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Anon chapter 2 . 1/30/2011
lol, i like your story and everything but at the end of chapter two you mention phillip's bright "eyes", but he only had one eye.
Fourth World Clio chapter 9 . 8/16/2005
It's interesting I'll give you that, and it'a provoked an onslaught of interesting reviews which are almost as entertaining to read as the story itself so I thank you for both of those. I didn't know it was your first fic when you wrote it but looking back it has all of the signs. I'm not trying to be mean, since I don't have any stories writtenn, but I can see that it's coming out that way. I'd like to give advice but there's really nothing I can tell you other than to get your facts straight. History contdradicts your story on many counts. For example, Phillip never truly loived Olympias for one very valid reason, it was a political treaty and he proved it in many ways. He married nine women and it's unlikely he felt anything for any one of them even if they gave him sons. There are more things like that in the story so next time you write something, research it a bit beforehand unless you want the same flamers hounding you for every story you write.
Mr. Pooch chapter 1 . 3/28/2005
Wow! I really like this so far.
arafel7 chapter 8 . 1/29/2005
Nobody criticizes you for twisting the movie but for twisting historical facts in a very propagandistic manner. And how pray do you want to assess whether the movie was accurate or not, you have obviously as much knowledge of ancient history as a goldfish. I'll try to put it in simpler words for you: the views you are nurturing about the inferiority of Persian civilization in comparison to the West are bordering on fascist ideology. They are racist, ignorant, blatantly uninformed and immensely insulting, and at the present supportive of a dangerous political trend aiming at yet another war of conquest against Persia. And don't hide behind the movie, because not even Oliver Stone with all his superficiality and lack of historical finesse managed to sink at such a low level.
Miggyrow chapter 6 . 1/24/2005
I just want to explain myself better because it's like I 'm caught in the middle. I understand your anger. As I say, I am a black french carribean 20 year-old girl. So I know a little bit about racism, colonialism and old prejudices. My ancesters were slaves and even today some things never change. The " first fic " explanation wasn't really a justification, I know. But I write and it help to understand newbie. I think BC is young. She has not even began to learn what's History. She is touchy too and you will only end up virtually killing each other. You don't think there is enough blood spilling in the world. And I didn't want to offend you by putting history in the past. But History itself belongs to the past. Your only duty, my granny once told me,it's to remember. I didn't see in Alexander's description, a Mister Bush. I don't think it's what Oliver Stone tried to do either.

As for Nilraen, I believe someone can love twice or more. There is so many ways to love. And I really believe that at some points Alexander loved Roxane. But it got complicated because Alex was the real drama queen with oedipian's complex ! lol In the movie, it was always about Hephaistion. They were soulmates , yes we got that ( or I got that! )and I like to read some of those slash stories sometimes. But we're in , where authors can live their fantaisies, so she doesn't need to follow canon. There is so many mary sue out there. What she has done isn't so bad.
LOSTbutsurviving chapter 7 . 1/23/2005
heyy! before i start to say what i have to say, i juss have to let you know that im not flaming you. :) so about your story- i like your words and adjectives. But what good are nice words and adjectives if they're telling the story wrong? The persians were civilized already. i see ppl have mentioned that already. but what kinda upsets me most is how alexander loved ROXANE! he didn't- he really did not. the only one who he loved was hephaistion and i kinda even resent ppl saying that alexander loved bagoas. i think that the only one he loved was hephaistion-there's just so much evidence to back it up. :)
arafel7 chapter 1 . 1/22/2005
I fail to see how the "first fanfic" justification could apply to this. It does not concern questions like spelling, plot or structure. It is a question of mindset, moreover of a personal mindset, since it was not taken from the movie. This is the typical Western predisposition to equate: a) 'civilizing' with 'extracting from Eastern influences', and b) military conquest as an appropriate means to achieve this. While it is nice that so many people can put this behind as ancient history, as a Non-American of Persian descent (Iranian) I find it a bit harder to do, considering that this kind of thinking is very much part of our present, when right now in this very moment the latest wannabe Western conqueror and civilizer of the world is preparing to 'liberate' us once more by bombing my land of origin to rubble for our own good, using the same kind of justification. So please, no more Westernization for us.
Miggyrow chapter 7 . 1/21/2005
Oh I just see what made the others cringed.

"He teaches them how to read and write as Persia is swept up by much of the Eastern influence."

But I think it's just some mistakes due to the fact that this must be your first fic. Persian culture were really develloped at this point. They were really evolved in arts, maths, astronomy, etc... In the movie, Alexander did nothing of this sort. In fact in the movie he proved himself really open-minded of other's cultures. He told his companions to respect the thing Persian et Asian has to offer. And he did not meet Roxane in Babylonia. It's like sometimes we didn't see the same movie. The tone is pleasant, I like it. But sometimes, I partly agree with them, your fic is far from the movie. Keep writing but be more careful!
Miggyrow chapter 2 . 1/21/2005
First, I' m french, so excuse my poor english. I really love your story. I think it's the first that I have ever read without Alex/Hephaistion main focus. I think people had to let go their prejudices against the greeks. In history, many people did the same thing. Alex had not invented anything by conquering lands that wasn't his, but he was still a great man. Yet there was a world without greek but no one had to feel insulted. I am a black caribean girl but I am not angry when I see african slaves on the screen, nor I feel insulted. We have to remember the context. It's simply history. My only critics for this fic is that I'm not okay with the way you see Philip and Olympias. I think for Philip, you have occulted his obvious jealousy of his son. Yes, there was hatred between him and Olympias. But they were fighting over power. Because in Alexander's eyes, philip could see Olympias, his ambitious wife. He could see the man who was about to be king and therefore his own death. So I find it a little too simplist that he suddenly feel remorse for Olympias. He married another woman for christ's sake! And he denied Olympias and his own son in public! So I think if Phillip told Alex to stay behind, it's because he had seen the way his people react to his son's presence. Alexander glows from youth and fame and poor philip is relayed to the shadows. It's why I don't agree with your vision of this I love your story nonetheless. There is so few of Alexander and Roxane. And in the movie, I really believe he love her too. Perhaps, not as much as Hephaistion, his soul mate in the movie. But he love her. Keep up writing ! You have a french fan!
arafel7 chapter 7 . 1/19/2005
This is actually extremely insulting. Persia already produced magnificent monuments with trilingual inscriptions for a perfectly literate population at a time when the Dorian Greeks were still a bunch of uncouth barbarians trying to learn from the Phoenicians how to scribble their names on a pathetic piece of clay.
QueenBeruthiel chapter 1 . 1/18/2005
We didn't need Alexander to civilize us, thank you very much. Persia was already one of the main dominant world cultures centuries before Alexander, whose main contribution has been to loot and savage the most flowering Persian cultural centers. You can get a little impression of what he destroyed there from the ruins of beautiful Persepolis ( . )
Sevanna chapter 1 . 1/16/2005
I love your story!

Please write more.

I cant wait for more :-))
thunderman chapter 1 . 12/21/2004
oh, I do loved that when Alexander says:

"Zeus be with us!" and that feels so BEAUTIFUL!
Red Cloud Phoenix chapter 4 . 12/14/2004
Please review!
LOSTbutsurviving chapter 2 . 12/10/2004
loove the bright eyes part...

weird how everyone else writes HEPHAISTION, and i write HEPHAESTION. ah im weird. :P check out my story on it's called "Knowing" and i use hephaistion with an "e".
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