin!

4) romance...i'm such a ...GIRL! LoL.

5) nope...not tht i can think of...

6) ya! i dunno wt about...all the relationships perhaps?


8) no clue wt fruits basket it...n i dun like inuyasha...

k, good? k so sad! n i made ur confetti btw!

k...bye...(cant even say update soonerz!:*( )...for the last time...WAH!
Lizzie1327 chapter 22 . 2/15/2005
Wow! So far this is my favorite chapter! amd that means it beat last chapter which means that it got more than 5 stars! Well good-bye! oh and on Birthmark" Bad Robin, Bad, Bad Robin!" There was a lot of Rob/Rae, which was really creepy! But other than that the story was pretty good don't you think? I know you didn't ask thi question but i just wanted someones opinion!
Jackalobe chapter 24 . 2/15/2005
I can't? (looks sad) can i give the money instead? (ANSER WISELY! lol)

Okay, if i were the tell you all the great fanfics i love, it would take a LONG TIME. so i should start, NOW! (im going through the my favorites tab)

1. TURE FRIEND? by robin and star fan (i think its supposer to be True** friend...)

2. A Date for a Debt by Riles *a must read, lol*

3. Returning by Jadedea

4. This is the story of a girl by cherrisoda

5. Free by Ldy-FloR

6. The Good Inside by Star-Fire832

7. My Star To Come by Metrion

8. Wanting You by TeEn TitAn 14

9. Feelings by romantic-raven

10. Truth or Dare? by StarfireFowl

11. A New Cure by Lady-Mikki

12. Obsession by The Eccentric CheezySquirrel

13. All I wanted by Jackster2

14. My Frozen Heart by Jadedea *in the list of top five*

15. High School by WoofBlackHayate

16. Back to the Past by origamikungfu

17. Titan High by TalonTheSky-Liner

18. Baby Can I hold You Tonight? by D-I-WaRrIa *on the top 3 favs*

19. RMS Titans by aurorasmist

20. Goodbye by luvlifecharm

21. Once More by Jadedea

Okay done! now, to YOUR questions!

1.) okay, let me think... i didn't like how in the beggining chapters, Starfire was a total and complete idiot. (sry, i think i comented on that earlier)

2.) The awesomely sweet BATTLE OF THE LOVERS, between Robin/Aqualad and Raven/Starfire. I also enjoyed Robin and Starfire's first date, totally cute. But i think my favorite was when Beastboy totally spazzed out and gave Starfire a make-over. that was hilarious.

3.)Beastboy, when he gave Starfire a make-over. if you change that, i will break your dominant index finger, so you won't any longer. (just pretend that you actually CARE about my insults...)

4.)Horror. (im a scary movie and book freak)

5.)Grammar bores me. don't worry about it. and the people who actually correct it, are nerds. (and if you correct it, give them a break, its only a fanfiction. and i guess calling them nerds was a little harsh...)

6.)im always up for a story about Larry! (lol) I guess you could make it about... an old girlfriend of Robin's coming back and Starfire getting jealous? and during that, AL is having difficulties on deciding whether to ask Raven to marry him or not.

OR, you could do something like this: Robin and Starfire have been going out for a LONG time, and starfire is waiting for robin to pop the question. Why is taking so long? (you can decide that) Mean while, Mark is waiting for his One-and-only-someone, and meets her! (you can decide on who..) Meanwhile, Aqualad and Raven are hitting it off quite nicely (add humor to this, if you wish.)

thats all i got, if you want more details, you can e-mail me at wmvardell , or update. sorry my ideas kinda suck.


8.) impossible to answer, i love them both.

SocialKween chapter 24 . 2/15/2005
are you kidding me? are you KIDDING me? ARE you KIDDING me? ARE YOU KIDDING me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (there, that took up some space already!) here is what you wrote:

"I hope you enjoyed the fic!"

You have GOT to be kidding me. How could I NOT enjoy the fic? that was like my favorite fic of all time! i especially loved the RavAL because it was such a cool, awesome twist, you know? i mean, i've never read that before, and I get around, I read a lot. but even though I've read a ton of RobStars, this was one of the best, and I never get sick of it!

OH MY GOD, i am SO GLAD that you're going to read Unexpected Allies first! I didn't write them (i'm not that good), but they're the best on the entire web! the first one's the best, but the second one ends on a huge cliffhanger, so if you want to read the second one, be prepared to read the third. still, they're all really good.

For the other stories you said, "Normal Teenage Life" is really good (yes, I do read a lot), D-I-WaRrIa is really good (especially Baby Can I Hold You Tonight and the one with Tim in it). Of course mine are good (heehee), and I'll have to read some of Babie A's. I have to read "Some Adversaries Never Die" aand "All is Fair, Or Is It?" too. but those all sound good!

1) Hmm... well, it was sort of... you know, freaky, that all those guys like Star. I mean, she's pretty, but there's robin and red x and aqualad and robert and all the members of the mob... still, iit was a great triangle in the end, you know? just a little weird.

2) Totally the RavAL and the Protector chapter. I mean, Star is a tough girl who can take care of herself, but that "protector" stuff really got to me, and i think it was really cool of you to do that.

3) Umm, I'd have to say... maybe Red X, because he's just usually so sly and doesn't show up much and stuff, but still, it was pretty good. But if you would change it in the future, I'd just make him more spyful and stuff, you know? He was still cool, though.

4) romance, mystery, and action/adventure for me, though comedy is fun sometimes. i can't live without the romance, though. the other thing i can usually bear with it.

5) Umm, tere wasn't anything obvious that I noticed. I mean, I'm sure you made a few mistakes, but it was really good grammar-wise. I can't stand it when people use quotation marks or whatever the wrong way, but you were really good with all your grammar.

6) HELLO, yeah! I guess it could be about the families they made, or something. And as the Titans settled down, their kids began to take their places... umm, if you don't likje this then i'm cool with it, but kids would be awesome!

7) Well, Robert is totally awesome, and yeah, he should return with... OMG I JUST HAD A BREAKTHROUGH! Robert's loved one could be some random girl... like I care... but Red X can fall in love with... BUM BUM BUM... Blackfire! I'm a genius! (plus he's doing that in my fic, but u can use it). But it works, because they're both partly-evil but not all-the-way, you know? I am a genius, genius, genius!

8) are you KIDDING me? I am in love with Inuyasha, especially Kagome/Sesshoumaru! And if you don't like that couple, then sorry, but OH MY GOD, Striking Falcon writes it in this godly way, or something. I mean, you can tell by her like eight hundred reviews (i'm jealous, but i'll live, you know?) Anyway, I love Inuyasha, and I've been considering Fruits Basket, but I'm totally broke right now.

I loved your fic, and it was just awesome to "talk" to you between reviews and stuff. and that has to be the longest review i've ever written, so be thankful! it's my goodbye present! but no worries, Near Perfection is going to be pretty long - twenty five chappies, probablby, and i'm only on 13. so if you review, then we can still... umm... "talk."

that was such a long review, and i'm going to steal your sign thing! ill miss you and ur fic! come back with another one soon, and Ten Little Titans or whatever sounded really good (but I read the book so I know sort of what happens) and that book was SO GOOD! okay, I'm done. Byebye!

Lovin' It,

Please Delete No Longer In Use chapter 24 . 2/15/2005
wow, a nice ending, youve gotta write more tt fics! anyway, onto the questions:

1) hm...probably the robert comment about havin starfire on a date with kisses, i hate that man!

2)probably beast boys plan, and the fight between aqualad and robin.

3)i dont think anyone was really ooc at all.

4)action/adventure and romance.


6)yes i would! i had a story idea ages ago, but i never used it, and im not sure if its gd or not, but you could use it if you wanted - terra returns, but this time she doesnt want bb...she has the hots for robin instead!

7)they should both come back so robin can fight them!

8)i havent watched either of them.

and now for another part of my review (which is pretty long, sorry!) i have posted a new story, in the heart, on , and its an AU redx-star-robin love triangle. could you read it and review it dont have to, its just id love to have a comment from an expert romance writer. anyway, cant wait for your next story!
somekindafreaky chapter 24 . 2/15/2005
That was a great ending! I am utterly distraught that this is over now, but you sure timed it well, what with Valentine's Day and all. Robin always makes me laugh. Super heroes in the bathroom, whatever next.

I can't think of many answers to your questions... I dunno about the worst part of the story, I guess I got a bit annoyed with Robin when he kept screwing up, but that's Robin, isn't it? Ah well. What I liked best was definitely how you write Starfire. She sounds so cute. And, I also must conform to the masses. I'm a sucker for romance, and comedy and mystery after that I suppose.

And finally, there MUST be a sequel. With X and Robert! They were so cool!
SocialKween chapter 23 . 2/14/2005
this isn't the last chappie, so i don't owe u an incredibly long review... YET. i promise i will next time, though, unless there's a pt. 3. this was really good, and i luved how like everyone was in it. i was wondering wut happened to mark, actually. anywayz, update soon!
Annie Sparklecakes chapter 23 . 2/14/2005
aw...tht was so cute! n since i had no time, (still dun) im gonna read ur fic again rite now! i'm so sad it's almost over...
somekindafreaky chapter 23 . 2/14/2005
HAHAHA! That whole scene at the restaurant with all the guys after Starfire was hilarious!
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