Reviews for Gloating
TiaRat chapter 1 . 4/29/2005
This was a nice little one shot. I am also glad they didn't end up in bed. I am definitly in the WJ camp...but I can kind of see Woody rebounding with Devan and trying to convince himself he is over Jordan (like that could ever happen).
Charity chapter 1 . 12/29/2004
Actually, I'm glad you didn't end them up in bed. I've never understood why so many writers have the characters in bed. Great story!
Ivette Boveda chapter 1 . 12/8/2004
Good short fic! chapter 1 . 12/7/2004
Aw I feel so loved! Anyways, it was not painful at all! firstly, i must say that ur writing ability still astounds me! u lucky ducky! but anyway i did not find that painful at all because, as u put it 'He wasn’t ready. He wasn’t over her.' wait- i hope u aint talking of that ex in Wisconsin woop woop! but anyway i know ur next fic's gonna have have woody getting over HER, he will kiss d, and it wont be PG. man i am going to hate you, but not for this fic. anyways, what do u think woody thought of it? now picture me grabbing my wallet and getting out the pic... haha.

but anyway, very good writing, very very good ending and very very very good the way my hair looks today- u should c it. man iv gone loopy, cuckoo, demented, all of the above.

Luv from Me (hehe that can stand for 3 things u know! me as in me, me as in Miss/Mrs/Ms Ellen or medical examiner.. its my personal cool abbrieviation... wait! ur name starts with an E too so u could use it! no fair!)

k well cya