Reviews for An Aunt's Love
FeralSpud chapter 77 . 5/24
Please tell me this isn't the end! I know it's been a bit since you updated probably, but I loved this! (If it is the end of the story, I respect it don't worry, I just love the world that was created so much) I've read this until the early hours of the morning more than I should have because I was enjoying this so much. Other stories you just read but this was an experience (Sorry if that sounds corny) and I can list on one hand the amount of times that has happened.
Lewis James Potter chapter 19 . 5/11
This is the first story where the Dursleys are not pure evil. Cool
MimiTaylor chapter 77 . 4/29
I haven't heard from you in so long. I hope all is well. I'm still available to beta read for you if you continue this wonderful fic. Damn, girl - what a cliffhanger!
Tallullah c chapter 77 . 4/23
Please please please write more! Its the best thing ive read for years!
Kickarrot chapter 77 . 4/22
Wait is that the end?
Gia0907 chapter 77 . 4/21
So exciting to be rereading this and discover a new chapter at the end! Hoping for another soon.
im1 chapter 77 . 4/20
Wonderful story, thank you.

Terrible spot to leave things lolol
CHR15 chapter 35 . 4/7
Alden seems like a big shaggy white dog that always has his eyes covered by fur and hes as tall as harry is (at 10 yrs old) and when he barks its more of a BOOF than a bark
MCat25 chapter 77 . 3/16
Came here to reread and weep
Anime Lover chapter 77 . 3/8
SunPho3n1x chapter 77 . 3/7
This has been such an amazing story! Such an intricate plot, and I love that Harry is getting the help that he needs and love and support. I also love that you demonstrate that this isn’t the kind of a problem that goes away within a couple of weeks or even a couple of months and some medication. You did a great job with the characterizations. Thank you for writing this.
vswey chapter 5 . 3/7
man, i know this is fanfic and people are just funnin' about. that said, mental health is a serious matter. you are vastly misrepresenting the reality of psych institutions. they are not fancy places with ample funding. they are just a slightly nicer form of incarceration. they take away your liberties and agency. as they are paid per bed filled their is a high rate of recitivism. it is not in their interest, or their goal, to help the patient. nor is this Petunia acting like a parent, shes just pawning Harry off onto other people, not actually doing the work.
vswey chapter 3 . 3/7
lol what? is your idea of Petunia helping Harry putting him in an institution? im not sure what country you are from. Maybe things work differently there, but that is laughable as a legitimate solution. getting Harry a doctor, great, encouraging, and supporting his care, also great. psychiatric institutions are not great, far from it. smh
Bad Wolf Jen chapter 77 . 2/28
Here's hoping to get the next chapter soon. love the story and I've been following it for years but I hope to see an ending soon.
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