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Guest chapter 1 . 10/16
Jen chapter 73 . 10/12
Thank you for the lack of sleep
That's a compliment right? I mean, I have been reading your work for the past week and barely couldn't sleep because I truly was excited about it.
And now, I'm just screaming because REMUS CAN KEEP HIS MIND DURING TRANSFORMATIONS! WHITHOUT POTIONS! But they don't realize how badly Harry is going...Well it's not as bad as that dear Voldy or so it seems. PLEASE TELL ME ME BABY POTTER WILL BE ALRIGHT!
Also, I love Dracula. And Harry, an actor? That's Wonderful. Also can I add that I'm craving for a vampire role in my drama club because of your fanfic?
Oh and I love Draco. But what happenned to the Malfoys? Lucius surely is dead. What about Narcissa? I mean, we know she's alive, Draco told Snape he was working with her on an orphenage project. But he's the master of the house, over his mother, so she can't be to well, right? and why did Draco turn his back to Voldemort?

Will these questions even be answered? I don't know but I'll go have a look at your other works
danceduo chapter 73 . 10/10
Just found this story about a week ago, and just finished the last posted chapter. You have a gift for story telling, and I can't wait to see how you finish it. I'm saddened to see your author notes in that people are making rude, derogatory comments to you...what right do they have to criticize ? Makes me sad that people think they can be so rude.
I look forward to your updates!
Immortal Sailor Cosmos chapter 66 . 10/9
So, I stopped reading at this point. Not recently, but back when this was the latest chapter. That last line from Harry really threw me, and it soured my ability to read this for the longest time. But I recently ended up reading one of your other stories, and that reminded me of this, and I finally came back to it, because as complicated as this story is, it's written well, and and bogged down as the whole double-triple-life thing makes it feel, it's very engaging. I always figured I would come back to this, but I had to spend the last 2 days rereading this to catch up, especially since there a dozen new chapters! I will admit that the beginning is my favorite. I love the interaction between Petunia and Harry, Harry and all his St. Jude's-adults, and Harry and Remus. After the Christmas section is where I really start to get dispassionate about the story, but I do like the Vlad chapters, even if I feel like Dudley is basically ignored.
Ankalagon chapter 73 . 10/2
Really? After 360k words, Harry still needs to be punished?
Nukwelkole chapter 9 . 9/28
starwars isnt so new that the other 5 movies would have not come out till the 2000, hell my mum saw them when she was a child lol
XFlare chapter 73 . 9/23

Keep writing~!
rickyrules1998 chapter 60 . 9/16
Selena Raven Snowpaw chapter 68 . 9/16
I hate dumbledork and wants to kill him, no way for forgiving that jerk
CaptainSinner chapter 73 . 9/16
So I finally finished what was up, and I just have to say WOW. This story was absolutely amazing! An over powered Harry with self esteem issues and anxiety? Sign me the f up. And this whole thing with all the characters! Voldemort, Paul (nice original character, btw), Petunia, FREAKING DRACULA, I just love it all to bits. I'm really fond of the idea of Harry going to a muggle school, especially one such as St. Jude's. This dynamic between him and his aunt awesome, too. I also love how its universally known that Vernon Dursley is a horrible person. I could go on and on, and I really want to, but I'm too buzzed up from the story to think properly.

Once you update, I'll review very chapter I can. Good work, my wonderful writer. I'm expecting big things from you! Just don't break my heart...
TheCauldron chapter 73 . 9/14
I'm so glad I found this again! I started reading it way back when it was first published, then lost it, and now, I've found it again and had new chapters to read! *happy dance* I look forward to seeing what happens next!
EvilDime chapter 73 . 9/14
Heya. I think to my shame I haven't left a review for this chapter yet, which means this one might actually go through. ; )
I ADORE this story and I very much want to see it run all the way to its conclusion. I very much hope that Harry will NOT die (but even if he does, I want to read it). I want to see how things play out between 'Tom' and Voldemort. And all those disillusioned Death Eaters. The way you've worked all your OCs and the CCs into this lovely, complex fanfic is exciting and I'll always want more of this world you've created; but I also love it when a story comes to a fitting end. Either way, I'm hoping there will be more updates for this fic sometime soon.
I hope you are alive and well and that the muses will find you again for this story. (Even if they don't, I still hope you are well and wish you all the best!) :P
- Dime
Millie chapter 33 . 9/12
why would anyone complain about long chapters? Don't they realize that it advances he story? Or is it just general laziness, in being unwilling to concentrate for a lengthier period of time? Interesting chapter, Harry needs the Bleys character for so much more than tutoring. Perhaps a father figure? Dumbler has ruined the grandfather persona. It's time to put this aside for awhile and get lunch, dressed and do some household chores. Would much rather read. And will most likely do so. thank you. (please continue with the long chapters. some of us out like them)
witherwings1972 chapter 73 . 9/1
Wow! totally love this story. I can't wait to see what happens next. Off to have a look at your profile.
jukehero461 chapter 31 . 8/27
I am loving this story FAR too much.
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