Reviews for The Refiners Fire
ProneNickel825 chapter 38 . 3/2
Myrddin Emrys II chapter 40 . 2/10
well, I finished the story and it is A-MA-ZING. The best story I read so far. I still hate you for Casey... I'm still crying... after all, great story, great character evolutions and it was pretty funny.
Myrddin Emrys II chapter 7 . 2/8
Noooooo! Why Casey?! She was such a good character and you killed her... I'm REALLY shocked 'bout r death...
Pathseekerme chapter 40 . 1/25
Awesome story! Very well written, very readable! Great work! Can't say enough about the quality of your writing...
Pathseekerme chapter 37 . 1/25
I am so glad that Luscious Lucius finally did himself in! I have really got a lot out of reading your story; I find that your writing style is as good as a movie for me and I enjoy it tons more! Thanks for writing this!
Pathseekerme chapter 19 . 1/24
Hey, Abraxan, just because some people are immature and hateful doesn't mean you have to let them bother you or let them know how much they bothered you; that was probably why they did it to begin with... Some people are an awful lot like Malfoy, don't you think? Always wanting inappropriate attention! You are a wonderful writer, and you make me laugh and cry while I'm reading. You can't get better than that!
Pathseekerme chapter 14 . 1/24
Nope, not on overload yet! This is a whopping good story, though!ยก I am really loving it!
Pathseekerme chapter 9 . 1/24
You are one of the few people whose writing has made me cry this school year. I know you had to kill Casey and her family off, logically, but they will be missed! Very few people write well enough to make me feel emotional, let alone to make me cry. I was very surprised! Great job of writing!
MoleOfWar chapter 40 . 1/8
Ok so it's not a bad story but I'm sorry I just can't get to like it.
It's well written enough but so many things are just plain illogical I just can't. I rushed the end chapters and I don't think I will read the sequel.

What annoyed me is the stupidity of the characters. Sometime it seems it's forced from the author to keep adding problems for later events.
Example, just deal with Malfoy already dammit. I vaguely accept that when he wasn't a Deatheater you coudn't arrest him but as soon as Harry got his vision of him torturing Snape. Just arrest him already. Don't let a known Deatheater coming back in a school full of children! And later Ginny and Harry hear Malfoy Sr. and Jr. talking in the Shrieking Shack? Arrest them! Don't let them carry their plan. Harry alone, even without the surpirse effect, could have dealt with them. Urgh it's just so irritating to see so much stupidity from the characters... I just can't. Not arresting the make up seller to see if she was acting on purpose or not and not interrogating her? Not arresting Rita? It just can't go.
Also Harry goes from depression to hyper way too quickly and pass his time to pity himself just to get cheered up by Ginny.
Killing Casey felt like just free kill and he got over her to Ginny way too quickly.
Harry using killing curse? No. A dark Harry well maybe but a grief driven Harry using it? It just doesn't go with the character.
And finally, it was your choice but a think all these animagus transformations were a bit too much. Harry is overpowered but still can't do anything useful.

So yeah great work from the author. Lot lot of work so congrats to him but I just don't like this story. Good luck for eventual other stories
EdgeofShadows chapter 40 . 12/30/2016
TheWateringWizard chapter 34 . 12/22/2016
It broke my heart to learn who died... especially the "last one" if you see who I'm referring to. I was hoping he would make it because I really like him, but not everything can be perfect. It would make it unbelievable. Very good chapter you have written ! I'm so happy there's a sequel that's at least as long as this one ! Thank you
TheWateringWizard chapter 31 . 12/22/2016
Pansy's dead ?! Oh god that's so sad ! She was having a little turn-around and I was loving it... Even if she was only seen once or twice it still makes me sad
TheWateringWizard chapter 30 . 12/22/2016
Ok sorry, I'll be a little mean but Harry being an angsty teen is pissing me off. He's happy then goes back to brooding or feeling sad or guilty. That just irritates me. Yeah you killed Death Eaters, but it's kill or get killed. I understand that the first time you kill is traumatising but you get over it quickly.
It's understandable that some kids will be angry that he killed their parents but they were trying to kill you so it's not really you to blame, you had to defend yourself
I don't want to criticise too much, just give my opinion: you won't draw feelings or sympathy for Harry from me by having him continuously going back to being mopey. I just want to kick his ass. Every time he goes back to drawing his knees up and rocking back and forth, shuddering ? That's a little overboard.
I LOVED the Weasley Plan hehe*nose bleed*hehe !
Nice reference to the Shining at the beginning, by the way
TheWateringWizard chapter 26 . 12/21/2016
Harry firing Avada Kedavras ?! That was amazing ! I love him when he goes in fury mode ! There's a spell I would've loved to see you use, it's Sectumsempra. I read a time-travel fic where Harry, Ron and Ginny use it all the time and in very colourful and effective ways. But I guess your Harry doesn't know it yet
TheWateringWizard chapter 24 . 12/21/2016
Ouf ! Everything is sorted out ! Damn you have invented some extremely ingenious methods to attack Harry ! That was great ! And I knew that if Hermione loved Harry it was the same way Harry did, as a friend
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