Reviews for My SoCalled High School Life
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 5 . 9/22/2013
Are You Going To Continue?
edvykoi chapter 5 . 11/19/2008
Mirai no Tenchi chapter 5 . 11/25/2007
I like yout story! Why did you stop writing? That's pretty sad I think. Aren't you planning to update at all? ;_;
AnimeFreak688 chapter 5 . 3/6/2007
UPDATE. If you don't... your HotaruXTrunks plushies are mine (or GotenXHotaru)!

There are some grammatical errors in you writing, so make sure you edit. Of course, you could always get someone to edit (could I?). Watch out especially for punctuation. Sentence flow is sometimes a bit awkward too. For example, in the sentence, "...begining to realize what girl Goten was talking about... it was dawning upon him, that he caught a glimpse of Hotaru there before he had dragged Goten off..." A stronger way (or at least what I read in grammer a books) to state this would be "... as it began to dawn on him the girl Goten was talking about since he had caught a glimpse of Hotaru before he had dragged Goten off..." I don't know if you'll listen, but oh well!

Could I be your editor please (please don't think I'm conceited, I just have too much time on my hands)?
Saturn Tenshi chapter 5 . 2/5/2007
This fic is going great so far! Please update!
MissBMarie chapter 5 . 1/10/2007
Hahaha. Love that Goten was putting the moves on Hotaru. Woopsie!

Can't wait to see what happens next. I only have a little bit one critisizm: 1. Not enough imagery. There's alot of "timeline-ing" going on (this happens, then that happens). No details or transitions. Imagery really gives a story it's umph.

2. Lack of character development. I feel like there's so much more to these characters. Like why Bura, Pan and Goten are so mean; what seperates Trunks from them. Maybe even a little more on Hotaru. Is this sudden change in her image going in impact her? How does it make her feel ya know? She's all of a sudden being accepted into a world she's only dreamed about, but at the same time she's conforming and loosing a bit of her own identity.

Anywho, I'll be looking forward to the next update! Keep up the good work!
MissBMarie chapter 4 . 1/10/2007
Wow, I did not know about all these new rules. Are they posted somewhere I can find them? It's crazy!

Love where you stopped. Such anticipation! Lol. Also, loved the line "I whirled around to find Trunks smiling at me… with those perfect teeth… that perfect smile… and… oh forget it… everything about him is perfect."

As well as Goten's taunting. To be honest though, I'd see Trunks as being the more intelligant one.
MissBMarie chapter 3 . 1/10/2007
Hm...right in the next room huh? That could turn into something scandelous ;-)

What I like about this plot is that it makes sense. Alot of stories in this genre tend to have completely unrealistic reasons for why the characters hook up. I like the connection you made here with Bulma and Professor Tomoe both being scientists. It fits together nicely.

Keep up the good work!
MissBMarie chapter 2 . 1/10/2007
I feel like there's no explanation behind why Hotaru is such a social outcast? I mean, it the SMS series, it was because she was A. so shy B. a little goth-like and C. weird things happened when she was around.

So, what is it that makes her so socially retarted?

However, I like where this is going. Keep it up!

Side note: It's been awhile sicne I've reviewed. By previous pen name was Angel Kitty. I'd glad I managed to find this story again!
ravendarkness chapter 5 . 12/12/2006
awesome's just like "she's all that". keep going, i love how you are developing the characters. cant wait for the next chapter.
Night Fire chapter 5 . 11/22/2006
write more! write more! write more! Please write more soon!


Night Fire
Ickle Rockie chapter 5 . 9/9/2006
Forgive my lack of reviewing, been busy and on a bit of a hiatus. But not any longer! I return! And I still love your story! I'm really glad to see Marron in the story. Hopefully Chibi-usa too? Haha, sorry. I'm a big Chibi-usa fan. Ha ha. Hope your next chapter comes out soon. 3
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx chapter 1 . 9/4/2006
This is a great story! One of my favs! Amazing!
RainbowRay chapter 5 . 5/1/2006
Awsome. Keep up the work.
sephember chapter 5 . 4/11/2006
this was like the funniest story i had ever read. i think the funniest thing was when Goten found out that Hotaru collects lamps. i think that was the funniest thing...ever. well, i have to go read another story. UPDATE SOON! GaaRa'Sz WiFEE
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