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AP chapter 38 . 9/25
Hello dearest Wheez, I seem to remember first reading this stunning, gripping, addictive prose of yours in college. I graduated in 2009 and it is now 2017. Haven't we suffered long enough? Please please please please please come back to us. Give us our last chapter and if not, at least put us out of our misery and tell us if it'll never come. Hugs and kisses and unsubtle nudges, AP
Guest chapter 38 . 9/16
I have stopped and started this review a dozen times, but I think I finally found the words to express how grateful I am to have read this story. The suspense and character development was great. The description of setting was great. And, lastly, I think the stopping point you have reached is great. Yes, I wonder if Rin and Shippou will end up together. And I wonder if Kaede will make it in time, but they are only minor concerns. The story has come full circle I feel. Kagome and inuyasha are together in a timid back and forth much like they were in the manga/show only with life lessons and scars to show for it. This fiction showcased someone escaping from an abusive relationship, overcoming their own demons and finding peace with them. I love it. Bravo.
Flamewolf86 chapter 38 . 9/3
omg this story was is just amazing! I hope you intend to finish it someday! I'll definitely be waiting and follow til then! I also hope you are planning or did become an author or writer. I would LOVE to read whatever you do!Zach
Guest chapter 38 . 8/19
Mizuki Amaya Shinto chapter 38 . 8/10
I am begging you with all my heart: please update. This story has taken me on a roller coaster of emotions, and I have to see an ending. This is easily one of the best stories I have ever read on FanFiction. Please. You are a wonderful author and storyteller.
Guest chapter 38 . 6/4
Please please please finish this story! It is absolutely amazing and I haven't been so heartbroken, put back together, and heartbroken again by a inukag fanfic EVER. I have to know how this ends please please!
Guest chapter 38 . 5/4
Beautifully written, intricately woven story. I could not put it down. I'm sad that is isn't and may not be concluded but I understand how that goes sometimes!
Fantastic job, never stop writing.
Guest chapter 38 . 4/7
I check this story a couple times a year for updates. I've followed it for the past 8 or so years. It still is, and likely always will be, my favorite fanfic. It makes my heart ache in the best way. It is so beautifully written. Still hoping for an ending to this story, and that you haven't given up on it.
Guest chapter 38 . 3/10
I check in periodically on this story. Looking for updates on this fasinating story. Are you ever going to here I wonder?
Hope creativity still flows thru.
LUV_ANGEL (offline)
Lythix chapter 38 . 3/9
I was almost afraid this was the last chapter! And I was about to have a mini heart attack! Buuut then I went back and read the Authors Note. I want to say, I very much enjoyed this tale, although it became alarmingly dark at times and the terrifying depiction of Sango might give me nightmares...I'm glad I've persisted. Please update soon!
DemonGP chapter 38 . 3/6
Wow, that was wonderful. 9 years, that is dedication. Thank You.
coffeelovingfangirl chapter 38 . 3/5
Oh. My. God. This fic is amazing

Seriously. I know it's been a few years but I'm holding out and hoping you'll come back.
Drakkensdatter chapter 38 . 2/10
This started out dark, almost dark enough to drag me down into the pit of depression, but then, like sunrise, it started to show hints of getting lighter and lighter until suddenly the sun burst over the horizon.
The journey, as the characters are dragged into emotional hell, only to claw their way back up and eventually head towards paradise is like a breath of clarity and perspective to my soul. The story, as truths are revealed and action progresses, captivates me and takes my breath away, much like Kagome and Inuyasha.
I am in love with this story.
This story is nothing short of amazing. YOU are amazing for sticking with it for so many years. I really hope you haven't given up on it and might possibly have an update soon?
sunshineisdelicious chapter 38 . 2/10
Ahhhhhhhh my heart! Oh, this is awesome, awesome and awful because I really just want everyone to calm down and talk it out. HA! Anyways, really well written. I love how everything is working out.
Sincerely Reader chapter 38 . 12/4/2016
Duuuuuude why u gotta do this to me.
Well, always waiting.
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