Reviews for The Last Supper
ISurvivedHurricaneIrma chapter 1 . 5/25/2009
A great story. Very good.
Dirty Liza chapter 1 . 12/7/2004
Reviewing sad, lol! Here I will attempt to explain my love for Oscar Wilde...oh mate... and the connection between The Ballad of Reading Gaol and my fic. (Isn't it amusing how we can twist a poem, song, fable, etc around to appear (to us) so completely written for our stories? lol!)

"For he who lives more lives than one

More deaths than one must die."

That part of the poem is so specific to the fic. Taken completely out of context, it's very representative of the different faces buffy wears and lives she lives (and also the number of times she's died, lol). Because our little B was always one who fight to separate the 'slayer' part of her from the 'normal girl'. "More deaths than one must die." also paints this picture of Buffy's life and how so much of it is controlled by such a horrible destiny. It also gives me a theme to play with for the rest of the story!

But the whole poem was just perfect, so powerful and capturing. The fact that it describes the reflections, emotions, regrets and inspirations of a jailed man was so very (literally) relevant to the recently incarcerated & reformed Faith. Wilde also questions, what is life? What is good and evil? -Which was pretty much the common theme for moral exploration during all B&F parts of BTVS.

During the time the poem was written, the chaplain and the priest dealt with the deaths and burials of prisoners...I thought that was significant in the fact that the First and the religious Caleb seemed to toy with the concept of death so often.

"The Crimson stain that was of Cain

became Christ's snow white seal."

Another religious reference, and a continuation of the good vs evil, B vs rougeF debate...This line of the poem reflects where the root of evil started. It also makes reference to Abel and Cain, the first sons of Adam and Eve... Cain was the youngest, rebellious son who did not offer his finest gifts to God (where his brother Abel did). The Lord showed respect to Abel, but did not honour Cain for his gifts...(hey man, I learned it is the thought that counts). But anyway, Cain got rightly shitty, refused to honour God with gifts and ended up turning psychopathic bitch (bastard?) and killed his bro. Then, of course he denied his homicidal habit to God, and as a result was shunned. His rebellion against God caused the first ever murder and the first broken family. Caleb makes a point of comparing Faith to Cain, and Buffy to Abel, during the vineyard scene. (...the nasty prick)

I love the way that the Oscar Wilde actually made me feel for the murderers who crept to their graves, the same way that Joss and Eliza made me feel for the murderous Faith during the series.

(...and whoever wrote the bible made me feel for poor Cainy!)

But the gaol/prisoner story is only a metaphor for the real theme of the poem. The poem is about the self-destructive nature of man (human), who kills what he loves, and more importantly kills love itself. And this theme is also relevant to B&F, if you have my mind (lol! The kind of mind that argues that B&F had it bad for each other, and were even in a relationship before she went all rouge-y).

"Some kill their love when they are young,

And some when they are old;

Some strangle with the hands of lust,

Some with the hands of gold;

The kindest use a knife, because

The dead so soon grow cold."

Wilde is suggesting that love can metaphorically be strangled and cut off, when one lover lusts for someone else (ie. Buffy & Angel – from Revelations onwards), or when ‘love’ is over-shadowed by money and greed. Wilde writes of a lover, who when ignored, turns to hate and contempt. (This helps explains the ‘turning’ of Faith and the planting of her anger and the need to be evil and bad- and I’m being particularly mean to Buffy right now, bad me! But she really didn’t try to include, understand or ‘solve’ Faith, as much as she assures herself she did. She had other, bigger issues going on, and essentially did ignore Faith). The poem suggests that once the preliminary thrill of lust wears off, and love is no longer to be found, pain hits and stays. (and really, ‘rouge’ Faith’s actions were those of a girl in incredible pain).

Best of all, the very poet, Oscar Wilde, wrote this story from life experience. During his life, he was imprisoned for –wait for it- “forbidden love”. Homosexuality. And yay, I love the man so much for that. And if you need help with the connection (you so don’t, lol!) Faith and B are both female…*no!*…..and therefore are very hot, horny, homosexuals (in my mind). Wilde believes, and shows us through the over-riding theme of the entire poem, that it is better and less painful to kill someone outright, then to pretend to love them, or no longer love them. Death is less painful than rejection. (And how very much could that explain Faithy’s homocidal tendencies towards her Buffy?) :-)

The title The Last Supper bugs me, because I'm not religious and really am not the most bloody knowledgeable on the topic, hee hee! But it really was perfect (for reasons you'll discover later on in the fic, lol!). It has the whole connection to Caleb and his preachi-ness and the whole impending apocalypse and all…ah…even though we both know they will survive it :-D Of bloody course our b and f will survive it!

OK...I've rambled enough, lol! Thank you to everyone for reviewing. You made me bounce!
Angel of the Lord chapter 1 . 12/7/2004
My God, that was sickeningly sweet voice. Like a sugar-milkshake. Makes your teeth ache. *shudder* Not that I have issues with sugar. No. Not at all.

Loved the... uhm... Bits in the trippy (.-‘-.-‘-.-‘-.-‘-.) thingies. Awesome. Kinda stream-of-consciousness writing style, goes well with the way they portray the Slayer Dreams on the show; hazy, twisted images of lies mixed with truth.

I think I'm trying to say I liked it, but I confused myself about six lines ago. Eh, whattaya gonna do? Excellently written. Serious skill there, person-with-interesting-pen-name.

Heh, hand twitchingly homicidal Buffy. That made me laugh.
loose chapter 1 . 12/5/2004

Review time. And if the story is as good as this one, review time, pretty much becomes favourite time of the day.

Because this girl writes and she writes good. I missed your writing. I missed you wordage and your poetry. And I’m so beyond happy that you posted. I’ll make this review special and pretty. First I’ll watch Faith, then I’ll watch Buffy. And it's gonna be long!

So let’s start with Faith. I loved the image of Faith watching the sun as a kid. And loving it. Because probably that was something she had no control over that was actually beautiful. Extremely beautiful. We don’t know much about Faith’s past. The show kept her past mysterious. It was rough probably and she did gave hints of it during the show. But sometimes the way she recalled or mentioned her past is way confusing and called on fighting sensations. Sometimes she sounded detached and disconnected when she talked about her past. And way hurt. Sometimes she seemed pained, and bitterly nostalgic. Maybe because it hurt to much to even mention it. Because it was to dark. Or maybe because she was not speaking the truth. Because she could not. Because she was riding the big evil wave and part of her wasn’t willing to ride it, so she had to create this dark crafted background, that would kinda back up her current actions. It’s Faith! So who knows? But I’m pretty sure that some bits of her past were actually not pretty to use an euphemism. And I’m pretty sure that she had no control over those bad bits. So I can see how she get lost and awed into witnessing something that was actually gorgeous and that she had no control over (the sun), because Faith may be a woman of many powers but the Earth rotation and consequential rising and setting of the sun doesn’t depend from her. Eh eh! So I can totally see Faith frozen in the middle of the street lost in the sight of the sun and admiring its beauty. And almost begging the sun to not disappear cause bad things happened at night to our Faithy, bad things she had no control over, and the sunlight was some kind of shield against them. But as much as she can’t control the bad things, she can’t not even control the sun.

And this line of thinking would made much with the sense if we consider what she says later in the ficcie… “I live for the night now.” Now…now the night would not bring her bad things…she is the bad thing now. She is strong and powerful and every thing the night might have brought her when she was a kid now probably just appear like a laughable menace...or maybe not cause childhood scars are always and inevitably magnified…but now she is a Slayer. As a matter of fact in ficcie later she stare at her “power filled hands”…which is also a sad moment…cause Buffy is sad…and Faith stares at her “power filled” but unable to comfort Buffy’s hands. Sad. And... Tbc…tbc a lot!

Tbc a very lot! Go check if you got new e-mail, gorgeous!
wicked-obsession chapter 1 . 12/4/2004
m, well then babe you got a sweet voice on you..

thanx for reviewing my stroy. makes me feel bad that I didn't review yours yesterday when i read it. sorry. i was all reviewed out. and tired. and stuffed full of chinese food.

but alas, i review now.

t'was a beautiful fic. touching and moving. the pain and fear from buffy and faith was a wonderful anguish, and I can't wait for more.

so get that cute butt of yours in gear, and gimme more. ;] lata~
Wav chapter 1 . 12/4/2004
Interesting start. I'm intrigued on how you will continue. I want to thank you

for writing a quality Faith story. My favorite character! I'll be reading.
Jess chapter 1 . 12/4/2004
Hey, that i was really good. You are a great writer, i cant wait for the next chapter :}
mute chapter 1 . 12/4/2004
that was just beautiful...please get your butt into gear fast and update!:D