Reviews for A Risk Worth Taking
Legendary Biologist chapter 1 . 10/2/2016
Heh, despite all the seriousness and badassery, Brandon is actually just one big beaten puppy dog in the series. He needs a big, big hug! ;)

And this is what I say 'filling in the anime's gap'. I really like how you delve deep into Brandon's psyche after getting that piece of info from Harry. He's of course, surprised. And hopeless, considering who he's facing. Maria is under Big Daddy's care, meaning that she is unapproachable. Really like that you show his anxiety through him stumbling and getting breathless.

[Detachment; one of my greatest secrets to survival.] - YES! This is the Brandon we know and love, although this trait of him is often overlooked. As badass as Brandon is, he is actually a sensitive guy; he isn't good with emotional problems, and when he can't face it anymore, he'll just be more detached to the offending matter.

I really like Brandon's dilemma: to see or not to see? Aside from Brandon's guilty of Jester's death (which actually ISN'T his fault, but it's just Brandon being himself heh), the trouble is - as Harry has said - if Brandon gets too close to Maria, he may do more harm than good; if Maria is revealed to be related to Big Daddy, the whole Millennion may be in danger.

That ending is much like in the anime, but now, everything is much sweeter. After all the anxiety and uncertainty, Brandon finally decides to see Maria. And things go pretty well. Love Brandon's awkwardness as Maria touches him; heh, that's just the awkward Brandon we know.

Not to mention that Brandon picking up Maria's fallen books for her is a lovely imagery. And in every Brandon x Maria works, the most important thing is how Brandon's and Maria's bond exists without needing any words. And this fic just does well in that department. Nice job there!

The only quibble I have here is Brandon's voice. You've captured his slow, soft and rather philosophical/metaphorical style in speaking most of the time, but he's not the type of guy who uses coarse language. Like [anxiety my ass], [I'm scared shitless], and [my shitty life], they do not fit Brandon's voice. Also, I'm pretty sure that Brandon calls Gary 'Mr. Gary', because Gary is his superior after all, along with Widge.

That aside, this is very well done! You've captured Brandon's character very well!

Since Gungrave fandom is pretty dead, I thought you'd be interested in joining this forum. The forum is called "The Plight of the Little-Known Fandom", a support group for authors for small/dead fandoms. Here's the link:

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Just edit out the spaces. I'd love to see you there!
Twilighthippie1 chapter 1 . 2/24/2010
This was a great story too, I really liked it!

Could you do some more Gungrave stories? Either Brandon/Maria, or Mika/Brandon-Grave?


Thanks so much for writing!

~Twilighthippie1 )
Nee-chan no Kami-kun chapter 1 . 8/14/2007
Um, I LOVE BrandonxMaria and GravexMika so I'd love a fanfic on either one of them! I really love Older Mika and Grave or the "IF Brandon lived" thing w/ Maria but either one is great! Thanks!

Nee-chan no Kami-kun
shilo chapter 1 . 7/14/2005
I loved the eps that this took place from and glad to see that you were able to do this from Brandon's prespective. That poor guy went through so much just to see her. I can imagine it was a bit hard to do this in Brandon's POV but I think you did a pretty good job on tackling it.
The No Life King chapter 1 . 5/6/2005
I read this awile back but never did review here I am once again...dashavoo...I actually enjoyed this very much. The only thing wrong with it is I think that Brandon wasn't really in character the whole time. I think (my opinion) that you more overly wanted him to think those things when in reality or anime world he wasn't thinking like himself. Like when you say "my shitty life" I don't really think Brandon would think that...all in all though I appreciate your writing style...though I recommend maybe doing something other than a POV...sorry I criticize crucially...even myself... Nonetheless...I raise my glass to you!