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novelreader chapter 11 . 8/16/2016
uhhhhhh haha I know some writers who could write duels pretty well, one of them is Vathara.

I don't think they still cracked the mystery of who the Rogue Duelist is unless it's someone we don't know, all we know is that GameWave Industries is helping Lionel Luthor get out and inn-act his revenge and they want to use duel monsters so that they could bring KaibaCorp down. There must be something that Lionel is offering them, perhaps a partnership once he gets LuthorCorp back?

I also find Lionel's sudden change absolute bullshit. Wikipedia says that the writers had a hard time turning him and then I'm thinking why do they want to make this guy good? I actually like him you know is an amused hateful way, he's very charming and funny, but he's sleazy, and sleaziness doesn't go away. From the hints of Lionel's parents, I have a pretty good idea of why he wanted his parents dead and actually went through his plan, and while I don't condone his actions, I don't think of him as a horrible human being. It seem Lachlan Luthor was an even more abusive father then Lionel. The abuse just keeps going on, the poor Luthors, they are a cursed family.
novelreader chapter 10 . 8/16/2016
I thought Isobel was from France, and they did burnings there too mostly for if you are a heretic but also witch. In the "Spell" episode, Maddie (uh the witch controlling Chloe, I don't remember her name) says "Ah the trees of France, I could recognize it anywhere" in which Isobel replies, "This is not France, we are in someplace called Kansas.", but I like you're theory of Isobel being a possible bastard to a whore and she lived in a poor lifestyle thus she is bitter to people and turned to magic to make it more better and get revenge on those she felt wronged her. I'd be very interested if you wanted to do a fic of Isobel's life, she's an interesting character.
novelreader chapter 5 . 8/5/2016
Also why didn't you put Kisara in chapter 3?

Was the book from last chapter Harry Potter?

About the last chapter:

Kaiba and Chloe banter is so funny! Though to be honest, Kaiba is only silent, and yes when he talks he insults, but Chloe seems more pissed of by his silence and then even more so when he opens his mouth. lol. I seriously hope we see more of their relationship, in which I mean Kaiba either accepts her friendship or goes out with he

I love Chloe but bring more Lana. I'm watching season 1 and some season 4 and it seems the one thing that affects her most, well there's several maybe, but her parents death seems to affect her a lot so I'd feel like she'd share. I mean when Kaiba said "They're dead", I'd think Lana would say, "So are mine" or "If they were alive they probably wouldn't approve of the way you're acting" and then Kaiba would probably say, "It doesn't matter what they would think. They're dead."... But the awkward silence is believable too. I could see her being pained by his loss while simultaneously thinking about hers. Kaiba wouldn't see it cause he's too focused on the computer screen.

Why the hell is she so curious about what he's working on? You're fic makes it seem like Smallville has no clue what personal space mean and that none of your business means none of your business.

Kaiba with a Kuriboh. So cute! Just imagine the adventure they'd go on together! xD

About this chapter:

Okay about the first flashback, it reminded me of the Atlantis arc, and I was thinking about those greenish blue stones that the Orochalcos derived some power from the darkness of a person's heart or something. I was wondering if it would be a crazy theory that the Kryptonite stones would be related? I mean Atlantis was a civilization long ago, and the stones were derived from an alloy that was claimed to be used only there by Critias in Plato's dialogues. I could definitely see a connection to Atlantis and Kryptonite and maybe the Shadow Realm... um I need to think more on my theory and write it down then I'll share. In my new headcannon, Critias is the son of a Kryptonian explorer who discovered Earth which later was in Krytpon's data banks and befriended the royal family that found Atlantis. But since I also think Kaiba is Critias' descendant and while Kaiba does feel threatened by the Kryptonian meteorites, despite his blood being very diluted if supposedly descended from a Kryptonian, wouldn't he still be affected by Krypton, or maybe not, it probably just makes him nauseous. But then if Critias was a hybrid then he wouldn't have magic because magic hates anything alien, or Seth and his father and Atemu and his father wouldn't have magic because they'd be slightly descended from Critias so I guess the theory is lousy. Though in my mind, the Orichalcos stones were an experiment done to combine both magic and the meteorites that somehow became a success. Okay nevermind, it was a nice shot but I'm starting to see it wouldn't happen. Still it would have been a cool connection...

Okay adding to that I just read that Clark's biological dad Jor-El found a dimension called the Phantom Zone that was his greatest accomplishment that landed him in the Council of Science. Somebody must have discovered the Shadow Realm and created the Book of the Dead that Aknadin uses to create the Millenium Items, right? The Shadow Realm having a connection with Krypton is not too far-fetched right?

Poor Ryou seriously. I wonder what got Bakura to work with his hikari. I mean that's more unbelievable then Kaiba deciding to practice magic... well it's equal to it I guess.

I'm curious as to why Kaiba and Bakura Ryou uses Japanese way of saying things, the honorifics and the whole family name before given? Wouldn't they speak English the country's way to blend in, or is it their way to exhibit their heritage and tell people where their from?

I always imagined Bakura's hair to be bleach white as Kisara's hair probably is.

I love the Egyptian and Seto having dragons talking to him in his head. Guess he accepted that it wasn't the hallucinations or crack messing with his head XD

At first I thought the girl was Lana because she sort of looks Chinese (the actress is half Dutch half Chinese believe it or not) but now I'm not sure, especially with the whole Luthors killing her parents thing. I'm guessing this might be an original character?

To be honest, while I don't know much about business, I would think you'd need people skills to make deals and considering Kaiba's rude attitude I personally think the only reason he's successful is (1) he's another person when he's making business deals or trying to get what he wants so basically he's polite and charming... I'm trying to picture that or (2) he's successful because of his inventions on holographic technology in gaming or (3) both.

I hope you are still in the fanfiction to read this so you'll get ideas and someday continue. Here's to hoping.
novelreader chapter 3 . 8/4/2016
Lex isn't in his early thirties, he's in his early 20s.. He's 6 years older then Lana.

I'm guessing the reason people don't have magic in their auras is because the meteors affected them or the environment and magic can't stand foriegn substance so later disintegrated or integrated within the foriegn power and became something else... I always figured Kryptonite was just a hightly radioactive substance. The Ancient civilizations like Egypt must have really hated meteor crashes... I mean if there's ever been in somewhere in Africa, Europe, or Asia.

I looked everywhere in the Smallville wiki for a Jack Marley. I'm guessing he's an OC. Smallville sure has a large amount of dicks so I guess we could totally believe that Ruujin was picked on the first day by all those unnamed football players we see in the show lol. That and it seems Clark doesn't care much about bullies since they don't bother him much and since he's in the football team even if he doesn't seem to associate with those guys.

Just a questions, isn't Isobel Lana's past life and ancestor? I'm never really sure, same thing with Kaiba, was Priest Seto/Seth an ancestor too?
novelreader chapter 9 . 8/2/2016
Oh my god! Thank you for putting a link for Ka and Ba information!

Anyway I've been watching some Smallville episodes and, from both Luther's description and how he acts on the show, he sounds a lot like Kaiba (well Kaiba's a bit more "honest" in a way because he doesn't go out of his way to charm people and is pretty upfront about what he wants except for the beginning of the manga apparently...), and I got to say I feel so bad for Luthor kind of. I mean Kaiba's lucky! Sure he had people backstab him, and his father was very abusive (even more so then Lex's, I mean that he isn't lucky on. It seemed to have mentally scarred him and your fic shows. It's also what makes fics about him trying to redeem and recover so admirable. I just love them!) but in the end of the day he has Mokuba. I think Lex says in the show once he always wondered what it would be like to be an older brother or what it would be like to have a younger sibling, and just imagine him having a little Mokuba whose always there to listen how his day went, stand by his side, and look up to him. I think that's what Lex would want, really needs, something to fight for and love, because I don't think he's like his dad, he'd be very different to his kid. The Mokuba and Kaiba scenes just makes me tear, and my heart is so warm. And then I've watching Smallville episodes and I'm think of when Kaiba and Luthor have their heart to heart if they do in this fic because god they have soooo much in common (Kind of) but in the end of the day Kaiba has Mokuba who is close to anybody to understand him and will never give up on him and Lex has no one, except for Clark but I'm watching Season 4 (sort of skipped the others because I wanted to see the arc this story is in which I think is Season 4) and Clark is contemplating giving up on Lex and I'm like Lex was doomed from the very beginning. Maybe I'm being harsh because I haven't seen the beginnings yet,, I need to watch them, but Lex just seems so separate from the group, so lonely. All he has is Clark, and it seems he's playing more a supportive role to Clark which is great, but whose supporting Lex? Clark doesn't seem to understand him and it seems he's kind of expecting the worst in Lex, I'm guessing it has to do with previous actions. Seto did a lot of shitty things in the beginning of the manga and he doesn't get so much shit from maybe except from Jonouchi. He's kind of integrated in the gang, something that he didn't want, he didn't want friendship but he ends up getting it. Lex wants friendship but doesn't really get it in the end. It's all very sad. I'm starting to think that when these two meet, Lex might end up resenting what Kaiba has even though Kaiba doesn't really realize it. I mean that's what I'm guessing.

Anyway any fic that has Kaiba speaking Egyptian or any kind of Egyptian in a yugioh fic is my instant favorite! I love these spurts of past life knowledge Kaiba gets. And that shiver he feels when Jonothan talks about Lana's ancestor inhabiting Lana's body? I wonder if that's because he's thinking about his own past life? I would think Ryou would be more understanding, sympathetic to it because he has an ancient spirit coming in and out without his power taking control of his body, Ryou's just lucky (somewhat? He's not really) to make some sort of deal with Bakura when and where Bakura comes, that and apparently Yami Bakura's getting soft, I mean it's been 3000 years... but then this is an ancestor that's inhabiting a descendant's body soo... Is Yami Bakura or Yami Yugi, Ryou and Yugi's ancestor/past life?

The fight with Kent vs Bakura and Kaiba was awesome! Also wondering more how the stones and cave symbols gonna play in this story...

I really really hope you someday decide to update this story in order to finish it one day. PLEASE! DX
novelreader chapter 8 . 8/2/2016
Okay this chapter was great! I read it twice! I have to say I love the Chloe and Kaiba interactions so much that I'm starting to ship those two! xD But I also can see those two just being friends and having more a sibling relationship, because Chloe also reminds me of Mana a little bit. I also hope we get more Luthor and Clark interactions too. Please Update!

By the way you said that when a duelists duel they're using souls to bring a monster, or at least when they use magic to bring them to life they are, right? But when they battle with duel disks or the sennin items it's just part of their soul. I read this whole thing before, and I know you might have gotten some of the usage of Ka and Ba in ancient dueling from the manga and show, I'm a little confused by the two. I guess I need a refresher...

I hope you update this fic at least to finish it! Gosh I'm dying!
novelreader chapter 4 . 7/31/2016
That ending was so cute!
Bananarock509 chapter 11 . 3/8/2016
Oh my god I wish you would come back and finish this story. I think I'm in love!
Elise chapter 11 . 2/10/2014
Great story!
Komiv chapter 11 . 8/13/2013
Interesting story! I like the way you portray Kaiba's perspective on things and how you've integrated the two worlds. I'd love to see how this all wraps up.
coreelly chapter 11 . 5/19/2013
This story is one of my favorite YGO crossover ever. Loves interaction of Seto and his dragons. I'm kind of sad that it has less hope of update...
BlackFeatherz29 chapter 11 . 3/3/2010
Probably should go over and reread this story again, but that wouldn't make me think anything less about it. Really great story :) It made my evening.

Read this story awhile ago while I was in the throes of YGO fandom, and once again today since I'd been watching Smallville lately. I love your Kaiba, really. His voice is written very well as well as the everyone else's. I liked Lana's role and Isobel as well; I love it when they're on screen. The Irish part did throw me off a bit; did you have bigger plans for that?

Why dost thou have no time now to update, though? It's been so long; has college been very busy? I'd really like to know how this fic ends...
Not Yet Knowing chapter 11 . 2/14/2010
THis story is great...why hasn't a chappie come in so long?...Waahh!...Pweese write a new chappie...or ...I might...die!
Oklina chapter 11 . 2/8/2010
Wow. When I idly checked to see if there were any Yugioh/Smallville crossovers, I honestly wasn't expecting one as good and as well written as this is! I LOVE it! You've depicted Kaiba brilliantly! And I love the Kuriboh. It's absolutely adorable! The action scenes are fast-paced, and the twists in this story are akin to riding a rollercoaster! As I said before: BRILLIANT!

So, needless to say, I was disappointed to find that three years have gone by and the last two chapters still aren't up yet, even though you mentioned in your note at the end that they were already partly written. You also mentioned college, so I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say school life has completely taken over your life and whatever spare time you have is devoted to a) studying, b) friends, or c) staring at the ceiling wishing your brain wasn't so tired from all the work and thinking college has subjected you to.

Lol, okay, so maybe that's mostly my problem, but the point is: you are so close to the end (and I realize after having not written anything in so long, it's a hell of a lot harder than it should be to pick back up again - excuse the language, but it's the the most apt description I could come up with), so could you take some time out of your busy schedule during the first break you have coming up and try to finish this? Please? I am dying to know what happens next! Besides, it would be a shame leave a story this good hanging like this! And you know it!
Mashy-Gaara4life chapter 4 . 2/3/2010
Awe~ Now maybe Kaiba will include Kuriboh in his deck.
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