Reviews for Prickly Heat
loose chapter 1 . 12/9/2004
Review time! You know I loved this. LOVED THIS! And I loved how you broke it into six chapters even if it was a 600 words ficcie. Eh eh! It suited the spirit of it perfectly. Each chapter felt and played out like a fragments of Faith. I read this and I felt as if I was allowed to step into Faith’s mind. And see the bits of her no one is allowed to know about. It would be captivating if you’ll use the “fragments” in “The Last Supper” too. Let’s Buffy solve the puzzle. Eh eh! Anywell. You know I’m totally impressed and stunned by the way you played with words in this one and build each bit. It was dark. Daring. Hunting. And real. TBC…check your e-mail box! _