Reviews for Obsession: A Xelloss Story
Plasma57 chapter 5 . 1/3/2015
Excellent story, keep up the good work.
XellossLina chapter 5 . 3/6/2013
This was an amazing story, and take on the whole series in Xelloss's point of view, I love the ending!
Nosferatum chapter 5 . 12/20/2008
Nice. Quite Interesting point of view on Xellos actions.
Kikimora chapter 1 . 3/1/2008
Ahh, that's a fanfic I've always dreamed to read, really. Would be a failure to the fandom not to have written it 8))

I got so inspired, I started one of my own - this time in English, which makes me lust for a Beta -_-

Anyway, if you've got any time to waste, please, see "The Debt" at my page )
MoonPrincess623 chapter 5 . 6/5/2007
I like this, it explains a lot about Xellos, make thiings a whole lot clearer
Unseen Watcher chapter 1 . 9/10/2006
What an intersting POV you've written. It's just as convoluted as I'd expect his mind to be, and best of all it's Xel/Lina. _
Ryu-Zero-Rei chapter 5 . 7/25/2006
See. I really love this Story, and you did a wonderful job in depicting the way of a Demon become Human, ok this time becoming a Dragon which has instead of a normal Astral body that of a Demon Lord which is actually stronger than any Lord before.

But I really like that Xellos was this obsessed with Lina, I think () that this was simply a little plan by L-Sama.

And what I appreciate is that this story is in Xellos PoV.

That was a most enjoyable read. as to say Dragons are "mortal" or more they are no gods, this is the only thing what is missing in the blend of Lina and Xellos child, part of a God.

Oh, and one part I like is that you mixed a Demon with a Dragon 'cause I really like both races (In every fantasy story).

Ok the Zel Filia was... something new for me but nice neverless.

So both are happy, I'm curios what would come out when you mix Dragon-human-golem and Demon together? Something nice I bet

This story was nicely developing, even with the slight changes you've made within the original plot. I think you did this right, otherwise the story hadn't been this great.

Oh and nice explaination of Linas change. This is really one of the best stories I've read so far (even when you would take it precisely with the Mazouku it would have been a little bit problematic, but you did a great job I'm only curios how could a Mazouku feel this true feeling of love, that's what I meant that's what normally isn't possible, but as I remember (geez I already had forgotten what I've written seconds before) I said this was from the beginning a little game of L-Sama, it would somehow fit her)

Xellos had a nice developing of his character, too.

thumps up, so next story (which would you recomend? Most likely I'm searching a Lina/Xellos fic, wether it's one of yours or not)

Ryu-Zero-Rei chapter 1 . 7/25/2006
*Big grin* First I'll make my "real" review in the end, but I must say I've read only the beginning and I already love it.

Why? Now... That's a secret *vanish*
Lunaria Hyperion chapter 5 . 2/18/2006
This was good, and I think fairly accurate of Xellos. I love XL pairings, and this one gave a realistic way for them to be together. I'll look for more fics by you in the future.
megami chapter 5 . 12/18/2005
You are a superb writer! There were no gaps, no room for misinterpretation, and such great character development on Xellos' part that im in did such a great job on this story, i don't know what else to say.

linagabriev chapter 5 . 2/26/2005
Very good. gah, it feels like its been forever reading this, even though there is only 5 chapters in this story.

[Email: 'So was the new kind of magic being used in TRY'] What new magic? You mean the "melding"? It's been a while since I've seen TRY, but I thought that type of magic is the reason why they were able to kill DARKSTAR in the first place.

[Let’s look at your list of provisions, and then visit our friends, then, okay?”] Friends? I don't see, at this point of the chapter, why he would call Zel and Filia his friends. Also, what was meant with the little "name game" in this chapter. First he calls Filia "miss", and then doesn't say Zel's name at all, leaving them both to correct him on what to call them by. But he calls them "friends"?

[Dynast kidnapped him and left an astral ‘scar’ which Milgasia discovered] It is interesting concept. But why was it left (kidnapping notice?), and why would Dynast leave one behind if he didn't want people to interfere with his plans.

[Milgasia, Filia, Zelgadiss, and Lina chuckled together, “Welcome to the problematic world of the other races!”] This made me chuckle along with them. Seeing Xelloss slowly become...corporeal, I suppose is the best word, is defintely an interesting thing to see. I suppose what made it most interesting was the fact that he still kept his Mazoku parts as well.

[“Not me, you stupid lizard!” I snarled in return. “I’m here to rescue you.”] This seriously had me laughing hard. Is it possible that Valgaav remembers Xelloss according to this story? Or did he just retain his good ol' humor from his previous life?

[To her, the room was pitch black, but to me with demon perceptions, the room was a patchwork of shadow and light.] Again this quote comes before the previous quotes in the story. Lately, I have been copying a few quotes from stories that I wanted to comment on and pasting them on notepad to refer back to, and for some reason while I was writing this review, I saved this one for last. I think I know why now. Xelloss's hope for being good enough for Lina was endearing. What made this point interesting, however, was the concept of merging/blending a dragon and a mazoku (which essentially what Xel, turned out to be) made him more human.

Great job on this story. Another one of my favorite parts of this would have to be his new relationship with Zelgadis now. It was interesting to see how the two of them now understand each other. Again, great job.
linagabriev chapter 4 . 2/25/2005
Woah. I finished two of these chapters in one day. _ We've had snow days the past two days. And since we had Monday off too, we basically only had a two day school "week".

[Is the growing plot development coming through?]

Truthfully, I don't know exactly where you will take this. Atleast when you were doing the POV in the past chapters, you were doing scenes that I expected to happen (NEXT and TRY). This chapter, with the few changes, does show some plot development, as now Xelloss is FORCED to recognize his feelings for Lina. I'm guessing you will branch from that in the next chapter although I'm not certain. Will you be changing the ending of TRY when Gourry and Lina walked away together? In other words, will Gourry be there in the next chapter?

[While the dragon lady was still in my arms...inter-racial copulation party at my place]

I was so shocked reading that. Seriously. At the very least, it is one way to explain why Filia would attack Xelloss, giving him the chance to "merge" their powers. BUT STILL..! [But then a terrible thought tore through my mind: What if she said yes?] I was half expecting that she would. I definitly "double took" (so to speak) that moment, wondering what would happen. I was definitely relieved that what I thought might happen, didn't.

[It is because we are all caught in a trap someone else created.] To say this was a important line, is true. But is there some other reason you decided to bold this? I don't know why, but something is making me ask you.

[When had I grown a heart with which to count the beats?] O.K. Although he thought this before the other 2 previous quotes, I say this with strong conviction that this is one of the most powerful lines in this chapter. I simply loved this line for some reason and I can't describe why.

Awesome job.
linagabriev chapter 3 . 2/25/2005
NEXT is finally done. ON TO TRY! Anyways, great job.

It's funny how many things are skipped over, and I'm all like, wait a minute! What about that part? Even if it may not even be important. It's interesting to see what Xelloss thinks is worth his noticing, and the things that aren't. Part of me is glad that you don't go into every little detail, making this seem "boring", so to speak. This sometimes happens with other fanfiction that I have read in which they copy the episode to every line of dialogue.

[I was being included?] That line was extremely cute. Although it did sound a bit like a dog, begging for a bone. It's hard to determine how you portray Xelloss's feelings torward Lina. What is your opinion on a Mazoku/Xelloss to being able to have feelings? Is it only an attraction to her power, or something more?

[Golden Dragon, the stink of which nearly gagged me on first contact.] This was hilarious. I didn't think you were going to go into TRY. Will you be continuing after TRY? I do wonder where you went from here after the scene where Lina tells Filia and Xelloss to go together in the other path. I was a bit disappointed that the part where Filia talked about Xelloss's master as a "decrepit dark lord" wasn't in this. Reading Xelloss opinion on the others doesn't appear very much. Especially his opinions on Zel. In this, you skipped the part at the 'Love Temple' where the couples were chosen. It would have been interesting to see his thoughts on having Filia for a partner, and most of all, his jealousy over Zel having "his" Lina for a partner.

Lastly to conclude, I always though Xelloss had seen the "kiss" between Lina and Gourry. How do you explain his comment when Lina and Gourry appear on the pillar? Still, it was an interesting twist on the sword Gourry was holding when he went all "evil" on Lina was a fake sword. Excellent chapter.
linagabriev chapter 2 . 2/21/2005
I'm absolutely loving this. Simply awesome twist of the Slayers world according to Xelloss.

It seems that the more Xelloss tries to tighten his hand over the situation, the more sand that seems to seep through the cracks of his hand.

His relationship with Martina was most surprising. I suppose that would explain for her harsh reaction when she found out Xelloss was a monster. This of course doesn't include the fact that she worships a monster god.

If he didn't want Lina to learn the Ragna Blade, why did he let her even see the book? Surely he could have destroyed it before she saw it.

Still although he seems to be losing control of the situation by the end of the Chapter, it was interesting to see that it was him, not Lina, who killed Mazenda. Even moreso, how you twisted everything so that some of the minions of Gaav used to serve Xelloss.

Anyways, great job so far.
linagabriev chapter 1 . 2/20/2005
Quite Amusing. As you know, I love Xelloss POVs. They always turn out the best when I'm reading though Slayers fanfics. I can practically hear Xelloss's (David Moo's) voice. Hearing of Xelloss antics to get close to Lina were interesting and cute.

[The larger issue was the idea of acting like myself. Where do my hands go when I’m myself?]

That line was hilarious. It was funny to read Xelloss as flustered as a school boy with a crush. I suppose one of the funnier things to read in this was Xelloss way of making random things seem relevant (mismatched socks, anyone?). One of the greatest things that you guys did was making him so flustered and confident at the same time. [Lina’s going to love me, I thought. Oh, I was positive of that.]

The conversation between Gourry and Xelloss was intriguing. Since Gourry claimed to know Xelloss was a monster or at least not "right" from the get-go, so to speak, its is interesting to see Gourry figuring it out first. I do wonder if he recognized Xelloss from his previous encounters with him.

[It was time to do the manly thing: to meet her without deception, without forethought. I decided to present myself as an out-of-work priest and minor sorcerer looking for adventure. This seemed to be the honest thing to do.] This line seemed probably most ridiculous as it wasn't honest at all. The way Xelloss reasons with himself is surely a fun thing to read and I'm sure it is just as fun to write. Still, I believe most find writing in Xelloss POV is exhausting (Someone wrote that in their story).

[Even I took pity on his wife after hearing that the chimera made him think of her. Must have been a suicide...] This was simply horrible. I guess what made me groan at this line was the fact that through reading SHJ I seemed to pick up a "mature" relationship with many of the characters of Slayers. Now that the story is over, and you are writing other things, it seems that maturity level is going backwards. Which is understandable, seeing as this story and SHJ doesn't have a connection, it doesn't make it any less confusing to see.

I'll have to finish this another time, but until then, I'm loving this so far.
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