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Starlight Sapphire chapter 8 . 2/26/2005
Another good chapter! Dang, you are the BEST writer I've seen! How do you get so good? Wait, don't answer that question. _ Anyways, I hope to see Chpter 9 up sometime. I'm sort of impatient about these kind of things, but I think I can wait. Seeya!

~ Dragon
Lord Destroyer chapter 8 . 2/26/2005
Ah, Terriermon sure has death wish around a certain Digimon Queen. Kazu is arrogant as ever, when will he learn humility, let alone have his ego popped? Kazu and Kenta are so jealous of Takato being a tamer. Impmon needs to relax, and get off his high horse. Typical of Takato to have a thick head when it comes to leaving well enough alone. The typical Davis behavior in the electronic store. Like Digimon, like Tamer (DigiDestined). Geez, I never expected the ever cheerful Lilymon to lose it by tossing Flamedramon, but he had it coming. The fight scene was nicely done. Just one question, who is the mysterious figure if it isn't Alice? Can you do me a favor, and pair Renamon up with Guilmon? They are better than Flamedramon with Renamon, besides if Takato and Rika end up together, it would be logical for their digimon to do the same.
Terra Nova chapter 7 . 2/22/2005
Great fic so far! Please update soon!

Also here's my idea for a digimon:


Resembling cute 1 meter humanoid robots, these little digimon come in a veraity of colours (based on gender) and are known to be very powerful despite their apperance. Behind the visors of their helmet-like heads are glowing anime-style eyes that also come in a veraity of colours.

Type: Robotic digimon

Attribute: Data/Vaccince


Special attacks: TeknoBlaster (from their arm gun barrles) Seeker Missles (Also from their arms and from their legs, shoulders, chest and sides) and Solar-Sword (where they produce an energy blade for meele combat).

Other info: Besides being great warriors, the Teknomon are among the most well-like digimon in the entire digital world, due to their friendly and noble nature.
Kanius chapter 1 . 2/20/2005
All right, here are auditions for my guys. Most are villain characters (with only one being sort of a neutral, Novadramon) These guys are from my Digimon Fusion series, so you might want to tone down on their power levels since they're pretty damn strong in my epics.


Novadramon: An orange-red warrior that looks like a mix between a dragon and a gargoyle (looks just like Nova Shenron from Dragonball GT). While his skin is orange, it radiates a red aura. The lips on his face are purple. He has that cliched villain glare but he really is a beast with honor. Novadramon is a seasoned veteran with fighting prowess. His body temperature is as hot as the sun's surface. He hopes to fight the best in the Digital World and find the right opponent.

Type: Dragon Warrior Digimon

Attribute: Data

Level: Mega

Special Attacks:Sun Barrier (creates a barrier and then shoots down an array of fire blasts like rain), Heat Wave Blast (sends out a condensed ball of energy and then creates an array of heat blasts at his opponent at once) & Lava Fists (fists that can burn right through anything even Chrome Digizoid metal). He moves at swift, fast speed and is built to battle. He can outpace a War Greymon. His speed sputs both Skull Satanmon and Rapidmon to shame. Of the two brothers, he is the faster one.

Other info: His best opponent would be anything within the Agumon and Guilmon lineage. With the Bushido code, he would rather finish his opponent fairly rather than use backhanded tricks to ensure victory.

Eisdramon: His appearance is exactly like that of Novadramon. In fact, Eisdramon is the older brother of Novadramon. His skin is created out of ice and is light blue. His lips are pink. Unlike this brother, Eisdramon has no honor and will kill whatever he wants to ensure victory, even children. He makes Icedevimon look like an in-training. Eisdramon, too, is a seasoned veteran.

Type: Dragon Warrior Digimon

Attribute: Virus

Level: Mega

Special Attacks: Arctic Barrier (creates a barrier which in turn shoots out ice spears), Subzero Breath (his right hand turns into an arm cannon and shoots out an ice beam to hurt his opponent), & Icicle Spears (he creates iciles from the tips of his fingers to inflict severe damage on his opponent). He can fly at rapid, speed to even keep up with a War Greymon. He puts Skull Satanmon and Rapidmon to shame. He can also shoot beams from his eyes to freeze his opponent and turn them into a block of ice.

Other info: His best opponent would be anything from an ice-based, such as Metal Garurumon. Unlike his brother Novadramon, Eisdramon is a cut throat with no remorse for his opponents. He'll even kill them while they are injured.

Cultivarmon: Green, alien-like monsters. They have crimson eyes, large heads, equipped with clawed limbs and pointy, elf-like ears. These little imps may look like rookies but they are actually ultimates. They're used by certain groups as weapons and as minions to finish off their enemies. Naturally, they are predators and their main prey are the Jagamon.

Type: Terrain Demon

Attrtibute: Virus

Level: Ultimate

Special Attacks: Acid Spray (from their heads), Claw Strike, and Kamikaze (latch onto their opponents and detonate after 10 seconds).

Other info: Other than being little savages, but they are also notorious for using themselves as kamikazes. They latch onto their opponent and explode after a ten-second detonation.

King Devimon (OPTIONAL): A tall, monster that looked exactly like Devimon. But this one had a more buff upper body, plus his wings were perfect, without any damage to them like Devimon had. His legs were small in size compared to his upper body. He use his demon energy to fire his opponents, turn them to stone and uses black magic to create weapons, such as a sword.

Type: Fallen Angel

Attibute: Virus

Level: Mega

Special Attacks: Stone Spray (from his mouth), Demon's Blade (created from thin air using black magic) and Dragon Demon Fire (Spits out a wave of lava that can reach as far as many yards)

Other info: One of the most powerful monsters in the Digital World. He is a number one fugitive of Zhuqiaomon. The Devas have been sent to battle and retrieve this monster to take into custody but have failed to do so. He will kill anything that gets in his way and resides within the darkest regions of the Digital World. At mega level, he makes the original Devimon look like a rookie. His battle experience has positioned as a top ranked demon.

Dark Magimon (OPTIONAL): A short imp, with an orange cape and blue pant. His eyes were pure black with white irises in the center of it. He also had dark, purple hair. His dark magic enables him to control the minds and hearts of those with darkness and hatred, especially humans and the strongest of megas. Zhuqiaomon finds this imp as a dangerous fugitive. Magimon is also ruthless who seeks to control the best the digital world has to offer.

Type: Wizard

Attribute: Virus

Level: Rookie

Special Attacks: Parapata spell (used to teleport, control a person's heart/mind and create barriers for defense), Mental Illusions (creates illusions to brainwash his prey).

Other info: While he is weak physically, he makes up for it with the digital world's darkest magic. He has no remorse for anyone, not even his own subordinates. He only seeks to see others suffer in torment. For a rookie, he can even control the strongest elite of mega-level digimon.

That's about it. Whew. Hope those are good auditions for my guys. Hope you like them. I think they could make perfect mini-arc villains, but that's up to you. Novadramon is the only one who is not considered a villain, though.

Catch you later.
Kari Minamoto chapter 7 . 2/19/2005
Great, more season 4! I can't wait for the Deva when they join to arrive. Please updaye soon!
Starlight Sapphire chapter 7 . 2/19/2005
Hey there! Thought I'd audition one of my ideas! Here we go:



Dinosaur Digimon

Attribute: Virus

Stage: Rookie

Description: Velocimon looks basically like a blue velociraptor with dark green stripes. His claws are a dark grey, and he of course has the hook claws like a velociraptor. He wears a skull over his head of possibly a velociraptor, and has several multicolored feathers growing out of the back of it. His eyes are a neon green.

Personality: Serious, and strong minded.

Attacks: Raptor Fire (shoots streams of flames from its mouth), Hook Claw (basically attacks with its hook claws).

Other: He is also very strong, comparing to a high champion, possibly.


How ya like that? I hope to see another chap up soon! And I really don't mind if you don't put him in, I'm just doing this for the fun of it.

- Dragon
Fireyone233 chapter 7 . 2/19/2005
Hello AnT You remember me i have e-mailed you a couple times Im here to give you my Digimon and my partner if you want to use him.

Aquamon: Cousin Of patamon There coloring is teal they have small spines going down the back. he has guilmon like ears and his wings are slightly bigger than pata mons and his feet are clawed retractble as well. His face Looks like patamon with the exception of the small horn



Attacks: Aqua-Connon-Aquamon shoots out a Powerful blast of crystal. Aqua-Horn-He rams his opponet with his horn.

Demiaquamon:a smaller version of Aquamon



Attacks: Bubble-Blow

MitoMon: A teal Version of Botamon


(yes out of order but that was to only way for me to do that I also have a request would you make a ppicture of aquamon for me i wonder what he would be like with your drawing style.)

Dragonmon: A Dragon about half the size of of Greymon. His color is red and he has two horns sticking out the back of his head he walks on all fours. He has a long tall thats end has the a small arrow head. His wings are large and allow him to travel very fast.


Stage: Champion

Attacks: Dragon Fire Ball-Fires a big fire ball , Dragon Arrow head- Strikes his opponet with the arrow head on his tall.

(With Aquamon Do a picture of him to please no color thought don't want it take to long for you to put them on deviant.)

Areodragonmon:A BIGGER NASTER version of Dragonmon. His Body is much larger now he stands on his two hind legs his neck is longer now his had claws are as long as katanas. His head has Three Horns now and Four Large Fangs that cross on the lips.

Stage: Ultimate


Attack: AreoFlame, Dragon claws

(Like Aquamon and dragon same request please.)

EXAreoDragonmon: A BIGER NASTEY MUCH NASTER VERSION OF AreoDragonmon. He looks like AreoDragonmon oly a much longer neck that can sterch like Rubber. The neck stays in a question mark shape most of the time. His Sterenght is EXTREMLY STRONG.

Type: Data


Attack:OBlivion Flame-He Fires a massive stream of fire so powerful that it can destroy a small city. Dragon PIle DRiver- with his head he grabs his opponet by the mouth and smashes them into the ground.

(same with everyone else please thank you)

Drillmon: Looks like Megaman From megaman 64 with out the helmet or arm cannon but a regular arm.




Drill Rockets- Fires two dirlls like missles that home on its opponet.

Drill punch- Hands transform into Drills and thrws his fist.

Dirll kick-Same with Drill Punch only his feet.

(Now my for his partener ether way u use him i'll be happy and draw Dirllmon like every one else please thank you.)

Stephen Night:He was one of The Origginal Seven Digi-Destened in in Alternate unversie throwen into this world. He has bit of a cocky attitud like to make jokes and trys to be serious when he needs to cest is the the crest of energy because he always been a very energetic person.

His age is Thirteen. He is stubborn when it comes to something important and never gives up without a fight. If you want to see Stephen Night CHECK OUT MY STORY DIGIMON THE DARKNESS:REVISED EDITION.

Also He was dna-digivolution partner with Wiles but since he ain't in this i won't give the Dna-digi-volution Ultimata and mega. He loves to wear T-Shirts but wears his school Sweat Shirt and loves to wear blue jeans his school initals are on the sweatshirt which is grey Which are HSEJH and he also comes from America.

Please draw a picture of him
MagCat chapter 7 . 2/18/2005
This was an awesome chapter; especially with the Cody and Rosa scene! Will Rosa ever get over Ken and will Cody ever admit that he has feelings for the Mexican girl? Update soon!
Magician of Black Chaos chapter 7 . 2/18/2005
Good to see that you've almost fully re-uploaded the original story. As for fan-made Digimon I'd like to see:


Level: Ultimate

Type: Data

Attacks: Dragonwing Charge, Feather Claw

Description: Humanoid, and about seven feet tall, he has two large pairs of wings - one red and birdlike and one white and dragonlike. His chest has Silphymon's armor, but over ExVeemon's scaly blue and white skin. His legs resemble ExVeemon's but end in a combination of claws and bird talons. He has Paildramon's arms, but with human hands, covered in blue scales, and a blaster on each wrist. His face looks like Flamedramons, but with Sliphymon's visor, with eyeholes added on. His ears and the back of his head look like ExVeemon's. His Dragonwing Charge attack is a supersonic burst of speed that he uses to knock away his enemies, and his Feather Claw attack involves firing feather-shaped bursts of energy from his wings and blasters.

Originally I invented Albatrossdramon as a DNA of ExVeemon and Aquilamon, but I'm sure you won't be able to use him that way. Besides, I've never got around to actually uploading a story, so it's not as though he's an established character.

By the way, although it has little to do with your story, I found out that the V-Tamer manga did three specials where Taichi and Zeromaru teamed up with Davis, Ryo, and Takuya, respectively. At least now we now Frontier takes place in the same "universe" as the other seasons...
SaberLightning chapter 6 . 2/18/2005
okay, I'll try out in your 'audition', but 'm hoping this is not against the rules (i HOPE) anyway, here it is

Name: Agilemon (Have fan art)

Type: Virus

Stage: Ultimate

Weapon: Spear

Class: Human Eagle Thief

Appearance: A hybrid of human eagle digimon. It have tattered pants and great large tail at the back. Colossal gargoyle wings with saber-tooth fang at the top of the wing and also a parallel pattern lines. It has mark at the eye bug. There’s a round circle at the chest down to the stomach and feathery body. About four feet tall.

Skills: Bandit, camouflage

Special Ability: It can change color depending on the environment or element. Its original color is grey

Element: none/ melee

Weakness: Flame

Techniques: Javelin Strike (Throws Spear, hit spear etc), Razor’s Edge (Shoots fangs at the wings)

Finishing Blow: Stellar Infinite (Alter HP; Agilemon might die using this. It is where he sacrifices himself to the power and sends enemy to nothingness and a nightmare. Very strong attack but very risky)

Name: Rafflesiamon (fan art not ready)

Type: Vaccine

Stage: Rookie

Digivolve to: Niaramon

Weapon: None

Class: Rafflesia arnoldii ballerina

Appearance: A smooth, white skin with reddish orange colossal flower at the waistline as the skirt. The flower has light orange spores and the inner core is lighter than the petals. Her eyes are blank white which looks turns her out a spirit. She has no garments except for leaves at her breast and knees. About 3 feet tall.

Skills: attract

Special Ability: Beauty but has venom spores

Element: wood

Weakness: Flame, dark

Techniques: Moonlight Sonata (dances and gives passion to others; can heal) Venom Scythe (send outs spores in form of soft gales.)

Finishing Blow: Shining Wind (Asks support from nature, increases all abilities, might received any new attacks depending on the environment)

Name: Arumianmon (fan art not ready)

Type: Data

Stage: Champion

Digivolve to: Evemon

Weapon: harp

Class: Titan Arum Maiden

Appearance: A maiden with ribbons all over her body, floating. With eyes blank again but this time, she wears a full peach kimono blossoms and holds a box. She has black round clip hair as a Chinese with a stick (whatever you call that). Wooden dancing shoes as the footwear and has white wings at the shoes, enabling it to float. About 5 feet tall and carries a golden harp and a brown box at her lap. She has a large soft tail with paws of a cat and whiskers at the face.

Skills: Float, Attract

Special Ability: none

Element: Light, Ice

Weakness: Dark, Flame

Techniques: Thousand Fall (plays song in deadly and slow matter and slowly, Spirit Taker will rise from heaven, taking and souls they pass; can be easily avoided but hey, there are thousands of it) Upper Jolt (commands ground to summon a round blade upwards from the ground; ambush, can also be for barrier protection) Watlzes (plays a sweet and melodious song that sends victim to attraction to Digimon while drooling; will seal in the box if in range)

Finishing Blow: Pandora’s Box (plays a sad song while sobbing and the box will float and open; it manipulates people/Digimon’s mind. One cure only, the Hope)

Name: Evemon (Fan Art not ready)

Type: Data

Stage: Ultimate

Digivolve to: Valkriamon

Weapon: Snake bow and arrow.

Class: A celestial spirit

Appearance: (FALSE appearance) Naked and surround by light. Very beautiful and pleasant and has the blank eyes again. She has long brown hair that reaches the ground and has a green cobra around her neck. She has flower crown at her head and carries a green bow and arrow made out of leaves (don’t question me -_-). Have white wings at the back and vines that surrounds her. She has a very large soft tail at the back and has great legs.


(TRUE appearance) When anger or sadden, it will transform to a medusa monster like. Fangs will grow at the mouth and legs will become hind legs with paws. Tail will flame in the color of green in a snake spirit. Body will crouch (since it will be a four-legged-animal) and hair will turn to snakes. Cat ears will grow at the head and will have snake tongue.


Special Ability: TRUE and FALSE (True is the one that will attract but will transform to False once the victim is in the trap. Actually, Evemon’s real appearance is the FALSE. She just transforms to TRUE for the trap. Because TRUE looks innocent while FALSE looks deceitful)

Element: Light (TRUE) Dark, poison (FALSE)

Weakness: all (TRUE) none (FALSE)

Techniques: TRUE/FALSE (Transforms to trap body or real form), Bow and arrow (only TRUE’S ATTACK) Malice Flare (Enlarge Snake Spirit and attack using the spirit’s bite; can burn) Toxic Breath (breathes out green poisonous air) Vengeful Razors (Coils in incredible speed as a tornado sending out green toxic waste and then attacking to enemy/enemies with fangs and claws in a whirling manner)

Finishing Blow: NONE

Well, Agilemon is only one the three is contniuos digivolve. If you want to know the mega, tell me

And please update soon!
Dark Qiviut chapter 7 . 2/17/2005
Darn FFnet. "Alias I" was supposed to be "Alias I I I."
Dark Qiviut chapter 7 . 2/17/2005
To respond for AnT, yes, Justice Gundam, Rei Saiba and her evil brother Neo Saiba are from V-Tamers. Rei Saiba had no Digimon partner, but tagged along with Taichi Yagami, a different Taichi Yagami than from the T.V. show. During the middle of the manga, Neo Saiba recruited the Alias I, Mari Goutokuji, Hideto Fujimoto, and Sigma (his last name unknown).

Mari's Digimon was Rosemon; Hideto's was Omnimon (Omegamon in the Japanese manga), and Sigma's was Piedmon (Piemon in the manga). Rei didn't have a Digimon, but looked after two timid Gabumon on the journey (don't know the names). Taichi's Digimon was a Veedramon named Zeromaru (Zero for short), and Neo's Digimon was Arkadimon (ArcaDemon in the Japanese manga).

However, there are three websites for you get all the info on the V-Tamers and its plot:

digistarlight . cjb

shiningevo . ultimatedigimon index2 . php

w w w . digimonhimitsu main . php

Just delete the spaces to fully access the site(s). You will get all the information on V-Tamers, as well as the two mini-mangas: Digimon Chronicles, and Digimon D-Cyber. And the last two links have scanned Japanese pages on them, but you will need WinZip for them, however.

I hope this helps you. Catch ya later!
Justice Gundam chapter 7 . 2/17/2005
Whoa, you brought up Chapter 7 faster than I could ever anticipate, AnT! And you did a great job of it, too! Loved the battles with the two Devas, and the clarifying talk between Davis and Kari. Yeah, I did think that Kari was acting somewhat out of character in the 2nd season... it is just not like her to play around with boys...

Yamaki continues to be hell-bent on annihilating Digimon. Of course, this will mean trouble in later chapters. Let's see how this evolves.

So, that Rei girl and that Neo guy are from V-Tamers? I'm asking because we don't have that manga in Italy...

Oh, yeah, and great job inserting Bokomon and Neemon in the story as well! Who knows what fate has in store for the Season 04 DigiDestined, and how are they linked with the whole mess. Knowing you, I'm sure you'll surprise us again with one of your unexpected, yet perfectly feasible, twists...

In other words, you tucked another great chapter on your belt, dude! Keep up the good work, see ya and peace out!
Poison Ivey chapter 7 . 2/17/2005
Yahoo! Great! I loved it!

Anyway, a new digimon...This is going to be a shocker for Rika. SilverRenamon, Holy

Beast Man Digimon, Vaccine Type, Rookie Level. Attacks: Silver Stakes and Crucifix Paw. Let me know if you want her Champion form.
the bird of the chapel chapter 7 . 2/17/2005
and then again...wait...i hate waiting

and i didn't know spanish were really close to Tagalog language. Parada in our country means stop also...

usually, for cars...when people wanted to ride a vehicle

anyway, an audtion? well... i don't know
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