Reviews for When A Lioness Fights
Femme Fatale 23 chapter 80 . 6/13
You know what... This story is awesome. I've literally read this story 10 to 15 times... I am an avid reader of Hermione centric fics and this is certainly the best I've found... You're writing does have some mistakes but still, the plot and everything is really good. Hats off for this one fic...
BibliophileAA chapter 36 . 6/1
This is probably one of my absolute favourite chapter in this book! Not only is it hilarious it feeds into one of my favourite tropes- hermione tricking the Order/ standing up to them - which I can’t wait for! Ugh I love this so much.
BibliophileAA chapter 7 . 6/1
I have read this fic so many times and this chapter hurts
- especially knowing what’s to come. The next few just bring me pain and I don’t know why I do this to myself
sevgrey chapter 12 . 5/23
Fvk how y’all can read this. So brutal
Ember Morris chapter 1 . 5/6
This is one of my very favorite stories. Severus and Hermione are interesting and strong. Be prepared to cry. Even having read it before, I couldn’t help but skip ahead for emotional resolution before going back and continuing.

This story is very dark, but you can hold onto a lot of good from it as well. And I LOVE this story’s epilogue. I know I’ll be back again.
Snevans And PumpkinPie fan chapter 80 . 4/22
An interesting book revealing the importance of spies' contributions to the war effort. A contribution for which they pay with their suffering, their honor, their broken bodies and their minds. And, to be clear, your suffering will be paid for by you watching it all. Watching it happen to the person who least deserves it.

The work has a heavy, bleak, desperate atmosphere, permeated by the minute-by-minute expectation of more pain, an act of rape and/or torture. It is as if the reader is being swung for a blow and shrinks, wondering when it will happen. The pauses between blows are uneven and inescapable, so every pleasant and happy moment is overshadowed and does not give full pleasure, for you know that it may be cut short by another blow, and this one will not be the last.

Therefore, if you expect that this work will cheer you up or motivate you to achievements, you are deeply mistaken. On the contrary, you will pay with this mood and motivation to enjoy the interesting idea, the good plot, the emotions and feelings of the characters, the sensible characters themselves, and the excellent, brilliant pair of main characters: Severus and Hermione. The book is very well crafted, it is not a fanfic, but a full-fledged work.
lena chapter 80 . 3/29
Really, really liked this one! In particular, I enjoyed a very strong Hermione which lead to a relationship among equals. In a lot of stories with this pairing this is not the case and I definitely prefer your story in that way!
Tina chapter 80 . 2/27
I so much enjoyed reading this story and dived fully into it. All the details you put into the story and the characters. Now, with the way you painted out the characters in my memory, it will be hard to picture them any differently.
The only criticism I might have, is Hermione and Severus being slightly too perfect. Not only intelligent, but perfect actors, fighters, seducers and superior to all others in almost every way.
The Maria chapter 80 . 2/20
The best gif I've ever read! Fantastic story that truly held me in suspense and capture the beauty of light and darkness in the plot and in the relationship of ss/he. Thank you for all your dedication in creativity this magnificent story.
bookwerm98 chapter 51 . 2/16
Molly was a twat in canon too.
bookwerm98 chapter 42 . 2/16
Remus is hella nosey lol
Little-bad-Angel chapter 1 . 2/7
Felt like (re)reading a masterpiece so here I am once again.
Guest chapter 80 . 1/31
I came across this by chance, and this is a fanfic worthy of being made into a commercial book I really hope that somewhere out there, is a sequel to writting was first class, the story entertaining, and attention only everyone could write as well as this I couls read severus and hermione fanfics and never buy another book.
Guest chapter 78 . 1/28
How I wish I could unread this story and expel it out of my memory, only to come across it another time and relive it all over again with nail-biting anticipation, tummy-hurting laughter and pillow-wetting sobs.
Lurkerlover chapter 26 . 1/27
Have I reviewed this chapter before? Maybe. Reading your fics are like talking to an old friend, all the emotions feel brand new and exactly the same at once.
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