Reviews for Story of my Life
creaturesmint chapter 4 . 2/4/2006
Hey! I just thought of something! Naruto DOESN'T have to wait ten years! All he has to do is wait until he is eighteen or whatever their right age is, and then he won't need ANY guardian, and he can still be with Iruka. Woot!
romy chapter 18 . 1/29/2006
kyubi sounds like beetle juice. it's a little wierd, cause i didn't imangin kyubi to act/sound like a creepy dead man.

um yeah. but it's kwel! are sasuke and naruto kiss? hm?
Lachwen chapter 18 . 1/14/2006
WOw! Great story - I really cracked up with the whole "10 years with Sasuke for stealing Ramen" thing! I can't wait to see whatn happens next!
Spazzcat-Katori chapter 18 . 1/13/2006
awesomeness! I can't wait to see how it ends!
heeha chapter 18 . 1/2/2006
This is a very gripping story with a wonderful plotline that just leaves me wanting to read more. _ I can't wait to read the next chapter...and the next, and the next and the next...


Well, anyway, even though I can't wait, I'll be diligently waiting till you post the next chapter. . Although that's contradictory.

~Till then.
In Memory of Bierrez chapter 18 . 1/2/2006
Oh! That was a good story a good story!

Please add more chapters!

Kichi Hisaki chapter 18 . 12/21/2005
GOD! This is like the fifth time I read this fic over. When are you going to update? I NEED MY FANFICTION!
Gohanzgirl chapter 18 . 12/17/2005
oh my gosh! I absolutley love this! Ive been seeing this fic for about a month now and just never got around to reading it! Ive just found a favorite fic! Amazing I cant believe I waited so long to read this! Great job and I cant wait
dragon182010 chapter 18 . 11/28/2005
I love these stories Email me when u get more naruto stories
CloudKat chapter 18 . 11/21/2005
Deliciously awesome... for someone that claims to randomly spout things (pardon me if I'm wrong), this is a helluva plot here!

Love it! Please continue!

Cringe chapter 18 . 11/13/2005
Wah! -flails- update son! D
kura-chan chapter 18 . 11/6/2005
sniffll.. sniffll.. that was so good. and to think I spent like 4 hours reading the whole thing at once, man that was refreshing. PLEASE CONTINUE. Also, suprisingly I don't really remember any typoes. *blink blink* amazing. Your fanfiction is a work of art that I couldn't recreate in an eternity. SasuXnaru ish awesome.
accolay chapter 18 . 11/6/2005
Yay! Great story!

a)Write more, and

b)Put in more gaara and neji! I still don't really know what Neji can do, and I haven't seen Shukaku yet. What happens when he meets Kyuubi? Does he know everything too? Will they team up? Wrote more, please! Burning with curiosity!
KyotoXoX chapter 3 . 10/28/2005
I so love you! As I was reading Naruto's introduction to the others I was non-stop laughing. Now I must go read more.
rry chapter 18 . 10/21/2005
neya write more!
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