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susannahblack19 chapter 76 . 2/27/2012
susannahblack19 chapter 26 . 2/27/2012
poor poor poor sirius
angelvan105 chapter 96 . 11/7/2011
jazzy2may chapter 96 . 9/20/2011
I loved this story! I only wish there was more. More Snape and Black trying not to kill one another and forging on with their allience to keep their daughter safe. More Remus, the Weasleys and "your revised version" of the final book. _
Psycho17 chapter 96 . 8/20/2011
Ok is there gonna be a sequel? Cause that'd be awesome! And are Estella and Harry gonna get together?
Dreamsb223 chapter 96 . 6/20/2011
Great story! I really enjoyed it!
Jimbocous chapter 96 . 11/11/2010
Extraordinary story, very well-done. It's hard to pull off a believable OC, and you did that very well. Also a great job melding this original story line with canon, again no mean feat! Looking forward to seeing where you took this from here. Thanks for a great read!
snape011997 chapter 96 . 8/18/2010
This is my favorite story of all time, oh my gosh. I absolutely LOVE estella, and how cocky and entertaining she is. And the way you portrayed snape was fantastic. I loved every single chapter, I think it was amazing. but knowing that all three of the men in her life would have died within the next few years is horrible! the story ended just in time, bc if estella had to witness all 3 of her men die, that would have killed me! 3
ErinMacTaggart chapter 96 . 5/3/2010
I loved it. I hope you are planning a sequel! I wish Sirius would have lived (in JK's stories) and had been able to keep Harry. I love the idea of Sirius having a daughter, with Snape's sister no less. It was great.
134213 Wu chapter 96 . 4/3/2010
So. This was a really long read, and I found it fantastic. For one thing, Sirius is cleared, so he (might) not be all shut in side, and since Harry might (sort of) trust-ish Severus, Sirius might not die! Horray! (If he does, I will strangle you. But since it's already up, my threats are a little pointless, no?) But as to that... at some point in this story, someone fell into the "veil of sleep." I nearly choked when I read that, as it was at some point after you mentioned how many points it scored in Scrabble. Not sure what chapter though, sorry...

One last typo I saw. In THIS chapter, Harry said something about "Pattigrew," with an A not an E. Just FYI.

Thanks again!
SurviveEternity chapter 52 . 9/21/2009
WHOOP! I'm more than half way! YES! *Jumps up and down like a complete idjit*

I really like this story, but where be the awesomeness of Sirius Black? It's been a goodly chunk since you mentioned him...
SurviveEternity chapter 29 . 9/21/2009
If his niece didn’t make it into Slytherin there was something seriously wrong with the sorting hat. *Cackles* I love this line!
Rocks-my-socks chapter 9 . 8/21/2009
(Meant for chapter 96!)


I forgot how uplifting the end of this story was. It is such a achievement and you should feel so proud of it. The combination of the characters that you used was superb and the way that you used them. Sirius, Remus, Severus and Harry are all worked so well into Estella’s story. Looking back, I can not believe I waited this long to reread it. It is my favourite story on the site without a doubt. I can’t wait to get on to WS again. There are so many questions I am sure that I know the answer to somewhere in my subconscious. I shall have to wait for a week though.

Also, I loved Peter’s fate and the way that you freed Sirius. It was wonderful!*sighs happily*

I totally agreed with you and what you said about Filch - while we got to the bottom of some characters during the series, I feel some we only ever touched skin deep. But then that surely is the magic of fanfiction, isn’t it? Giving the characters the reason you want them to have for your behaviour and developing them in a way that suits your reading of them…

*hangs head in shame* Well now you mention it, I have been to the millennium bridge *smiles brightly and hopes that makes up for it* no… well I have no excuse… but I can remedy the situation this year, as I expect now to get much better acquainted with my capital city… which potential is dangerous as it might turn me against the move… but some how don’t think so. I not a city girl, but do enjoy day trips, like going to the Tower and stuff. I shall have to get to grips with the city though.

I am glad I am not the only one a new book excites. I really wish I had got one of the post cards… I have only read it on the internet (sniggers at Elvindork). I love James and Sirius!

Well, my grandma used to be the one careful not to rot our teeth, on our dads side at least . It was the crisps, or just two biscuits - and crisps were easier to make last longer. On my mums, her Nan (who is 96 and still going) was renamed ’Nanny chocolate cake’ by us great grandkids. I can’t remember grandma keeping any of our drawings but I do remember that on one of the few days me and my sister had her and my granddad to ourselves they set up Ping-Pong for us in the garage. My dad is one of seven so they had a lot off grandkids to - our days alone were few but special. I must admit, as I got my results, I had a bit of a moment after. Its funny how it hits you, isn’t it? Knowing I can’t tell them what I got hurts, but I am in no doubt they know, and reckon they knew before me. It still would have been nice to get there reactions but then think I am being self indulgent. They’d be proud (I hope) but it would have been nice to hear it…

It sounds as if you’ll make it over for DH II. I don’t know what I am doing for it yet, but it will certainly be an event, wont it? One that shall have to be marked … an end of an era. I shall cry, I can’t believe only two films remain - so for now I am putting off thinking about it all together.

Well getting into Uni is a dream … I can’t wait to get going on my History course. A friend who I have been doing my A Levels with is going with me. We’re on the same course and everything so it’ll be good fun… the next month will be a good one. Knowing that I am in has just chilled me out and I can look forward, knowing the next three years are sorted at least. I am off to Polzeath in Cornwall in the morning which is always good fun - meaning I have to go and find a probably now too small wet suit and a much loved body board (Any ideas? No, me neither…)

As for cringing when you read Black Light, don’t! Be proud - it is truly amazing!

- Jess
Rocks-my-socks chapter 90 . 8/19/2009
Oh Danielle, another chapter unreviewed – I shall have to remedy this...

Well, I have to say maybe it is the fact that I am reading the chapters in such a quick succession or that I am a bit older now, but I have found the last block of chapters so much more emotional. The descriptions, the feelings and emotions are so much more alive to me now. The description of Sirius and Selinas room was particularly moving...I have really appreciated them a lot more this time about I think.

Not only that, but I think I kinda have a better understanding on who Estella is now - or at least I feel like I do, and I can see where she is coming from more often. Anyhow, it is like spending a time with a friend I have lost contact with, reading this story again – a wonderful feeling.

Not only that but I love all the double meanings to what the characters say. In fact I am not yet at the end of ch 90 – I had to stop to start writing this when I read “There was a bit of a time delay between here and where I’ve spent the past few months.” – that was a genius line! Love it...

*goes off to finish chapter*

*runs back in having finished it.*

I do love your characterizations to – especially when you compared Moody to Lockhart, and I think your Snape is so close to canon at time its uncanny at times. Like the part where he got back to the house and went to the potion first before Estella... and then again with the ‘act’ when they were in class. Reading this has made me hungry for more marauders though – knowing I have a space for a new story, my plot bunnies are going mad... whatever it is, I have a feeling Sirius and Remus will come and prank me if they aren’t involved LOL

Living on the Strand does sound awesome. Do you know when you are going to be able to travelling again yet or come back? I have to say, even though I live in England, I don’t think I have ever been to Wiltshire – or stopped there anyway. Sacrilege for a Potter fan, surely? Standing on the place where they shot the film must have been awesome. I have been to Kings Cross, but that is the nearest I have got to the film set. Talking of being easily amused though, I was out yesterday and went in to my local bookstore and manage to pick up a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them as well as Quidditch through the Ages! I had gone in there to get a book that just came out Monday (Phillipa Gregory’s White Queen) but was much happier I managed to get the other two...I know it makes me a geek, but what can I say?

Life can be really unfair and I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother, her house and your godfather... it must have been a really awful time to you. Her fireplace sounds as if it must have been a lovely place to sit, its sounds kinda idyllic – I am sure that the memories you have of there you treasure... it been nearly eight years since we lost my dads parents now and when I remember their place, the first thing that comes to mind is there carpet – it was a really busy eighty’s style one, and the other thing I remember is her getting ready salted crisps and tea for us... it’s not much, but still comforting, ya know? ‘The great marauder reunion in the sky’ – I love thinking about it like that - it paints a picture in my head of granddads pranking away with Moony, Prongs and Padfoot... though somehow I think my grandma would take Lily’s side and try to keep them all in order - if the marauders are anything like her grandkids were, they will fall into line pretty sharpish. There was something distinctly Professor McGonagall about her...

Taking pictures of my room is a great idea – thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely act on it. It’s funny you should say it as I am building a photo album up at the moment, as I have been looking back over stuff a lot this summer. I’m going to fill it with pictures of my friends/family... One part of my life is definitely coming to an end. I’ve finished school for good but in 23 hours and 54 minutes I can go back to school and pick up my A Level results which will tell me if I have made it in to my university... AH! 99.9% of my childhood is over, no matter how much I insist I am not an adult till twenty one... my parents just aren’t buying it...

I am never going to be able to sleep tonight (nerves... My boggart would be just like Hermione’s at the moment)... so it is lucky I still have six chapters of Black Light and White Shadows if I finish to get me through it : )

Rocks-my-socks chapter 81 . 8/15/2009
Relief! I didn't review this chapter last time! So I have read 81 chapters now without reviewing once - which is kinda mean I'm thinking, so I hope you don't mind but I had to comment.

I think this was one of the best chapters looking back. I am enjoying Estellas return to the past so much, and the way you developed Selina. Also loved the - “I don’t strut!” James exclaimed defensively. “And nor will my son!” Such a great line and a great way to show the father/son simerlarities!

The game was such a good idea to let them know something of what their kids were going to be like in the future. I just loved it - you see, these are the bits I find I have forgotten and its like I am reading for the first time all over again which is just a joy.

The Sirius and Harry bit was so sweet as well - again, I forgot how devestated Sirius was when she went into the past - it is so touchiing but makes me think of the liine from the film - 'its unfair I got to spend so much time with James and Lily and so little with you'. Knowing Sirius' fate makes ths line so true of his relastionship with Estella too.

As for the house hunt, we are moving qute a way - three hours on a good run, but usually four from where we are now. This will be my first house move, and as I look about my room I am trying to imagine what it is going to be like living any where else. We have an extension on our place which my granddad built with my uncle, but granddad is now with Sirius, Lily, James and Remus now if you get my drift. We were close and my room has always been a bit of a comfort blanket for me (knowing he built it) but then we were always going to sell the house some time I suppose. It isn't yet anyway. Mum and dad want to tighten our belts for a bit while me and my sister go to uni so we're not selling up just yet. I can't say my heart isn't in the move though - Devon is where my heart is and I find it hard to leave it behind when we get back home after trips. But then I *hate* the thought of being so far from London...

And having the smallest bedroom - my sister has the smaller one here, so my mum and dad think we should swap...

Its swings and round about in other words. We have seen a few places we like but haven't found 'the one' yet so there's no point worrying over the move till it actully happens.

I'm off to read on now - want to get to the end of BL by the weekend and move on to WS!

Jess :)
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