Reviews for The Cry Before The Storm
KIT chapter 1 . 3/4/2007
this one isn't as detailed, but it brings the story out just as well, maybe better. you used more of the words on discribing the main characters thought. not giving him a name was a clever touch, makes one feel there are so many that died at the battle at Helm's Deep. numerous of which their names unknown. and you just make it so obvious your feelings toward the lady. hehe, you made a very full image of her just through your words dancing on the song. i can guess now why you like writing songfic so much truly inspiration comes well through melody and lyrics. if for no sentimental reasons, giving the main characters friend a name was rather unneeded. it changes the feel i mentioned earlier.

helen chapter 1 . 3/12/2005
Okay, I have to go practice violin, so I'll comment on the rest of your fics when I come back...

Though "Stairway to Heaven" and LOTR isn't a connection I'd see right away (if at all), you did a lovely job incorporating some of the lyrics to show those connections. Well done!

This part in particular is one of my favorites:

"She also told me how everything can be for the best if you look at it the right way. 'Even death?' I’d asked.

'Even death.' The smile on her lips was bittersweet – then, I knew not why. Now I do. In this desperate hour, I finally understand."


Jack's Captainess chapter 1 . 12/1/2004
YO NOT ANOTHER ONE! gah update the stories! it's not very nice to keep your readers on the edge! haha nice though! LED ZEPPLIN! YAYAYAYAY stairway to heaven is good. it is time. time to dance with death. COL yea. very nice!