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Guest chapter 34 . 4/27
Wha SNARRY. Yo. /3 so much roller coaster. Ugh.

ALB was good tho. But sorta had a suspicion. Draco was sorta left out a lot , glad he got some sort of happy endding? Idk
noodledoodledandy chapter 34 . 4/9
Really good story just wish there was more Snarry at the end.
Maxylicious chapter 27 . 6/19/2016
Let me start off by saying I thoroughly enjoyed "A Boy, Lost" and I just finished reading it when I discovered that there was a sequel! That being said, I truly wish I hadn't bothered reading this sequel in the first place. I find I am actually quite angry at this fic and at you for taking everything that was great about "A Boy, Lost" and ruining it. The all powerful Harry you created is completely useless here and all the relationships you built were shot to hell. It was clear from chapter 1 that something was seriously wrong with him and I find it hard to believe that none of his friends or bond-mates bothered to follow him when he disappeared or wonder why he felt pain when he was pushed for answers. And not only did you promise at the end of Chapter 9 that Harry would start to let us know what was going on, but I'm sitting here after reading 26 chapters still wondering what the hell in going on. So I'm going to call it quits for now, because I can hardly muster up the will/interest to finish this. Above all, you are still an excellent writer and that is what kept me going for so long, because I believed in your talents, but as far this fic goes, it was a 'miss' for me..
Lori94 chapter 34 . 10/9/2014
I read both ABL and this story and throughout the whole thing I held on to a foolish hope that Harry and Draco would get together and stay that way at the end. I was obviously wrong but they ended up happy anyway so I suppose that's good...but I'm terribly disappointed that it didn't end up a HEA for Draco and Harry. I feel like a boat with no anchor and like I've lost a day of my life that I'll never get back. I don't mean to be negative and I'm sure - with all the twists and turns - that you put a lot of effort into both works...I just wanted you to know my point of view.
emthereble chapter 34 . 10/4/2013
loved this fanfic as it was sad at times ,but it turned out happy in the end!
airangel85 chapter 34 . 6/18/2013
Oh my soul. That was the most insane story...and I mean that in the most incredible way possible. I just kept reading and reading. You just had to keep reading to unravel the mystery. Such a well planned out, intricately done story. It was so complex and came together wonderfully. Pieces from all throughout the chapters made a perfect puzzle. I don't know how you came up with this story but it's BRILLIANT! A Boy, Lost was great but this was just insanely awesome! Keep writing more great stories!
sigh chapter 1 . 4/14/2013
To be honest I dissapointed with this fic. Not because it was not good, but more because H/D ending.

I'm sorry but I just can't take it, my H/D fangirl heart is shattered now!

I love ABL so much, but I really regret I can't say the same for this one. I even can't finish reading it... *blame my curiosity which make me check the last chapter to see if H/D is back together or not when I find them break up.. :P*. But I really love ABL and now I will just pretend I never read the sequel.

And if you did go public I wish a good luck for you, because even though I didn't like this fic, I know you have talent here... :)
Miss Lizzy-chan chapter 34 . 8/22/2012
Aww ! It was so frustrating not knowing what was up with Harry ! Damn, im happy everything's back in order, And harry'll prolly end up with Sev... At first i was like... hum disturbing... but then I'm like Awwww Kawaaiii ! I'm happy Draco found an other love, even if im sad hes not with Harry, but heh. Really, you found a really good plot here, nice and nice, Good job, you got talent !
gatsbyabroad chapter 34 . 8/21/2012
this story is well written, but so completely different in tone and content from a boy lost that i wish you had simply separated the two rather than calling this a sequel. because for those of us who were big fans of your first story, this pretty much ruins it. i would have appreciated a note at the beginning warning that you were planning to blow all the relationships, plot points, and characterizations you built in a boy lost completely to hell with the sequel. its your prerogative as an author to write a new kind of story any time you want, but it would be a lot kinder to your fans to lay that out clearly if your planning to take a verse in an radically different direction.
Broken Oath chapter 25 . 5/9/2012
Im loving this story but I just have to wonder why Harry hasn't been able to do anything for himself so far. In the first fanfiction Harry was filled with power and , I quote had an "amazingly powerful mind". If that's the case, why hasn't he found anyway to do something about it other than just laying down and taking it? Oh and also, how hasn't anyone else picked up the pieces, with how close everyone was to him before surely someone would have begun looking into his affliction long before a few years had passed.

Sorry about my rant, otherwise this is an amazing story. Your characters are wonderfully rounded, but I must say my heart breaks a little more each chapter. It's very realistic, bloody good job.

p.s. Those weren't rhetorical, I really would love an answer :)
Darth Keyara chapter 1 . 3/5/2012
I finished this story about a month ago, and held off on reviewing for it. Please don't take offense, these are just my feelings.

I positively, intensely disliked this sequel. Here's why...

I had "A Boy, Lost" in my favorites list for a long time. I have a lot of Harry Potter fanfics in my favs, especially Draco/Harry. "A Boy, Lost" was one of those.

Note my use of the word, "was." I was getting bored with searching for new writers in this fandom, so I decided to scroll through my favs and click on the authors of my fav stories.

When I saw there was a sequel to "A Boy, Lost" I was like, "Oh this is going to be great because the author is a good writer and the first one was awesome!"

Then I read this within two days, hours on end. And for each chapter I read, I kept thinking, "Oh, it just has to get better soon! Everyone will realize what's happening to Harry and it will end with all of them forgiving him, especially Draco, who will get back with him!"

But with each chapter I read, the sicker I felt. This story absolutely ruined EVERYTHING that was good and wholesome from the first one. There was no motivation. There was no character development. There was barely any plot. "A Boy, Lost" was dragged through a cesspool and spat upon with this sequel. If there was a scale for not making sequels to stories that don't need one, this would be the standard.

It took me an entire 30 days to get over it enough to put my feelings into words for what I thought about this sequel without swearing, cursing, etc. That's how much this story affected me. To be blunt, I wish I never read this. I wish I never clicked on your profile, saw "Ties That Bind", and read the entire thing. It's because of this sequel that I am afraid to read anything of yours ever again, and the reason why I removed "A Boy, Lost" from my favorites list.

And for anyone who sees this review, who read the story and loved it, please don't flood my PM with flames. I'm entitled to my opinion as much as you are. If you loved this story, that's your opinion and I certainly won't say you shouldn't love it. *Sigh* Ends rant here.
KamaraBlack chapter 34 . 8/9/2011
Wow, not many fanfics can make me cry but this was very well done. Arrgh, so much angst and even though no Drarry in the end, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The storyline was really great and the last few chappies sure kept me on my toes. I'm glad I can come to this as a finished story cause waiting for updates would have killed me LOL.
AmberEyedWolf1215 chapter 34 . 6/16/2011
I really loved this story especially at the end when I found out exactly what happened to Harry and was not making wild guesses to figure it out! But yeah I'm really glad that everyone...well most people got a happy ending :)
Pwyllugh chapter 34 . 4/9/2011
So, I've finished reading this a few weeks back. I remember this horrible feeling of oppression, I wanted to know if there was ANY way out for Harry and I felt so sorry and so frustrated and I basically suffered with Harry here and all his bondmates and friends. And I was so angry that nobody found out sooner... it took them year... but if I had been in that situation I probably wouldn't have been a much better friend either...

Anyways, I love your stories and I'm so glad I got to read them :-)

The only disappointing thing was that Harry was still alone (well, okay, he has his bondmates... but still... couldn't you have done a more obvious snarry? gosh, I'm such a fan girl ;-) )
Hailey C. Black chapter 34 . 10/11/2010
This may seem redundant, but- Holy fucking hell, you ARE an AUTHOR! Please, publish something. You have a mind for suspense and the genre is only suffering without you. You make books, hun. Please tell me when and where I can buy your works?
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