Megan chapter 1 . 6/21/2001

I just finished reading your fic and was wondering if you were going to finish it? You've got a great plot line going here! I always wanted someone to write a story directly following the thin dead line. Yeah yeah, there's been quite a few attempts made, but I like yours a lot. So here's some encouragement to finish it. :)
ebonbird chapter 1 . 3/1/2001
The title's a good one. I could mull over that for a while - it encourages me to bring many ideas to the reading of this story. There are many good moments. You go from sad (the beginning field) to the funny with great characterization "Dear Sirs, please be advised that the vampire, Angel, is currently running amok; however, as of this moment, I am unaware of any further bitings - " and to the the sweet and funky with humor and nice-nice resolution 'gettin' down on the floor'. There's a touch of crudeness where it fits. The Host made me laugh. I liked your Wesley thoughts and The Host talk especially. Good read, and the music refs are good, too. At least, I'd sing-a-long at the top of my lungs. Thank you.