Reviews for Guardian's Christmas
Toboe LoneWolf chapter 1 . 2/2/2005
*blinks* We enter America. Naid hitchhikes a ride to Japan and thus begins Guardian series. No, hitchhiking's bad. Naw, she won the lottery, got rich, looked up her cousin Yugi and got a plane ride over. Sure, that makes sense. Naw, this is alternate universe. Okay, that makes sense, and my mind can stop going round in circles.

It's kinda given away with the captialization of "He" and "His" and "Him." It would've been more intriguing with just the last line in the second section. But yeah, I know who you're refering to. _~ Cute storyline.

But I'll get a bit more serious here. This is categorized as a YGO fic, and's borderline. The only thing that "makes" it a YGO fic is because you've used Naid in your Guardian series (clearly YGO) but this... if a reader hadn't known about your Guardian series, they'd probably go "what the heck is this?" What I'm saying is...try not to use main-character OCs without the anime series background in the fic. Otherwise, people don't get it. In fact, I'd try not using main-character OCs at all, at least until it's been established that it's a YGO fic. As in, several chapters of just the anime characters, then OC enters the scene (unless it's a crossover). Secondary-character OCs are okay, but main-character OCs are hard to pull off right away in a beginning series of fics. I think that's one reason why "In Medias Res" has gotten a bigger response than your "Guardian" series: no main-character OCs vs main character OC. People like reading about the anime/manga characters, and throwing in an main-character OC -although fun, useful, or important to the author- depends on the readers receptivity to OCs interacting with their beloved bishies. Bishies are theirs. OCs are an unknown. (I suppose then that logic tells you that if you make a bishie OC, then readers will like it; but bishies are bishies because they look That Way so therefore you must draw a bishie OC, show it to the readers, and then if readers agree that the bishie OC is of Bishie-Hotness, everything is cool. Funky logic, but whatever.)

Anyway. I'm two months late for Christmas, and yet...this kinda brings back the Christmas spirit. Naid's comment notwithstanding. *waves* Hope you still have the Christmas spirit, no matter what season it is! Ja ne!
Suchan and Twelve chapter 1 . 1/24/2005
AW. Yay for Jesus. *hugs* You get gold stars for this, honey.