Reviews for Doorway
aquajogger chapter 1 . 12/8/2004
*grins* Kickass end, Kat.

I've been wondering that about RxC myself, actually. I mean, is it the sort of love where it'll last forever and a day? Or are they... Not quite right? I mean, they seem so perfect that... Well... After a while, you have to wonder. o_O;

Lady Dragonnaine chapter 1 . 12/5/2004
Hey hon. I love the darkness of all your fics. the bittersweet is absolutely entracing to me. I don't think this is a shitty piece, in fact with a little editing it would be positively fabulous. I love how you repeated "What the hell are you waiting for?" and mixed it with the ending. That really made me be like "WOAH." It was really, really, good. I adoredit, especially how you closed it. fabulous work, I really, REALLY hope you can get more stuff out soon, because I love your work. This review is getting kinda long, so I'm stopping. *hugs* I believe in you, hon, so don't give up on yourself.

Much love

Lady Dragonnaine