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SilentGreenThief chapter 30 . 3/24/2013

Damn those two are cute TTTT

I loved Solaris, Lunis and Pax by the way. They were certainly interesting characters, and I liked that it wasn't just your usual 'stride right in and bam everyone loves me' kind of OC. It was a 'i'm new and that's why everyone's going to take a while to make up their mind about me' kind of OC.

-in a cyborg-like voice- And that is why your OC's are making it to my list of OC's I actually enjoy! Congratulations.

Anyway, thanks for sharing! I certainly enjoyed reading this. :)

Bright Blessings,
Sharpclaws chapter 30 . 8/17/2012
This was a wonderful story. It's going to my favorites.
TehRavenLover chapter 1 . 8/12/2012
*looks at chapters...* Me: Oh daaaaaaaaaaaamn...
silverwolfwarrior13 chapter 30 . 8/26/2011
awwwww... very cute ending luvd ur story !
pisceanchic101 chapter 1 . 5/14/2011
Good opening so far.
BBsevolEAR chapter 1 . 3/2/2011

EarthAndAlchemy chapter 17 . 4/16/2010
Good story.
Rainpath chapter 30 . 1/17/2009
Very nice story! I really enjoyed reading it D
DancingPickle101 chapter 23 . 12/1/2008
woot! Rae's finally back in action XD can't wait to see what happens next so I'm off to read the rest of this!

-Your favorite dancing pickle
DancingPickle101 chapter 9 . 12/1/2008
This story is fantastic so far. I'm not sure if these 3 demon hunters and OC's or from a different series, but either way you have made them perfect characters. They are not too strong, nor too angsty and I give you serious kudos for that.

I also greatly appreciate that you delved into the depths of Raven's abilities and strength. I can't stand it when people make her seem week. As the daughter of the strongest demon ever, of course she's ridiculously strong. Also, as such a powerful empath, it must be agony to feel all of those emotions but not be allowed to experience them herself. She's the strongest character I've ever heard of and I am really grateful to you for explaining some of that to people in your story.

I can't wait to read more and see what happens. This is absolutely fabulous!

-Your favorite dancing pickle
Denalien chapter 30 . 11/9/2008
woww it's OOC but i feel like it's NOT OOC!How i that...possible?

How is that possible that it OOC and isn't OOC at once?
Toriano.Flacko chapter 30 . 9/1/2008
I see sequel! I see sequel!
Toriano.Flacko chapter 18 . 9/1/2008
so, basically, what your implying very subtley is that 1, if they had killed Raven, Trigon WOULD have been unleashed or 2, Raven was pretty much the only being in the way of Trigon and they were trying to kill her?

oh, and lemme guess, the only reason Trigon ALMOST did overpower Rae was because she didn't have her emotions(trust me, it's implied very deeply, re: remember, her powers used to be fueled by her emotions)?

one things painfully clear. things are gonna get worse realreal soon.
Toriano.Flacko chapter 13 . 9/1/2008
HEy heyeh HEY!

didn't dude just drive a sword through Raes heart? not that I'm not appreciative of the whole 'SHE'S ALIVE!' factor, but where did the 'Sword of the Pure' go? and what happened to Pax?
Toriano.Flacko chapter 7 . 9/1/2008
... you know, a really good way to have avoided this was (a, tell them he already came, saw, and they'd kicked his butt, or (b, remind them that the demon they're lookin for will not come merely for his child. He'd sooner spawn another half-demon child and send it to Earth than go and save his daughter Raven from immenent death, but true.

Wait wait WAIT! Once they kill Trigoon(assuming he takes the bait), they really have no purpose in killing Rae, no real threat unless, of course, she decides they need to pay.

Cold harsh logic, but true. These three are nutto's.
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