Reviews for Possession
moonsiren06 chapter 1 . 12/31/2004
OMG! this is so good i cant believe how much of this made me believe it! it is so good! i hope you keep writing this i love it, its so sad, but it made me feel so many different kinds of emotions. pls keep writing it!
HangNga chapter 1 . 12/31/2004
This is a wonderful story and I highly recommend it to others, however, my reviews tend to be a bit spoilery, so please don't read it before you read the story _


*tears hair out* sorry, I wrote a page-long review and ffnet. just. ate. it.

*puts on happy face* lets try this again.

*cough* maybe a little shorter this time *cough*

I absolutely love this one, Wheezambu! What wonderful, tragically flawed characters.

Kagome is great. I love the flashbacks, mostly told from her POV at this point. They clash so beautifully with the present day Kagome you've sketched for us. Her transformation from a more passive creature to this assertive, bitchy woman is fabulous -and perfect, considering the impetuous she had for such change in demeanor... I can't wait to see the process of her metamorphosis as she develops those personality quirks you've gifted/cursed her with in present time.

InuYasha is equally interesting. He takes what he wants, no apologies. Yet, what he wants is something neither Kagome, nor any of us, expected. Then you threw in his all-too-apparent flaw, which I see as perfectly fitting his independent character: he doesn't explain. Rather than ease Kagome's fears about what he wishes to do with the jewel, he screws things up big-time with some hasty actions I have a feeling he's gonna pay for later _

Another thing I loved about this story is the emotions of the characters. You have Kagome, in the throes of her youthful crush on InuYasha, come crashing down when they fight over the jewel. And then, you have InuYasha, who admits he doesn't love Kagome; he is obsessed, and acts on instints when forced. Their fight was really good. Kagome escalates the arguement because of her hurt and need to escape to lick her wounds alone, something that fits a broken youthful crush so perfectly. InuYasha, well, he always escalate a fight, doesn't he?

Tieing this all together, is the present-time Kagome: our anticipation of her confrontation with InuYasha (well, I hope at least, or where is the story? *sobs*). I can't wait to see InuYasha meet this woman, one that is so familiar to him, yet, that has developed some deliciously prickly aspects. You've given Kagome something much greater than chamed beads to face InuYasha with: experience.

Brava, Wheezambu, on another great fiction. I eagerly look forward to updates when you have time.
BeautifullyInsane chapter 1 . 12/31/2004
Woo! I'm loving the feelings of betrayal here. The transitions are smooth and the language is nicely used. Very realistic and believable. I already can't wait for the next chapter. Great work, I love your writing.

Have a Nice Today (:

Ange Noir chapter 1 . 12/31/2004
Wow! I am saying that alot lately. This is certainly different from all your others stories and i really like it. I hope when you update you'll do it soon, but hopefully this won't get in the way of your other stories which are so wow as well. i wondered what happened to the other characters like shippou, kouga, sesshoumaru, etc... Kagome is so apathetic to her family too. you would think that after all she went through, she would need her family the most. can't wait till the update. till later
W. Huntress chapter 1 . 12/31/2004
God I hate Inuyasha right now -_-V anyway update soon this is good!
Yomiori-Wolfdemon chapter 1 . 12/31/2004
Kickass job! And the whole "darkness" of this story or whatever is fucking awesome, and it goes great with the song I'm currently listening to(House of 10 Corpses by Rob Zombie)! I'd give you a review on animespiral as Kaori...but for some reason that damn site is being a bitch. oh well. BYEBYE!
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