Reviews for There are no Words
Phane chapter 1 . 2/28/2005
I just wanted to say that i think your story is ,ve really poured out your heart in this story.I also want to thank you for helping me to get on with my life despite my love for someone who i have never met, will never meet and who doesn't exist.

Thank with all my haert, you've done what no one else could;you've set me free.
Wish He Was Mine chapter 1 . 1/3/2005

Gah, now I'm upset, must go burn something, or like play a violent video game, these flufferly emotions drive me crazy... I picked a bad time to read this, gah. *grumbles about PMS*

Anyways, it was great, definately worth the time it took to read.


*hurries off to kill things in some video game, wiping away tears that shouldn't be there*
VapidbreathSorry for not loging in chapter 1 . 12/20/2004
This story forced me to shed tears I didn't want to fall. Though Shizuka and Mai are my least favorite characters, I doubt the story would have moved as well with anyone else. It really touched me. I may be young but I have found myself in a similar situation. However, the difference is that I find I can't love anyone else. I give hope to you and whatever situation you're going or have gone through. This story was great and I wish to read more like it. Also I wanted you to read a poem I wrote after I read your story. I didn't edit it so I hope you still enjoy it.


I'm attached to him by a love he won't see

My soul ask for mercy

But my heart won't set me free

The tears I cry at night are caused by him

The fear of commitment created by me

The bond we share

The words chosen with care

Help me to live and help me to cope

My heart continues to beat with that desire, that hope

That one day he'll know and one day he'll see

Exactly what he means to me

Until that day comes I want you to know

That any love for you cannot show

Because I am tied down by the binds of dedication,

I thought I should tell you my love revelation

Vapid B.

Good luck on future fics.