Reviews for An Aunt's Love
darkwish3 chapter 77 . 11/24
I can't wait to see what you do next! Thank you for writing this!
PotterUta89 chapter 1 . 11/22
please please pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeee update soon.
Dragon and Sword Master chapter 77 . 11/15
I must admit loving to read this story from the beginning all over again, errors and all. (No one is perfect after all).

The way you have Harry going through depression and everything is done extremely well and the downward spiral, recovery and backsliding is perfectly handled. So well done there.

However...that cliffhanger! You can't end the chapter like that! I'm not going to issue death threats or anything along those lines but at the same time, please don't take so long with the next update, I beg of you!


P.S. I loved seeing Harry and co. dressing up as characters from Phantom of the Opera. Well done.
Clopian26 chapter 77 . 11/9
Wow I just had to catch up on this story with this cliffhanger, whomp whomp Hoa
slytherinsal chapter 61 . 11/8
I like your take on Vlad Tepes. Brutal he may have been but he was said to be absolutely fair, and prized honesty above everything else.
I wasn't enamoured of Romanian cuisine but as I was there not long after Ceaucescu fell, I think there were a lot of shortages. Beef, calf brains, and green beans got a bit monotonous.
The churches are beautiful.
knttr chapter 77 . 11/5
What a cliff hanger! But I am not mad at you for it.I want to thank you for how you handled Harry's depression and spiral down to just wanting it to end over the last few chapters. It read very realistically to me, and I honestly think that it made sense for Harry to have those feelings considering all that he has experienced, especially after Bleys broke the memory charms on him.

Yes, the scenes were a bit distressing for me to read, because I overly empathize with the main characters in the fics I read, but they made Harry feel like a real person to me instead of a fictional construct.

I've been thinking about what could come next after this chapter, and I really hope that Harry does get to have at least a chance of getting to do some of the things on his bucket list when all is said and done.

I look forward to when your life responsibilities and your muse allow you to post the next chapter. In the meantime I will read your other fics and check out your favorites list.

Thanks again for sharing your writing with us!
Nelo chapter 77 . 11/4
I've been reading this again. Last time was some years ago. And I remembered it was a really good story.
Imagine how surprised I was to realize just now that I could not remember it ending like this. Only to discover it is not finished yet.
I am delighted and thankful for the many hours you have filled my life with reading something so wholesome and therapeutic!
Oceanamckleen chapter 77 . 10/24
Really! really! Thank you for the wonderful story it was nice to lost in your writing for 4 days.
AllysonFics chapter 17 . 10/17
I do also plan to write professionally, I used to write here under a different name but strict guidelines on lemon scenes which I really can’t help but write kinda stump me.
mayawene chapter 77 . 10/17
Thank you
katesari chapter 77 . 10/10
Been following this story for years now it seems... just found this chapter, and I love it... but how will the story continue? Hope to read more soon!
bloxwatch1234351 chapter 2 . 10/6
I actually nearly went to a school called St. Jude’s academy lol
Reading In Moonlight chapter 77 . 10/6
No! Why did the current last chapter had to be this one? I've been reading for the most part of yesterday and today, enjoying this story, and I can to come out of it at the end of the final battle..

Thank for writing and sharing this very entertaining and interesting fanfiction, I look forward to reading it till its end.
Acheron Skolfruund chapter 60 . 10/3
"HHHHHHHHHHHHarry studied the picture above him and smirked when he saw the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rushing across the plains on their skeletal horses."
It would seem that there is a typo
jflamewalker chapter 77 . 9/23
omgosh! So so happy you are back and writing. You were missed.
Another brilliant chapter and a smashing cliffy, thankyou.
I think Our Queen would have been so very proud of Mr Potter. Reading Harrys thoughts on the Queen this week really hit a spot. The UK is strangly subdued, yes even after the mourning and funeral period.
Paul didnt bring Zen to Hogwarts, sad face.

thankyou x
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