Reviews for Journey Into Mystery 2
Zespara chapter 1 . 1/10/2005
Very nice job on the JIM series thus far.

Some things that I like: I love that fact that when Jane is Lady Thor that her speech pattern is in Shakespearean mode already (in regular Marvel time that happened much later). The bravado of Lady Thor during her soliloguey. She might be wondering why she's talking like that but I believe that it's just the spirit of Thor channeling through her.

Some things that I'd like to see explored: Will her alter ego having an effect on Jane's normal every day life at all as far as her personality? Will she get bolder in her advances towards Don at all or will Lady Thor make moves on him since Don seems hesitant to make the first move?

I cannot wait for her first meeting with Loki. It will be interesting to see what each of their takes will be. Of course, it will be fantastic whenever LT finally makes her first visit to Asgard and perhaps realizes the truth to her situation involving the hammer and Don Blake. What will she do when she finds this out? This should make for some great storytelling. Her first encounter with Odin and Sif will be very interesting to say the least. I'm wondering if Thor's spirit will push her towards a relationship with Sif even though Jane herself doesn't swing that way. That's just a tangent thought that just went through my head just now.

Lots of intersting stories on the horizon with Cobra, Hyde, Hercules and the Hulk to be told.

Thanks for a fantastic story thus far and good writing.