Reviews for Even If You Won't Believe
Reborn chapter 2 . 7/27/2013
This would make a very interesting multi-chaptered story!
cherry-star-aus chapter 2 . 6/12/2005
what kind of ocd is it?
cherry-star-aus chapter 1 . 6/12/2005
woah this is confusing but very interesting and in your personal thing i wouldnt want to change my name if i got wedded but thats just me i'd change it before
Mistress-of-eternal-Darkness chapter 2 . 4/16/2005
is that the end? no! please keep writing...VERY GOOD STORY!
Mako-Magic chapter 2 . 3/3/2005
naw, sweet.

Nachzes Black-Rider chapter 2 . 2/13/2005
Nachzes: [raises eyebrow] Oh...Prideshipping-ness...[drools]
Laryna6 chapter 2 . 2/11/2005
Nachzes Black-Rider chapter 1 . 1/2/2005
Nachzes: Interesting. I like it. Update soon!
Sami chapter 1 . 1/1/2005
Well, Seto Kaiba seems to have a little problem, does he not? Hmm, nothing good can come of this!

My Seto, my poor, poor Seto.

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