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ranoshi chapter 17 . 12h
This was one crazy journey, I think I am still slightly lost but it was fascinating nonetheless, thank you for writing! Also, an awesome Nabiki and Kasumi with her own practice marrying a devoted Kuno is perfect.
ranoshi chapter 14 . 13h
Exactly, after reading Smile, I was disappointed not finding any worthwhile Ukyo and Akane fics. Yay for Kuno finally seeing the truth :-D
ranoshi chapter 12 . 14h
Thank you for your author's notes, they answer questions I wonder about as I am reading or tell me something I didn't think to wonder about haha.
ranoshi chapter 11 . 14h
Wow, I want to have kisses like what Ryoga and Ranma have lol. Hopefully Ranma gets to learn something positive from Genma. Yeah, Ranma using people always struck out as such an asshole move though I felt for his fiancees and not really the shopkeepers since they choose to give him stuff since they think he's cute.
ranoshi chapter 10 . 14h
I like the older Ranma in the past(?) timeline. My heart literally hurts for her. Messing with Kuno I sort of don't get because it seemed like they are close in the future(?), I wonder if Kuno accepts the truth later on.
ranoshi chapter 8 . 15h
Ranma crying's pain and Toyota's confusion made me sad. I'm grateful your fics that deal with gender because they are helping settle my aversion to female!Ranma fics, and being female in general. Something like if I can love someone else who got over their hurdle then I can work to get over my own sort of thing.
ranoshi chapter 4 . 16h
It is fascinating watching future/AU!Ranma interacting with people in this high school universe. I feel bad for 16yo!Ranma but worst for future/AU!Ryoga. I definitely appreciate your author's notes, I remember thinking at one point that Ryoga was mentally unstable when that he would go so far to actually kill mistaking Ranma as some random girl was hilarious. That you for a other great chapter.
Galahippo1 chapter 17 . 5/15
It was a sad , really sad ending , ranma will be in an infinite loop for all eternity without doing anything about it , I think you should fix that
Tekura chapter 1 . 4/9
Omigosh, I love it!
I am NOT a fan of Kuno-GirlRanma but with your writing I would have accepted it, now it's Ryoga-GirlRanma and it is AWESOME.
I love how you very subtly explained the finer aspects of how they came to be together in such a believable way!

I am literally squealing with delight, good work!
James Multiverse Zhang chapter 6 . 3/28
I'm no good at writing reviews, but I think I'll give it a go as this fic deserves some recognition

I usually bookmark around 20 fics a month I intend to read, Ranma 1/2 being one of my favourite franchises of all time, one can imagine I have quite a few backed up that I need to read...anyway so tonight I was set up on a blind date by some friends and sadly after two hours I had long since given up as she had never shown up, Cest la Vie, so I ordered a glass of wine and pulled out my phone to read some fanfiction to brighten my mood, after reading a few chapters of one here and one there, none really sticking out or keeping me interested, I scrolled through my boomarks and saw "Happily Married" I thought 'meh, could be good'

How glad I was that I did so, next time I looked up from my phone the resturant was empty and I was told it was 1am and they were closing up shop, within the first chapter I was hooked and even though I'm only about about a third of the way through this may be one of my all time favourite fics, I love the concept, I love the characterization and I adore the execution of the first two things.

I would love to go on...but I have to read the next chapter, Kirinin, thank you for making my day that much brighter and thank you for writing this amazing story
Bee chapter 17 . 1/27
I read the entire thing in ... less than 72 hours despite Uni and the Semester being as good as over aka final assignments haha. I have no idea how this happened.

But much less than that, I have no idea how to comment on this, because I already spend half an hour trying to explain how much I love this fic to my best friend on the phone yesterday, and I was only at ... was chapter 8? back then. It's almost midnight now and I started at about 7pm or so today, so I sat here for at least 5 hours straight now and read the last chapters... that being said, I haven't even managed to read more than one chapter of any book in the last few month!

I literally love everything about this story! I can not being to explain how often I have laughed, cried, cringed and just rolled around because of how much I love it. I love how clever and well written it is and I love how much effort you put into all these details and the characters. I love how deep it is and how you put everyone into those new situations that they will have to handle completely different from what we know from the canon, and yet it doesn't seem out of place.
Of course I had all these theories of where this would go whilst reading but nothing quite as great as how it did end up. This was such a journey, so many emotions and feels ahh... every chapter was special and I wish I could just print this out as a book to put it on my shelf and look at it, remembering how much I enjoyed reading it. "Happily Married" certainly was at least as good or well actually better than some of the books I've read! In no way and less well written or thought out. All those important details that you picked up again later one made me so happy!
And Ohgod Ryoga geeze Ranma, I can't believe I actually cried like 5 times whilst reading, it was just so sad! I'm so glad that this had a happy ending! Even tho we didn't get to see mommy Ranma again heh... I loved how you put these pieces together in the end. And the little parts from the wedding tape now in reality - which i LOVED (so much love here wow) I mean the jerk got her knocked up huh, nervous bride Ranma is great!

Now I know, and I said that in the first/last review I wrote, it's already 2016 ... and this story was first published in 2004... when I was only ten years old jfc ... so I don't know if you still read comments or anything, but I couldn't just live without leaving a comment here. Who knows maybe your past you who just posted this story will switch places with you some day and read all new comments, that might be not the first thing anyone would do if they found themselves in the future... but ... you know. Whatever. I hope that I wrote the same name, I can't recall my passwort so I'm not logged in for these comments.

Anyways, I hope that you know what a brilliant, fantastic writer you are and how amazing this story is! I loved it through and through and I shall never forget about it. (Which might sound dramatic but I mean it, good stories that really get to you are hard to forget!)
Lots of love to you, Bee

(This is not even half the review I'd want to leave you but I can't put it all into words and I couldn't write reviews in between chapters because that would have meant I'd have to stop reading...)
Bee chapter 1 . 1/24
Okay so it's 3:30AM where I am rn and I just started this and well... you know... been a few years since this has been posted ... like... nine to be exact... but I still wanted to leave a comment, because I enjoyed this first chapter so much. I mean, the first part was SO in character that the rest also seemed completely fitting despite it obviously being a little different from the regular plot of the manga/anime haha, with Kuno being so calm and Akane all grown up... that Baby. The mix of it all is absolutely brilliant and I love it! Can't wait to continue after some good nights sleep.
It's written so well, the idea is fantastic and the way you you are pulling is off is perfect.
I'm guessing that you'll never read this comment, but I still hope that you know that you did some great writing here.
Kind regards, Bee
Guest chapter 17 . 12/19/2015
I like this although there is two things

1) I kind of thought that the future/present & the present/past were separated into two stories instead of each chapter flipping back & forth between the two time periods


2) it seems unfinished like it needs an epilogue or a sequel one shot
Mystera II chapter 17 . 11/25/2015
A very nice story.
Just the kind of chaos I could see happen in the Ranma-verse.

Ranranami chapter 17 . 9/20/2015
This was a great story. I read it all in one day, and absolutely adored it. You really established the affection between Ryoga/Ranma really well in a believable way.
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