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James1996 chapter 17 . 3/15
That was a great read.
Daniel T Stack chapter 17 . 3/12
I can see that she had to be sent back like this to have the events as remembered and related to Ranma in the future. The original history scenes didn't match what was being told in the future. Given Ranma's memories changing in the past I felt that she was altering her own past in those moments. It still makes a third timeline. Problem is what Ranma is left for that divergence after all of this?

The path of the loops and timelines involved. History diverts at the splashdown in the pool where Ranma from the future was pulled back to the then present. Nature abhoring a vacuum took present Ranma to her place. The time Hibiki Ranma is in the past is a line where you end up left with said vacuum because it is ended without a Ranma once her Husband sends Past Ranma back to the day of the incident. But due to the elapsed time and experiences all 3 lines exist. Just 2 of them are in the same universe needing the loop to allow the lines to connect.

So again what happens to that altered timeline of the past in the loop? Ranma from the past didn't get back there. Ranma from the Future is no longer there. Does it even have a Ranma anymore? Does it exist anymore?

Hence why causality can be such a pain. Its impossible to consider all lose ends.
Daniel Thomas Stack
AKA Spokavriel at yahoo.
Daniel T Stack chapter 16 . 3/11
I think its a bit of a gyp to have all the events with Hibiki Ranma more or less gone from the time line. And what about the point she was brought back to the future from. Is that now a timeline without a Ranma to continue in that world? Or is that just a collapsed potential that doesn't exist anymore?

When I saw she got back I was thinking that it would be nice if Ranma returned to a point in the past after the events we experienced. Like Ryouga slightly missed the mark because time had progressed after all and he was trying it from the other end of the temporal incursion.

Daniel Thomas Stack
AKA Spokavriel at yahoo.
Daniel T Stack chapter 10 . 3/11
I have a problem with the short haircut. The main reason Ranma has a pigtail instead of a pony tail is the Dragon Whisker being used to prevent unwanted hair growth when in male form. Part of that is due to a majority of it being contained in the whisker. You did have Ranma as male with the short cut so that leaves me wondering how its sealed at that time.

Daniel Thomas Stack
AKA Spokavriel at yahoo.
evolvelove chapter 17 . 3/10
naokii chapter 4 . 12/28/2017
naokii chapter 4 . 12/28/2017

Fanofyourwork chapter 17 . 9/12/2017
Wow just... wow it's beautiful! ;-; happy tears ;)
FrostyGazebo chapter 17 . 4/26/2017
This fanfic is truly amazing.
Bless u for delivering such an amazing and addicting story!
Alex Dee Lean chapter 1 . 3/24/2017
author please read this.. i'm gonna make a continuation of this ranma in manga way with your story.. i found yours better among others!
alexlim23 chapter 1 . 3/24/2017
im going to make a manga continuation on this one with your story! thanks!
Amerise Rei chapter 17 . 2/21/2017
Wow, I'm really happy I read this story and thoroughly impressed with your story telling ability. I felt that you handled the transition from Ranma being a Man Among Men to the versatile caring friend/lover/mother/father that he becomes beautifully. It's a hard transition and was almost seamless in this story. I found your explanation for Ryoga's travel and directional curse interesting and new. I look forward to reading the fillers you wrote and I hope you still keep on writing as I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Paizuri Anon chapter 2 . 1/20/2017
Ryouga again? Why? If it had been Kuno instead this could have been good... but I'm so tired of all these Ryouga fanfics when in the manga there was more chemistry between female Ranma and Kuno. Well, at least you didn't call female Ranma Ranko... that would have have been disgusting.
ringo1joy chapter 16 . 12/23/2016
Still confused what's going on with everything
mithrilhorse chapter 15 . 11/2/2016
I have already highly praised your story, and this chapter is no different! I apologize for the poor grammar in my last review (auto-correct: deleting and misspelling things since the 1900s) However, one small problem/observation.

Since you are using Japanese in your story (albeit in small amounts) I will point out to you that 娘 or "niang" of "niangniquan" or "nyannichuan" can mean either "young woman" OR "young mother/wife".

So in some ways, Ranma becoming a mother/wife in this story can be seen as a second half to the "curse".

But regardless of whether or not you take it to mean that Ranma was destined to become a wife/mother, the characters would be aware of this meaning and so would not assume that Ranma becoming a mother violated the conditions of the curse since the second definition covers that.

I doubt that hardly any English speaking readers would be aware of this though any more than the springs not necessary being of "drowned" people, since the literal translation is "immersed" (like how Akane was immersed but not drowned in the manga). So its not really something that is important to an English story.
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