Reviews for An Aunt's Love
PaladinAllen chapter 74 . 10/18
techinically my second time reading through, but I am so happy and please to read such wonderful works. please update when you can. I want to see this wonderful story coke to an end. hope things are going well enough for you.
PaladinAllen chapter 74 . 10/18
oh. my. god. I love it. luv it~
Fmh chapter 56 . 10/17
Thank you a dark chapter with plenty of angst
Cracker Hacker chapter 25 . 10/16
I get weird vibes from the sensei. Like he’s Voldemort disguised or something.
Ug the Unreliable chapter 74 . 10/14
So good to see you back and writing again- you have been sorely missed! Still loving this story of Harry being vulnerable and (sort of) allowing others to help him when he needs it, even if he doesn't think he needs or warrants the help.
Thank you for keeping us entertained and enthralled with your writing.
Claradwor chapter 74 . 10/13
I've been following this story for years now and I can't tell you how much I love it and how delighted I am every time it updates. your characters are so vibrant and the younger ones are so painfully teenagers, you let the characters be kids and your adults are so dedicated to making sure these kids get to BE kids. it's beautiful
MythologicalMango chapter 74 . 10/13
Hey, this chapter was AMAZING!

I’ve always loved this story so much, and anytime I get an update alert about it, a thrill runs through me!

About a week before you posted this latest chapter, I had thought to myself “Rachel, you should re-read your favorite story!” So it was really great timing for an update!

I love how Harry's friends helped him see that he wasn’t well, and that he’s got so,e dreams about the future, even if he (at that point) felt he wouldn’t live to see them.

I can’t wait to see what Vlad does at the masquerade, and the whole plot with Voldemort’s mind is fascinating!

Congratulations on finishing grad school! That’s got to feel amazing!
Cracker Hacker chapter 3 . 10/12
This reminds me a bit of the book Holes when young criminal boys are taken to a camp and they all have nicknames.
uvb1987 chapter 16 . 10/12
Brilliant story
gginsc chapter 74 . 10/12
I'm guessing Cassius told Paul to come. Hope you update soon.
PrincessMagic chapter 74 . 10/11
Ooh brilliant!
guesty chapter 74 . 10/8
a friend recommended this to me 2 years ago and i read up until it was updated and stopped... imagine my surprise when the same friend comes running to me a week ago with this fic AGAIN saying about the same things? she really likes this story and eagerly awaits every update. i had forgotten i had even read it until i realized everything sounded extremely familiar. im planning on keeping an eye on this for the next few months. it seems everything is finally coming to an end, now that bleys is here (i assume it's bleys?)
BiGDeal chapter 74 . 10/10
Had to go back to the start and reread the story. Just my memory.

Haven't seen Draco in a while. Hint! Hint! Would be nice to have him drop into the middle of the Star Wars Club and get the magical equivalent of the end of the Cantina Scene...

Please update soon!
Rizza Harley chapter 5 . 10/10
i feel like pauls reaction to magic being real is a bit underwhelming...? normally people would try to discredit it, and such, not accept it and move on. its just a little thing, not anything that is widely concerning, so dont worry
Fmh chapter 55 . 10/9
Thank you a good chapter
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