Reviews for Playing Around
jenninemarie chapter 13 . 9/3/2015
Wow loved this!
Shadowhunter536 chapter 13 . 11/11/2009
great story interesting plot and line. please comeback and finish it
deidi chapter 13 . 11/10/2009
hey this story is great cant wait for more!
alix33 chapter 5 . 3/27/2008
" “Abby, if you had just met him in a coffee shop somewhere and he had asked you out, what would say?” " - did you perhaps mean for Kate to ask: 'Abby, if you had just met him in a coffee shop somewhere and he had asked you out, what would you say?'?
alix33 chapter 4 . 3/27/2008
"I can paint the tips of your fingernails on colour and the rest of them the other…" - did you perhaps mean for Kate to say: 'I can paint the tips of your fingernails one colour and the rest of them the other'?

I hope Kate painted nice thin layers - this morning the woman who waxed me at the beauty salon had this pig ugly and bobbly (as if several thick layers were applied) gold nail polish on, yuck!
alix33 chapter 2 . 3/27/2008
"I was thinking you could come over between 5:00 and 5:30 and we can fix you up,” Kate replied without thinking. “Oh, not that you need fixing it’s just-” “Kate,” cut in Abby. “I don’t take it to offence anymore" - didn't you perhaps mean for Abby to say: 'I don't take offence at it anymore'?
alix33 chapter 1 . 3/27/2008
"It amused her that the only male she’d ever heard ask for directions was Ducky." - That is SO sweet! No wonder the Duckman is always in my top three of NCIS blokes (where Gibbs is sometimes number 1, and sometimes McGee and sometimes Ducky: it always varies who is number 1)!
Sorgina chapter 13 . 3/26/2008
that was fun, don't take so long with the next update
NightLie chapter 11 . 6/4/2007
Just dropping by to let you know what a great job you've done :D

Really enjoyed myself reading your stories..

And this is also a hint to update lol _

(People DO still read your stories y'know ;) And i did actually bother to log in to do this)

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE update? D
Thought chapter 11 . 11/7/2005
hey, I liked this fic too! Awwe, Gibbs and Abby.

I just read your review of my fic (seeing that I had a review made me start bouncing right in the middle of the computer lab, btw,) so thanks! I'm a Gibbs/Abby fan too, that was just more of an experiment that kind of blew up in my face then demanded I post it.

Hope to see more of this one, too. ...right after you update 'Kill The Pain'? *puppydog eyes*

Now off to tell my two? Gibbs/Abby friends about your stuff.

BookwormKiwi chapter 2 . 10/22/2005
This is an excellent story, I'm enjoying it very much. Just thought I'd comment on the obvious use of words other than 'said'. Well done!
liz chapter 11 . 10/13/2005
ahh,soo good but the best part is coming!

more please, i enjoy your writing
lissa-bhw chapter 11 . 9/17/2005
abby has so just set kate up with tony!

please keep writing his, I really wanna see what happens!
Karieflybabe chapter 11 . 7/12/2005
And you never finished it! That bites, man...
Jenndifurry chapter 6 . 5/10/2005
Update ASAP!
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