Reviews for Out of Context
Maranna Listten chapter 1 . 8/28/2015
How? How is it possible that all of the fics I've read of yours are beautiful (and most of them also heartbreaking)?
Morbidmuch chapter 1 . 10/29/2008
Absolutley amazing
pxlenno chapter 1 . 8/10/2008
Your writing is absolutely flawless- everything flows, evoking emotions as they go along. Amazing!
LVRofTristan chapter 1 . 3/18/2007
I cried with this one.
Scazydramaqueen282 chapter 1 . 8/8/2006

Heartbreakingly beautiful.

Time slips through his fingers like tiny shards of glass, cutting him as they fall.

For some reason, this sentence really stood out to me. It is very poetic, and just stunning, like the rest of the story!

-Mariah :)
lltn chapter 1 . 3/15/2006
You can't keep doing this to me! I feel like I'm being ripped up inside.

Best. Author. Ever.

Really, really good job!
Arianna555 chapter 1 . 7/9/2005
When I first read this, I remembered the lyrics to the song; I wanted to hear what it sounded like. That was seven months ago, and I still remember that. I found the song ("The Future Freaks Me Out") just a couple days ago on teh_music. I'm absolutely, completely addicted to it. And it always makes me think of this fic.

And this is the fic that possibly... ...nah. Can't choose. That's impossible. But it's certainly a contender. ;) It's way up there with Globes and Maps (and you know how much I LOVE GaM). I adore this. I love it so much. It's absolutely incredible; it's like poetry. I love the no quotation marks. It works so well for this. It reminds me of my one of my favorite books...the idea of Jess offering to take her anywhere. Europe, Asia, Australia (The Path of Minor Planets): "...they had only three years together. Had he known, he would have quit his stalled novel and taken her around the world, indulged her with presents of gold and diamonds, fed her dangerous foods and filled her up with wine."

You don't start this by stating...the why, the backstory, and that's so incredibly difficult to get across without doing so, yet you did it perfectly. It's so clear, nothing else needs to be said.


Sometimes it hurts so bad it wakes me up in the middle of the night, she confesses.

When it does that you should call me, he tells her.

She nods and rubs her face against the rough fabric of his shirt.


These tiny moments you describe are brilliant. Exactly right, everything that needs to be shown. It's like every word in this fic is very carefully picked from all the other possiblities. It seems so perfectly planned, everything is exactly right.


He crawls under the mound of blankets, and finds her in the muffled darkness. For the first time, he notices the bags under her eyes. They are deep, defined. He thinks he’ll start staying over more often, force her to sleep.


I love this Jess. He's not the angst-filled Jess that's in so many fics and he's still so Jess. He loves her. Gah, I can't put in words how perfect this is.


Jess stands in the middle of her kitchen, looking nonchalant as the stereo plays.

What are you doing? She has to shout over the music.

He shrugs.

The neighbors are going to freak out! she warns.

One second he is static, the next he has her pulled flush against him. His arms encircle her waist and he asks her if she wants to dance.


I know I already said this, but every word amazes me. "One second he is static, the next he has her pulled flush against him." You make it look so easy. It's... Every situation is EXACTLY right. You have no idea how amazed I am. (Was when I first read this, am now.)


I’d like to think I’m real, he answers.


Maybe you did make me up. Next time though, do you think you could do something about my nose?

What’s wrong with your nose? she asks.


It's brilliant. It's absolutely, completely brilliant. I have fallen in love with this Jess. (Hee.) It's incredible how different-but-the-same he is. It's not close to OOC, it's just right. And the entire fic is so bittersweet (and beautiful).


The quote makes her dizzy. Her knees go weak, her bones suddenly made of pieces of cloud. The room spins in a whirlwind of color, enticing her to the floor.

Outside, it is snowing.


There are no words for this. There just aren't.


It’s terminal, she tells him.


She stands up and brushes past him, disappearing into her bedroom. He does not move, but stares at where she was, when she was a lifeless doll, and he remembers her just like that.


This keeps reminding me of so many things I've read and heard (not because they're the same, just because...well, I'm not sure why, but it does). "he remembers her just like that."


Leftover tears slip down her cheeks, one by one. She pushes herself up enough to lift her head and see his face.


"Leftover." Whoa, I love that.

It's so painful and so sweet at the same time. Really, really unbelievable.


It’s okay, he says. Forget about time. Just pay attention to me.


It's a good thing I know you're 17, because there's absolutely no way I'd believe you now. ;)

I'm sorry I'm so behind on the reviews you deserve. This is amazing, amazing, amazing (as is everything else), and it never stops sticking out to me.

It's surprising, that this situation hasn't been done before, and yet reading it, it's totally and completely new. The format. The diction, more than anything. Hell, the length of the sentences. The title! The quotes you chose.

I love everything about it.
yaba chapter 1 . 5/1/2005
oy vey! You and your angst, it's got me addicted. i swear no one can write literati angst quite as well as you. good job.

Black Snow chapter 1 . 1/7/2005
Hmm, very elegant. The style and tone, though rather simple, were perfectly suited for this story. Congratulations on(for?) another wonderful fic.
Missez Ventimiglia chapter 1 . 1/4/2005
With many of my favourite authors (fanfic included), I'm able to decide which works of theirs are my favourites. When I try to do it with your fics (although Secondhand Smoke is my all time favourite fanfic), I can't. They're all too fabulous to choose to only one. That being said, I love "Out of Context" very much. It reads a little differently from some of your other work (ie. the lack of quotation marks), but your stories have always reminded me of poetry, so it's not very different. Speaking of poetry, I'm currently in a Pablo Neruda and e.e. cummings phase, so I'll be quoting them a lot.

"He brings her love notes." I immediately noticed the lovely words in brackets in your summary: Lit. If I hadn't, though, this first sentence lets the reader know. They are the couple connected by books and words, and you say that simply and exquisitely.

"The quotes are obscure, mostly from books she’s never heard of, not until she googles the phrase and finds herself falling for him again (and again)." I especially love the last six words. In a fic bursting with poetic images, that's my favourite. The idea that Rory will always fall in love with Jess, over and over, regardless of time and circumstance, is gorgeous.

"You can come in, she says, but if you call me Juliet, they’ll never find your body." This is a story of love and loss, and there's still humour.

"'An age at least to every part', he whispers, his tongue delicately grazing her ear. 'And the last age should show your heart.'" Amazing quote. I think you've captured why I choose to believe that there's an EliseFic!Jess somewhere.

"His words grab hold of her senses, piquing them;" Your diction is always perfect, and that's a great use of imagery.

"..just as she likes them." In "Ever After", you mentioned that it's the little things that count with Jess, and I love the continuation of that idea here.

"Under the sheets, where everything is dark and quiet, he doesn’t think it right to raise his voice. He imagines his words as small and cautious, little soldiers that march toward her with careful steps." One of the things I love best about your characterization of Jess is you understand and portray Jess's vulnerability. And it's always realistic.

"When it does that you should call me, he tells her. She nods and rubs her face against the rough fabric of his shirt." So begins my quoting spree. From Neruda's Love Sonnet LXIV:

"No one can reckon what I owe you, Love,

what I owe you is lucid, it is like a root

from Arauco, what I owe you, Love.

Clearly, it is like a star, all that I owe you,

what I owe you is like a well in a wilderness

where time watches over the wandering lightning."

"His arms encircle her waist and he asks her if she wants to dance." I love that he tries to give her whatever she wants, moments of fun and spontaneity, when she can attempt to forget.

"He thinks she looks wild and beautiful, her hair wet and eyes bright." Reminscient of a stanza from cummings:

"so truly perfectly the skies

by merciful love whispered were,

completes its brightness with your eyes

any illimitable star"

"But he uses it more and more lately to make her smile in the morning, so that maybe it will carry her through the day and then when night falls, she will still be happy." I adore Jess. He's beyond wonderful (as are you).

"He’s gone soft, he thinks." Such a Jess like thought, that also reminds me of Luke.

"Not when he remembers how much he loved her back in high school, and how much he loves her now. Now as time draws to a close." It's becoming a sort of pattern, I always cry when reading your fics. In a story filled with lines of sublime beauty, this is my favourite. The emotion, the idea that he loves her *that* much is very moving...I can't do it justice, so back to cummings:

"what freedom's not some under's mere above

but breathing yes which fear will never no?

measureless our pure living complete love

whose doom is beauty and its fate to grow...

are worlds collapsing?any was a glove

but i'm and you are actual either hand

is when for sale?forever is to give

and on forever's very now we stand

nor a first rose explodes but shall increase

whole truthful infinite immediate us"

"Maybe you did make me up." Like the lyrics from the Joseph Arthur song, "Honey and the Moon": "If you weren't real, then I would make you up."

"I love you, she smiles and it hurts. I love you too. (She has never once heard his voice so delicate before. It pierces her like the pinprick of a needle.)" You astound me. From Neruda's Love Sonnet LXIX:

"In short, without your presence: without your coming

suddenly, incitingly, to know my life,

gust of a rosebush, wheat of wind:

since then I am because you are,

since then you are, I am, we are,

and through love I will be, you will be, we'll be."

"Outside, it is snowing." I love how you juxtapose the weather outside with what's going on inside, and how you've mentioned the seasons passing by as they hang on to what time together they have left.

"He wants to fix her, put her back the way she is supposed to be." Jess is officially my favourite person, fictional though he may be.

"Oh." That one word is sufficient to know that both of them are breaking. The feeling is so painful that it takes too much effort to even say a word.

"He says, I have some time to spare. She squeezes her eyes shut." This is the second time I read this, but I was still unprepared for the emotion I felt and the tears that are - once again- coursing down my face.

"You quote things out of context! she yells." I like that you recognize she gets angry to protect herself.

"It’s okay, he says. Forget about time. Just pay attention to me." Last quote, I swear. It's cummings again:

"must's a schoolroom in the month of may:

life's the deathboard where all now turns when

(love's a universe beyond obey

or command, reality or un- )

proudly depths above why's first because

(faith's last doubt and humbly heights below)

kneeling,we-true lovers-pray that us

will ourselves continue to outgrow..."

There's so much more I wanted to quote, but I'd just be parroting the story back at you.

Things I loved the most? The idea that their love transcends death (or so I think). They are it (love) and it's enough. That you didn't give an actual setting because it's not important. That you insert random times of day, because cancer is something people live with every hour of every day. You didn't mention any other characters, because this is a story of how two people handle love when they have limited time. You kept it focused on Rory and Jess, and they were amazingly in character. That I can picture having this assigned as a short story for high school or college students, it's that good.
Emily Carol chapter 1 . 1/1/2005
Such a sad story...but so beautifully written. You're an amazing writer and I just love reading what you write. I can't wait for more writing!
Alyx7 chapter 1 . 12/30/2004
Aww. Poor Rory. And Jess.

Interesting writing style - not a single set of quotation marks but it's still amazingly easy to understand what's spoken or not.

Of course - it could just be my wacky imagination, but hey...
someone5 chapter 1 . 12/29/2004
Beautiful. It brought me down, but I loved it.
Mel.K chapter 1 . 12/29/2004
Well... Elise... I am ashamed to call myself a writer! You have a beautiful way with words! You should be so proud of yourself! You are so talented and gifted!
CaliforniaDreamer chapter 1 . 12/29/2004
You deserve such a better review than I'm going to be able to give you.

This was simply amazing. There are no other words for this. This do you do this? How do manage to write something that's so perfect and beautiful and painful, with all these feelings rolled into one? I'm in awe, really.

It’s okay, he says. Forget about time. Just pay attention to me.

That left me with my jaw dropped open. It's just...perfect.

The lack of quotations was perfect, it added even more to the story.
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