Reviews for An Aunt's Love
Calmzone1 chapter 71 . 4/25
riveting from start to current chapter. can't wait to read more. I hope life gives you the opportunity to complete it as it's so close now. so happy I stumbled upon your story. Thanks for sharing it (typoz because I've been reading it all day and it's now 1 am ;) )
lrsgreenleaf chapter 71 . 4/24
Has Vlad come for counseling? lol.
Update pls chapter 71 . 4/16
Pleassseeeeee update with a cheery on top ? ;) xD
HannahKathleen chapter 71 . 4/16
I've just finished reading the whole story and I really enjoyed it - you have given the characters great depth and good development. I hope to see the story brought to an end at some point and will await new updates. :-)

Greetings from Poland,

P.S. I think yours was the first fanfic of Harry Potter that I've read that even mentioned Poland! ;-) Thanks for that. :-D
NavyGirlNuc chapter 71 . 4/15
Is this story abandoned?
LauralHilll chapter 71 . 4/14
Amazing story!
Guest chapter 11 . 4/13
its a wonder that the kid did not snap and kill all of them
slyhuff chapter 71 . 4/13
what will paul talk to a vampire about? will harry be back at st judes
Vegasman59 chapter 71 . 4/12
Great story with a lot of cliffys I hope you update soon!
Karou WindStalker chapter 28 . 4/11
Here's hoping you can return to this story, eventually.
Zanteth chapter 1 . 4/10
it's interesting. I'll see how the story holds up.
ews1 chapter 71 . 4/9
I'm worried, somehow I'm feeling sympathy for the devil (voldemort). I'm enjoying the story and hope you find time to continue it. I like that Harry has interests and is reacting like a human. Dumbledore being forgiven was done really well too.
Guest chapter 71 . 4/9
You can't leave it there! I'm addicted! Please update! Preferably soon!
X alisunshine X chapter 71 . 4/9
Stop. No. Wait. Update. Like NOW.
X alisunshine X chapter 64 . 4/8
:/ I'm surprised Harry is going along with all this Vlad/Dracula stuff. It's early what Harry was running from (dumbledore was similarly as controlling)

If Harry isn't uncomfortable, then I am for him
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