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lazy one chapter 18 . 8/28
Ur sexy! I Love this fic! It's so hard finding a entertaining and worth while fanfics! U made some one who hates to read read! Thank u!
aptmae chapter 1 . 8/23
this story had been on my 'to read' bookmark for a long tine and I regreted that I didn't read it sooner. I really like it, the OOCs were acceptable, great writting skill, and very smart of you to put the story as a letter.
Haunted Dreams22 chapter 1 . 8/14
This was like my first fanfiction ever. I was about 9 when I read this (too young I know), but I am so glad that I was able to find this again.
Kittytail chapter 18 . 8/10
owh.. it's over.
really nice story, and love it. i should add to my favorites and check your other story.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/20
Dear Dragon Dreams,
To be honest, I was pretty apprehensive about reading this story... But I gave it a shot, and I'm thankful for that decision. This story is extremely entertaining and has made me laugh out loud many times. Hope you continue writing.
Wanderlust No Tsubasa chapter 18 . 6/22
Lovely! I looove this story. That reasoning for that nickname cracks me up a lot. Aah. I just adore your fic. Such interesting plot bunny you have here. If i have time.. would love to check your other stories!
Wanderlust No Tsubasa chapter 7 . 6/21
Oh gosh, i keep telling myself "this is the last chapter and then i will continue later."

..but as usual, it seems the "next" button is my fav for this story.

Thr power of procrastination
Wanderlust No Tsubasa chapter 6 . 6/21
I'm not sure why i feel like crying reading the part naruto opened the presents with so much care and emotions... *wipes tears*

Gosh, emotional much?
Wanderlust No Tsubasa chapter 3 . 6/21
Whoops i forgot to sign in for the review earlier. Again, i love reading good fics! Thank you for writing one. Cant wait to read on to the chapter!
Guest chapter 3 . 6/21
I have to admit.. i really like your take on their characterizations. Very amusing and outstanding. Love your story to bits. Haa... i love reading good fics!
SoulessNeko12 chapter 18 . 6/19
Bloody Hell! Your story was absolutely brilliant, I enjoyed all of your chapters and the ending was sweet *smiles happily* I can't wait for more of your work too come C:

Sincerly~ Neko-San
Selfinflicted Poison chapter 18 . 6/11
Really enjoyed the story!
I figured out who Daddy rooster head were a couple of chapters in and couldnt wait for Naruto to connect the dots and clawing my hair off with every chapter end when he had'nt. xD
And then the fretting how N was going to react when he finally learned the truth. ;)
I really would have liked more fluff, but that would've destroyed the whole 'air' of the story and made it seem forced.
Thank you for his naive and humorus persona. And the letters! :D
porcelain insane chapter 18 . 4/17
This was beautiful, and i'm super happy! I hope that in the end they were together, i'm assuming as much! But, who knows with all the secrecy maybe Naruto told him no. I would like to think they just had a lovers quarrel and they lived happily ever after together! I'm sure that's what happened!
porcelain insane chapter 15 . 4/17
I'm so upset, I wish I was a faster reader; like Spencer Reed from Criminal Minds. I seriously have neglected doing anything because of this story! I just can't turn away from it! And I'm super stoked about the little Kakashi/Iruka bit you put in, I wonder if you'll do more! Any who, your story is awesome and maybe when I finish it I will write my very first Naru/Sasu fic. I've been to scared in the past, they are my OTP and I want to do them justice! So maybe I'll muster up some courage and write them next! All thanks to you and your story for giving me so many ideas!
porcelain insane chapter 6 . 4/16
I really just want to read the book you said this was based off of because if it is half as good as this I have to read it. If it wasn't clear; so far, I am in love with this story! I actually have a bunch of fic's in a bookmark folder and I have been holding off on reading this one because of it's length. I knew if I started it I wouldn't want to stop reading it; insomnia boredom cured. But, really I love your writing, so I am going to continue reading this! I just thought I should let you know that I love it before I become to engrossed and forget all about reviewing!
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