Reviews for The Best Revenge
Lia Fail chapter 1 . 1/5/2005
Thank you so much for the lovely story, Jeremy! It was light and sweet; a real joy to read. Everything about it was perfect, from the description of Kitty's clothing right down to Peter's final retort to Amy. I loved the way you portrayed the couple, and through their actions and words, especially the banter, it was easy to see how comfortable they felt around each other, as well as the depth of their affection. It's obvious this couple is very much in love.

I also very much enjoyed the slight changes in the pair's characterization from comic canon. Like I told you before, you interpreted Evo Kitty and Peter exactly the way I view them in my mind. Kitty still had her love for shopping, a prominent aspect of her Evo personality, and her Halo reference and penchant for fantasy books is one of my favorite of her personality traits (although I'm surprised you didn't slip any Howard tiltles in as Kit's book selections). I liked seeing her make quips and stand up to Reilly- Kitty's just not Kitty if she isn't spunky. It's was nice to see an angst-less Peter, who isn't brooding or feeling guilty about the situation. It was good to see him this way; free and unencumbered by burden. Still, you kept him with a naivete about people and their intentions that was always such an endearing aspect of Peter, and his being slow on the uptake with Amy just made him seem all the more sweeter. I also enjoyed seeing Kitty and Pete a little less chaste and innocent, and a little more adult. It's nice to see them be able to grow up from how they first started on the show.

The opening dialogue was charming and warm, and had me giggling at quite a few lines, most notably the line about Peter being akin to a "life-sized Ken doll." Kitty's later dialogue was fiesty and on the classier side, while Reilly was instantly hateable and as bitchy as a river otter. I have to say I felt a great deal of satisfaction at watching her and Amy get what they undoubtedly deserved.

The ending was perfect. It tied into the title and was loving but not unnecessarily mushy, which showed they weren't overly upset by their run-in with the girls and could easily move past the mean spirited pettiness and comments they had heard that day. It made them appear very strong, confident, and stable with both themselves and their relationship, and that this incident could just roll right off their backs. This was a wonderful story, strong in plot, dialogue, and characterization, and was a pleasure to read. I enjoy reading your stories as much as enjoy working with you. Thank you so much for this, and I look forward to reading all of Chapter 10 of Deathless when it's ready. Your stories are always worth any wait.
darkstorm5000 chapter 1 . 12/29/2004
Awesome, awesome story! Then again, all of your stuff is good. This was a nice representaion of a Kitty/Piotr Evolution relationship, with the way that you showed how each of them verbally keeps the other on their toes. I especially liked the idea of Kitty's Mom catching Peter, coming back from his little midnight run.

Reilly and Amy (I'm assuming those were the girls shown bullying Kitty in the first season of the series, but it's been awhile since I've seen those episodes) getting their just desserts was great too. This story is a perfect example of why I like Kitty and Peter as a couple. In some ways no two individuals could be more different personality-wise, but they mesh together in such an incredible fashion.

Anyways, I can't wait to see what you come up with next, whether it's with 'Deathless' or something else that inspires you to write...
enigmagirl2727 chapter 1 . 12/28/2004
This was great, as is all your work. I'm glad Kitty got her revenge, and it's always nice to see her and Peter happy.

I forgive you for the delay on Deathless... for the time being. I know how difficult writting can be, especially such well done pieces as yours, but please please get it up soon! I'm dying to know how it turns out.

Keep up the good work!

B chapter 1 . 12/27/2004
Hee! Every geeky girl's favorite revenge fantasy. Very cute and sweet, and it was nice to see those evil bimbettes from the toon get their comeuppance. Also getting a laugh out of imagining Piotr's reaction to getting caught by Kitty's Mom. Poor blushing boy.