Reviews for The World Without Me
Heart chapter 16 . 2/2/2019
Shite crap oh no
Heart chapter 15 . 2/2/2019
Heart chapter 14 . 2/2/2019
Oh hell no. GET 'EM!
Heart chapter 13 . 2/2/2019
! PUPPET MASTER DUMBLEDORE, REMEMBER!(!(, ;##! NO. Also, a couple of chappies take like 2-3 months to brew Polyjuice so what even? And I though Harry didn't know how to Apparate, but he obviously does after he gets the last ingredient for Wolfsbane. ?
Heart chapter 12 . 2/2/2019
Hmm...does Draco truly want to be there. I don't like that abusive implicatiooooon. I LOVE IT ! I HAD TEARS IN MY EYES! Wonder what he got Rosmerta? HARRY, OH HOW COULD THEY HATE YOU? OOOOOH! This smol, hardened yet gushy boi. Snakes gotta bad rap. Meanwhile, Narcissa us still a Queen who don't give a fuck about anyone save her family. X,D Most likely. *hugs* Happy Christmas indeed!
Heart chapter 11 . 2/2/2019
Yas yas yes. I was wondering/worried that the D.E.s had launched an attack! YES COOL TATTOO WAND THINGIE! YAAAAAS! Oh I loved the wand scene! He does, does he? YES, STICK IT TO THAT TYRANT! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! I love how the character interaction and reactions were realistic.
Heart chapter 10 . 2/2/2019
Yes yes yes, your soul knows that kt's "pup" even if you yourself does not! Muahahahahahahaaaaa! Trelawney! Why! I know she can't help it but *groans* Darn it, Draco! Awww the Ashwinder bondiiiiing~ Oooh Hagrid's CURIOUS! He proteeeeeeecc. :) Dobby! *sob*
Heart chapter 9 . 2/2/2019
Daddy Remus has instincts and oooooooh! LOVE IT! Bah! Siri! Ah my precious BABY! Buckbeak is good friend. Awww nostalgia~ Stars these suspicious peeps. Lucy, no. Snape, Snape, Sev-er-us Snape~. He is intrigued!
Heart chapter 8 . 2/2/2019
Love Rosy as usual. Lol "but of course, a Hippogriff!" Ahhhhhh Hagrid~ BUCKBEAK! KING! YAS! ;D Oh I love Nagini. Ha! Kick to the mouth of that Marx guy! Neville, my sweet, precious baby boi. TToTT. YES! Ugh Dracoooooo noooooo
Heart chapter 7 . 2/2/2019
Huh. A bit odd cuz I thought it'd just be the occasional visit. Aaah fucking with Fierenze~!
Heart chapter 6 . 2/2/2019
Good mom 20/10. Awwww Nagini is growing up and accepting...that she will always be by his side always and forever. ;P XD ;) Seriously that was nice tho. Don't be suspicious; dooooooon't be suspicious~ Geez the Dumbles suspicious meter goes from men to stalk real quick. O.O. Like it's not unbelievable but dude. Wow. Ahhhh Colin's got that hero worship. Lol Hedwig. Ahhh Rosy is Queen
Heart chapter 5 . 2/2/2019
The fuck, Luna? Hmmm? Oooooh those two are gonna be piiiiiiiissed
Heart chapter 4 . 2/2/2019
X,D XD XD ;) :D
Heart chapter 4 . 2/2/2019
Ah! Mamma Rosmerta! :D ;) Yes! Oooooh he did did he? Niiiiiiice! Oh HARRY! Coliiiiin~ Wow, how rough IS it? Fudging 'foy. Ahhhh she has no idea how right she is... Stubborn Harry TM
Heart chapter 3 . 2/1/2019
Awww I loved the moments with Hooch! Snape? Daaaaaw. SIRI?! Awww Rosy is such a lovely mom. ;) Oh noes. Poor Harry... Haha "mysterious and dark helper..." X,D That just cracks me up for some reason. ;D ST. MUNGOS? NANI? Awww the owed Quidditch match awwww
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