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D-I-WaRrIa chapter 23 . 2/14/2005
'Have some chocolate' ? That's hilarious... I forgot to review again... well actually, since I haven't been on this site in a week or so, I have an excuse. X is back X is back X is back! Yipee... sorry, but he brings real character to any story.

Damn, people are still hitting on Starfire aren't they... typical...When will they ever learn... not in my story... a rather persistent 'Robin' is after her... not Robin... another one. Confusing, yes, if you read sometime during the year... maybe you'll understand.

MARK STALKS STAR! I found the epilogue hilarious. All of them at the dinner table. Accidental stomping on eachother's foot, flirting with a taken girl... classic...

Update soon with these pre-written stories...

Keep it real...

OtsegoSpartan78 chapter 23 . 2/13/2005

Anyway, good...EPILOGUE...though! Was a little shorter than usual but that's okay. I'm really curious as to why Red X decided to show up though, like his REAL reason, for showing up. So will there be any romance PERIOD, like any romantic scenes at all? If not I'll be okay with it, but I'm really sad to see this end though you did a really good job with this story and more than likely I'll go back and start over from the very beginning and read it again cause I liked it so much. Well, probably won't hear much from ya since you won't be writting anymore fanfics for a while, but I'D LOVE to see a sequel to this! I think you have it pretty open for one. Well, thanks for the great "adventures" and the good laughs, and I hope everything works out for ya.



P.S. Ya that you're done with this...pretty much...I think it'd be REALLY REALLY COOL if you dropped by and checked out my fanfic. It's called "Some Adversaries Never Die," and I've already written 9 chapters and #10 is on the way. It's a Action/Adventure/Romance flic and I'd think you'd like it. Thanks
Rose chapter 23 . 2/13/2005
i think i bashed a story based on Ten Little Indians.

believe me, IT WAS BAD. it was a rob/rae. AND SHE KILLED OFF CYBORG, IN,LIKE, THE FIRST SENTENCE! plus, im mean..

so, im counting on you to make it a good story so i don't give up on the book.

like THATS gonna be hard.. (okay. so im a suck up, i also am skilled in kicking, espcially in the mouth and shin...*glares at enemies..*)


omg, I LOVE ROBERT! he is hilarious. i almost enjoy his flirty-ness.

YAY ROBERT! not a terra basher eh? i can fix that.. (pulls out drill gun, and gives you a creepy smile) but first can you help me put up this picture frame?

LOL. i would never threaten anyone with a drill gun. its more fun to do it with a hot glue gun, because then they scream in pain. *grin* (you canj decide for yourself if thats a joke...)

All is Fair is written by...

Everclueless, and it is actually: All is Fair, Or is it?

sorry if i gave you the wrong title. my reviews are interesting...

y'know what would make me squeal in delight and dance around the room?

yes Larry would, BUT also: A SEQUAL! PICTURE IT: A Date for a Debt (or another title) THE SEQUAL!

it makes my eys water just think about it...
the-green-rose chapter 3 . 2/12/2005
Oh no! What happened to Raven and Cyborg? Why am I even asking these questions?
beastboyluver chapter 21 . 2/9/2005
beastboyluver chapter 22 . 2/9/2005
this was SO good. u r a fantastic writer. there was only one teensy weensy part that i didn't like, BB is NOT gonna marry terra (that bitchy little skank), he's gonna marry me (screen name can't ya tell?). but apart from that it was wonderful! or GLORIOUS *BBL's head pops of*
Kit-Kat43 chapter 22 . 2/8/2005
Oh, goodie! You’re writing more fics! ::cheers and throws confetti:: Yay! I really do enjoy them, as I said before!

Now how could I forget an author like you? Good writing and writers stick with me and this is definitely good writing and you are an awesome writer! I’ll keep a lookout for your penname! Do you have any ideas for what the titles of your fics are yet?

This was a nice relief from Birthmark! Thanks! I really liked the episode and all, but I’m a big BBRae and RobStar fan. Not too fond of RaeRob. A fabulous Robin and Starfire chapter did the trick! .~

Excellent chapter! Robin was a real mess up last chapter. I’m glad he fixed the problem! I have to admit, you had me worried a little bit when Star wasn’t moving! But all is well and Robin finally confessed his feelings! Yay! Poor BB! I suppose he got what he deserved though!

Can’t wait for the epilogue! I’m sure it’ll be really good! Hope to read it soon! Just one more and it’s over! The suspense is killing me! Update soon please!


P.S. Do you have any recommendations of either good RobStar or BBRae fics that I could possibly read? Got to keep myself busy while waiting for your new fic! .~
SocialButterfli chapter 22 . 2/8/2005
GAH! IT'S OVER? WHAT? I want the epilogue. Now. This story has done nothing but keep me on the edge of my seat. And I loved how you credited me in your last chapter, even though you didn't have to, because I'm sure you would've thought of it on your own. You're a brilliant writer. But it was a nice accolade all the same.

NOW WHERE'S MY EPILOGUE? E, fluff, I love it.
Talleyrandishktu chapter 22 . 2/7/2005
Ah, I was just wondering why Robin couldn't say anything at all in his defense. He might not be smoothest with the ladies despite his playboy upbringing but still, he should be able to say something as the love of his life walks out of it. But I see.

Huh. Your BB/Terra, I'm afraid, is worked in much more better-er than I could, though I did try. Can't win them all.

Cute ending. I'll be there for the epilogue.
OtsegoSpartan78 chapter 22 . 2/7/2005
sniff, sniff...WAHAHAHAHAHAHH (begins sobbing) It's's all over...I'm sad, I didn't want to see it end...sniff, sniff...anyway, WONDERFUL chapter though. My heart stopped there for a minute when he found Starfire laying on the bench looking like she was dead. But I especially liked Robin's inner conflict with himself on the bridge, and the storm did a number for setting the mood. I will be honest though, I was some-what disappointed how it ended. I was kinda hoping there'd be like actual romance between Rob/Star, and Rav/Aqua but from what I understand you're writting an be honest...not really sure what that is but I guess I'll find out. So is this like...OVER over, or is there still a little more to come, CAUSE I WANNA SEE THOSE TWO COUPLES HOOK-UP ALREADY! Great Job on the Chapter, and it was a fantastic story and I loved reading every bit of it. Hope to see another (Teen Titans) fanfic from ya soon.


SocialKween chapter 22 . 2/6/2005
omg, (i no i dont hav very much time again so if its short i apologize) that was such a great last (almost last) chapter! i cannot believe it! i luv the "protector" thing, and i loved the whole date for a debt bit with raven and AL!

yup, i already hafta go... but that was so good! once the epilogue is over, ill b so sad! and i promise i'll write a really long review for the epilogue as my end-of-story review!

love you and your story!

Papersak chapter 22 . 2/6/2005
Hooray! No more ultimate suspense! The rain-ish-ness was done well, and the Beast-Boy-mentioning-Terra was kinda sad. In a good-ish way, though.
Please Delete No Longer In Use chapter 22 . 2/6/2005
a brilliant ending to a brilliant story! cant wait for the epilogue, and i hope robin tells robert exactly what he thinks of him... (that is if ive guessed correctly that robert is the waiter)
Annie Sparklecakes chapter 22 . 2/6/2005
o i think i kno who'z comin'...well, tht was so awesome! it was so cutely, sweetly, romantical! *sigh*...robin is the most amazing guy ever! too bad iz over...*sigh*...i think im gona read it over again tho..yay! k, buh-bye now! c u 4 the parti!
Rose who will mis this story terribly chapter 22 . 2/6/2005
o_0, ITS OVER? (sobs, and im serious, i feel like crying!)


i don't even feel like kicking anyone in the shin... well, maybe THAT guy! HEY, HE JUST GAVE ME THE FINGER! GET BACK HERE YOU WORTHLESS PILE OF SHIT! (tackles him to the ground and kicks him continuesly)

I think i got carried away when i fractured his legs... oh well!

Social Butterfly, OKAY! i have never read any of her stories, i think... but i will now! thanks for the heads up! Hey Jealousy, sounds familiar, maybe i have read that one.. is it on your favs? most likely.


That was one of the best endings i have ever read in fanfiction! IT WAS GREAT! but i think we all know that Beastboy can do better than Terra. come on. (not complaining, just Terra-bashing)

i wish this story didn't end. i'll miss it, and your answers back... wait, you'll write another story, right? (realizes you might write more stories) YAY!

a question, are you a fan of bb/rae? (just wondering)

I'll miss this story, and now i am currently making fudge in honor of the story. (yumm.. fudge...) YAY FOR FUDGE!


if you have any other fanfic, recomendations, please inform me! I recomend All is fair, Or is it? (READ MY REVIEWS!) hope you update soon.
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