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betterresolution chapter 23 . 11/9/2011
Why? Why oh, why do you end the story like that?

And I had thought that maybe Yami had really left or maybe just going out but is discovered by the police, end up dead, Bakura found him, killed the police, then killed himself. But noooo...

(how I liked my ending... although I wasn't fond of sad endings)

Anyway this is a really amazing story, written descriptive and complete just enough that we readers could easily imagine the storyline and not too much that it bores us. One of the masterpieces in (but still, the ending reaaally need a sequel and maybe you didn't write Yu-Gi-Oh fandom anymore so it's a real disappointment)

Please (I know you had read this kind of request from other reviewers), please, please write the sequel! Even a one-shot about what happens after is fine. It's so hard to find a good Darkshipping or whatever the name for their Ancient Egypt past stories. Lots of them are one shots or smuts (and I didn't like smuts, lots of them end too angsty)

Good story, great writing, creative ending. That's all (wow this review is long) for my 'little' pointless babbles of a review
This-Pen-Name-Is-Too-Long chapter 23 . 10/8/2011

But what happens to them? Do they survive? Dot they get caught?

Tell me your writing a sequel. You gotta, you cant jst leave it like that! Anyway, it was an Awesome Story. So profesionally writen. Good work. :D
StarHMH chapter 23 . 8/9/2010
I love this story!

xxMidnightLullabyxx chapter 23 . 12/30/2009

Amazing! :DD

Do you kniow how harad it is to find a good darkshipping (or casteshipping I guess) story that ISN'T a one-shot! Ridiculously hard! I've only found this one, another one called Freedom, and one called Reminiscing (although it's sequal is discontinued. TT)

This is my favorite pairing and this fic was simply amazing! I stayed up til two-thirty finishing it, but I couldn't type a review cuz my mom would have woken up with the clickity clickity of the keyboard and I would have been in some major feces! :O

The ending was... uh.. wasn't my favorite ending, to be honest. I'm a sucker for happy endings and although I am glad that you didn't go off killing poor Bakura and Yami, I wish the ending was happier. :/

But, ah well! :3 Still really good! :D

Much love,

Midnight Lullaby 3
Amphitrite II chapter 23 . 10/1/2008
I have no idea how to write this review.

I am here at my computer, completely stunned, my eyes ridiculously huge, my barely-eaten dinner from hours ago just sitting here...

HOLY FRICK, MAN. You know how to write a story. I don't even know how to praise you; you are possibly one of the best storytellers I have ever come across. If this were a book, then I would probably cart it around with me everywhere out of pure love (Hmm, how much paper do you think 23 chapters would use up? I hope you know I'm serious)... I really don't know what to say. Everything about this story-god, it's too epic to be called a mere 'story'!-is so perfect. The plot was crafted by an artist, the characterization is flawless, and the romance is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. I hope you're happy with the fact that I've basically done nothing all day except go to class, go to work, and read this fic. OMG, I had to go to class in the middle of it, and you have no idea how distraught I was; I was very, very tempted to and almost did ditch just so I could read this (the only reason I didn't was because it was a dress rehersal, LOL). Also, I have two tests tomorrow that I haven't studied for yet and it's 1 AM... Heh.

AH! I'm sorry, this is so incoherent, but I am just seriously...amazed. The mystery, the action, the heartbreak-everything about this was captivating; you'd ensnared me from when Bakura said that he'd been walking down the street that Yami lived on. I don't know if I agree with your frustration that all the Darkshipping on here is smut, but if that's what spawned this work of art, then so be it! You had me crying for Bakura and Yami, you had me gripping the mouse in horror, you had me shouting, "NO!" to a computer screen... Man, the house could've burned down and I probably would've still be sitting here reading this. Every plot twist, every action, every character interaction was just so-well written... It was a thrill to read. Literally.

Man, this would've made a fantastic movie. Okay, I think I'll spare you from my reverent ramblings... But more than anything, thank you. Thank you for this magnificent experience. I know it sounds stupid and fake and probably a little creepy, but this is one of those stories that I don't think I'll ever forget. Ever. You are truly talented.

P.S. I try to never say this, but god, I wish there were a sequel to this work of art.
homecommming chapter 23 . 8/19/2008
That was a lot of fun to read :) I loved how your plot had multiple layers and such, and Yami and Bakura with guns was just too perfect, haha.
death by storm chapter 23 . 5/7/2008
This is probably one of the most fun stories I have read in awhile. I really liked it.
gamer260 chapter 23 . 11/5/2007
Love it and sequel?
wallsmex chapter 23 . 3/16/2007
O_O Super late review, but this fic is one of the awesomest ones I've ever read. It's so original, and you made them all in character...even while they were doing completely out of character things. The ending was great too~

Faving for sure :D
Yami-no-Hikari-7 chapter 23 . 11/12/2006
Aw! That fic was so kawaii! _ I loved it!
KillerBeanieBaby chapter 23 . 10/8/2005
Ohmigosh! This story was beutiful! I seriously read it from start to finish and ignored my friends just to read it! . I could say that I look up to you as a fanfcition writer (which is true) but that would bee corny, and wierd. Anyways, As with all of your fanfictions, I loved it. )
yamirachan chapter 23 . 9/20/2005
aw... -smiles- sweet ending! bakura's an ass though, pretty stubborn. fortunately, yami's a tough cookie! determined to get bakura! ... isn't he stubborn, too? -thinks- ehh.. m'brain hurts again...

SnowIce chapter 23 . 6/15/2005
*GLOMP* Sque! I LOVE this. Very much love this. First of all, this plot was amazing. It was so original and refreshing and had enough twists in it to keep me interested...Even though I'm always interested in Darkshipping fics. And Bakura Yami guns very happy me. *grins*

No really. I read something about a possible sequel for this and I do hope you will write it in the future. You have a very pleasant writing style and you obviously know how to work out plots and ideas into a fantastic and interesting fic. This is the first story of yours that I've read and I'm definitely going to keep my eye on you...or at least your updates. _~
DreamingChild chapter 23 . 6/3/2005
I'm sorry, I'm one of the lazy-assed people who didn't leave a review before. I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your fic, and I thought that the ending worked just perfectly, with Bakura's realization, and the hope for the future and all that. Great work!
You Know Us chapter 23 . 6/2/2005
Great last chapter. You certainly did leave an opening for a sequel. I wonder where those boys are going to end up? (They survived and are together. Everyone should be happy.) Well, even Michelle liked the ending and isn't even jealous of Yami and Bakura begin together. The suspense of Yami waiting for Bakura to show up was really good. I liked the way Bakura responded -first yelling, then disbelief that Yami cared - then love. (Aww, ya gotta love it!) I can't believe even Michelle liked the love parts. I always though Blair reminded me of a Hiassen character - Pedro was the one! Keep writing. Don't leave us for the summer. If you do - you have to get a job! Love - Enjoy your summer vacation! Please - WRITE ON!
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