Reviews for An Aunt's Love
Lynae chapter 72 . 18h
You are gonna fucking update so help me god this is so good you need to fucking update!
Wayne Clark chapter 42 . 7/6
Thank you for your story, I do hope you will keep on righting it "Please!" -
SakuraKoi chapter 72 . 7/2
oh no make harry save Tom(Volddie)
Softie chapter 5 . 7/2
I remember stumbling across this once a very long time ago. Yet the inexplicable joy I feel of having Petunia actually acting like an aunt would do and not like a horrible villain parent figures from a children's book would do is still overwhelming. Also, in my religion, it is said that the love of an aunt (mother's sister) is the same of a mother's; so this was just bonus. Anyhow, I'm really proud to see the muggle acting very decent! Paul. Makes me proud of being a muggle :)

Thanks for the story, love. Look forward to enjoy all of these 72 chapters! And can I just mention how much I was fangirling over the ship of Petunia and Snape?! I'm just squealing so loud in my head right now!
Charlie chapter 72 . 7/2
I never know how to write encouraging reviews. I feel like I've been reading this story for years (and I have!) but I still get really excited every time an alert pops through that it's got another chapter. This story feels like an old friend- I'll pop back and read it again every now and again. I love how you've crafted the characters, I love how different the story itself is, and I love that I can't predict what will happen. This story is fantastic, and I cant thank you enough for writing it, and continuing to update it.
Thank you.
Lientjuhh chapter 72 . 6/30
I like it.. :) Well done.. :)
BOSS02109 chapter 61 . 6/27
i love how harry always gets hugs it makes me warm and fuzzy
POTC misty potter temple chapter 72 . 6/18
Absoloutly fabulous update I loved it sorry it took so long have had to read story from beginning I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this anyway update soon pls
CRyogenic-maelStr01m chapter 72 . 6/17
... So, Schizophrenic!Voldy, FallingApartYetAgain!Harry, NotSoSenile!Dumbledore, AdorableMommaBear!Dracula, and Suspicious!Random!MemoryHolesInEveryone'sHeads... Why do I think something else entirely is at work here, and that this something will need a united wizarding world (Voldy and co. included) to face before Harry can have his final, possibly anticlimactic battle against his very own?
Guest chapter 72 . 6/16
FFFG chapter 72 . 6/14
Whhaaaaa? Update! Updates are the best!

Oh dear, Harry has started to slip into a very dangerous depression. He's sane enough on the outside, but that shell is getting thinner and thinner with every passing day, isn't it? I'm glad that people ARE aware of it and are trying to put measures into place to stop this downward spiral. Oh Harry, they care so much for you. Also is there going to be any chance of Draco coming along and giving the young Lord a smack upside the head for being so distant from the world? Ah, a girl can dream. Thank you for the chapter! KTN
cyrah-meggz chapter 72 . 6/12
I really like this story :) I've been following it for a while now but I'm terrible about reviewing, so I just wanted to say thank you for all your work, your awesome au, and I'm glad the story hasn't been abandoned :)
Rae Trail chapter 72 . 6/11
I had the great good fortune to have missed this for the last few years. I read a couple of chapters about a year ago, and then had the additional great good fortune to mis-file it.

The upshot is, that I got to read the entire story up until May 28 of this year without interruption or having to wait for updates. And if you look in the front row, that's me standing up and applauding and yelling 'Author! Author!'.

Well done you. Your language is lovely, your characters are well drawn, and your plot is hilariously convoluted, but logical. Now that the end is drawing near I hope you will find your muse and release us from our tenterhooks. Thank you! I will watch closely for the denouement!

Your fan,
Guest chapter 53 . 6/10
This is ArchimdesAckermann and I would like to ask you why the hell Harry would drink the tea? Isn't he "as paranoid as Moody?" And then having him drink the tea so obediently is a bit stupid. Sorry, but that's how I feel and I would really like to know what you actually meant to do in this chapter. Cause I really don't want to think that Harry's some gullible and obedient dog that has a bit of a bark.
Lucky chapter 72 . 6/10
I'm glad you updated! I re-read the whole thing this week. Please keep up the good work. Hope you update again soon.
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